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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Top 10 Beauty Tips for Mature Women. The best free beauty advice for mature women!

    Top 10 Beauty Tips for Women. Take care of diet, health, fitness and skin for a beautiful you! Perfect clothes makeup and hair!

    10 Beauty Tips for Mature Women

    10 Beauty Tips for Mature Women. Your best resource for beauty tips, free makeup, plastic surgery, and beauty secrets! Can you guess what these ten beauty tips for women are?

    Be gorgeous & stay beautiful: Top 10 Beauty Tips for the Mature Woman

    A list of my top 10 beauty tips for mature women on how to stay sexy and gorgeous as you age. These ten beauty items are extremely important mature beauty tipsyet low cost in terms of money. They should be your highest priority and considered as beauty “must”s (think of them as the ultimate ten beauty commandments of all time).

    Mature Beauty Tips #1 Don’t Smoke

    Smoking is horrible for your health.  Though difficult to quit the habit, you will undoubtedly be happy if you stop smoking.  Try different methods and techniques for stopping and keep working at it until you aren’t smoking anymore.  Smoking contributes to countless illnesses including cancer.  It is also not good for your skin especially around the mouth, and its awful for your overall health.  Not worth it.

    Mature Beauty Tips #2 Eat Healthy

    Eating healthy is proven to prevent illness and disease.  Make sure to eat a diet that includes your variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with fluids as well. Not only will you derive the health benefits from eating right, you will have more energy and vitality than ever before. 

    Mature Beauty Tips #3 Get Exercise

    No matter how busy you are try to exercise regularly.  Low impact exercise done over a long period of time is the easiest approach.  Don’t get caught up in yo-yo trends and hardcore workout programs.  Do regular, safe consistent exercise and don’t stop doing it.  Find something you truly enjoy and this will help you stick with it.

    Mature Beauty Tips #4 Maintain a Stable Weight (+/- 5 lbs)

    Going up and down in weight wreaks havoc on your body and skin elasticity.  Save the drastic weight gain and loss for pregnancy.  Try to eat consistently healthy and get consistent exercise.  Don’t yo-yo diet or go on such strict diets to where it is impossible to maintain long term.  Try to work slowly to a stable healthy weight and then eat right to stay in that range for the long run.  Have realistic goals.

    Mature Beauty Tips #5 Wear Sunscreen

    Sun exposure not only increases your risk for melanoma, it discolors your skin and ages it prematurely.  It causes both brown spots and wrinkles.  Make sure to wear sunscreen on all areas exposed to the sun because the sun damages not only the skin on your face but the skin on your body too.

    Mature Beauty Tips #6 Perfect your Makeup and Hair

    Knowing how to look good in makeup can drastically increase your beauty and conversely, bad makeup will make you look awful.  The only expensive makeup you need is a good concealer.  As long as you have that, you do not have to spend tons of money on makeup.  It is the colors you pick and where they are going on your face that is most important.  You want to enhance your beauty with the makeup, and solid neutral colors will do that the best. 


    Don’t be afraid to grow your hair a little bit as men pretty universally love long hair.  A natural tousled look with volume will enhance your womanly sex appeal.  Experiment and find a hair color that compliments well with your skin tone and enhances your facial features.

    Mature Beauty Tips #7 Wear Flattering Clothes

    In the rush of life we tend to throw on clothes in a hurry and go out and about disheveled and unkempt.  Try to take the time to neaten up and choose clothes that really flatter you.  Keep your husband attracted if you are married, and if you are single, dress to impress as you never know when the perfect man will appear.  It is not so much about the cost or brand of the clothes.  It’s about picking clothing that flatters you.  Patterned loud clothes look busy so when in doubt, keep your style simple with solid colors.  Pale colors and pastels can make women look washed out and matronly so be careful.

    Mature Beauty Tips #8 Get a Yearly: Physical, Pap Smear, and Mamogram

    Be sure to get your yearly physical as you can detect problems brewing before they bring you down.  Get all of your blood work done yearly and go over it with your doctor.  If things like your cholesterol, etc start going astray try to make the necessary changes to bring things back into line. Your yearly gynecological exam is very important.  Make sure to get a yearly pap smear, manual breast and pelvic exam, and tests for std’s if you are sexually active. Get a yearly mammogram and breast exam.  If you are in a high risk category for breast cancer you can also get an ultrasound in addition to the mammogram.  If something is wrong, you want to nip it in the bud.

    Mature Beauty Tips #9 Invest in Yourself

    Don’t be afraid to invest money in yourself.  People spend money on homes, cars, material things and so on.  Your beauty is an important investment.  Don’t let anybody bring you down or label you a narcissist.  Learn how to budget what you spend so that you avoid all unnecessary expenses and only put your money where it matters.  If you want to do something drastic like plastic surgery plan it out and do your research and save the money up for it.  You can save money by avoiding brand name beauty products.  You can cut back on trips to the hair and nail salon too.  A simple sexy hair style and color can look great and cost loss (think Cindy Crawford who has had the same simple below the shoulder blunt haircut for decades).

    Mature Beauty Tips #10 Watch out for Number One

    Don’t be afraid to pay attention to yourself because trust me, nobody else will.  A certain amount of selfishness is actually good.  Women, especially mothers, tend to make themselves into the family sacrificial lamb so to speak, and they care about everyone else around them and in the process they let themselves go.  Don’t do this.  Don’t be afraid to watch out for number one.   If you take good care of yourself, the people around you will appreciate and benefit from your good health, happiness, and vitality.


    I seriously believe that beauty is tied into health.  If you focus on looking good and keeping up with things, your diet, exercise, health and overall happiness and well-being can become enhanced as well.  It all goes hand in hand. I hope you enjoyed reading this list of my top ten beauty tips for women.

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