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    I have received several emails to mature beauty asking for advice on how to get the bruising to go away and deswell lips after getting Juvederm (Or Restylane) injections. Here is my answer to the brusing/swelling question.

    Why lips swell after lip injections

    If you’ve just had lip filler material injected into your lips, trust me that your lips are going to swell. Just how long the swelling lasts can largely depend on how your own body reacts to the product. If one lip injection product swells you like a balloon you may want to try a different one and see. I don’t think it’s so much the product itself as it is the fact that you just got material injected into a sensitive area. But it’s also worth considering the available materials and trying a few just to make sure you aren’t more sensitive to one.

    How to reduce swelling

    To reduce swelling keep your head elevated after you have your lips injected. Reduce the swelling by gently placing ice over the injection area. Usually the doctor has little ice cubes in plastic baggies that you can put over the area that was injected. I’ve also seen little frozen water balloons used. If it’s still swollen after that melts you can put frozen peas in a little plastic baggy and use that. If you get a substantial injection, plus the swelling, you might look like duck lips. If you tend to over swell, consider getting less injected, yet going more often. Smaller injections spaced closer in time may give you a more consistent looking result over time. It won’t be blatantly obvious you went and had your lips done. Explain your predicament to the doctor and ask for a commensurate price reduction for getting less injected (or go elsewhere if there are no deals, but usually they want to keep your business).

    Certain women can’t tolerate the pain of a needle going into their lips. Some doctors will literally give you a dental block (novacaine) so you won’t feel any pain. But you will be numb like you just had a cavity filled! I have no evidence of this but … it seems like the pain causes the shock which causes the swelling lol. Novacaine might make the swelling better or worse, depending (though I am not sure which). I’d use a dental block if it were me cuz stuff going into your lips … ouch! Novacaine or even a topical numbing cream will cut the pain down. Ice definitely will help reduce swelling.

    Doctor experience and skill with the needle is also a factor as a needle injection too close to the lip level could give you a little hematoma that might take around a week to subside.

    How to reduce bruising

    All the hyaluronic acid fillers are associated with some bruising. Ice first and foremost helps to reduce bruising. But bruising is mainly a function of how the doctor does the injection. If your doctor is in a mad rush to leave his office at 5:00 he may in his hurries pinch you a bit with the needles pokes. He could hit a small imperceptible blood vessel, or release the material too deep in or too near the surface of your lips, or at a weird angle. That’s when you get the black and blue. The best way to reduce bruising is to stick with a doctor (or plastic surgeon, dermologist, nurse esthetician … whomever you using) who is meticulous. If your doctor is very experienced and meticulous when putting the needle in to you then your chance for bruising goes down.

    There are vitamins you can take that purportedly reduce bruising though I am not sure I would bother with vitamins. Get a good concealer of thick consistency to cover any bruises and they should be gone in about a week. If you bruise easily in general, reconsider if the injections are really worth it. If you think you’re bruising more than you should you can tell them to be more careful, try a different type of filler, or try another more reputable doctor who might be more skilled with the injections. Doctor skill is linked strongly to the bruising in my opinion.

    How to minimize bruising and swelling (and save money too)

    I recommend buying the lip fillers by the unit instead of paying a fixed fee for getting it. If you pay a fixed fee, you really don’t know what is going on or how much you are getting. Once you are paying by the unit, you can spread your injections out as you wish without losing money. If you swell alot, instead of getting lips overdone once every six months, you could go in and get less injected but more often like ever 3-4 months. Your lips would at least stay consistently the same size. If you tend to bruise for a week, then you want the injections spread further apart so you’re not black and blue very often.

    I think paying by the amount you get (CC’s) lets you as the customer have more control over how often to go and what amount to get. Don’t just leave it up to the doctor’s discretion wholesale. You should be proactive yourself because trust me the doctor is not watching your pocketbook and face as closely as you are. You can minimize bruised lips, swelling and shrinking, and going from duck lips to deflated lips by figuring out how much to get and how often. Your available budget is a consideration too.

    Personally I do not think Juvederm and other temporary lip fillers are worth it (because it’s expensive, addictive and has to be repeated). But some women, particularly those with very naturally thin lips and/or deep vertical wrinkles above their lips and in/around the mouth area, really like this stuff. It depends just how bad your specific lip problem bothers you and if you’re willing to get on the never ending cycle of paying for injections as a solution.

    In conclusion the variables at play when trying to minimize swelling and bruising after lip injections are: what material you get injected, how sensitive you are to trauma, how much product is being injected, the needle skill of the doctor injecting it, how often you are getting it done, and the use of ice, and optional novacaine or skin numbing cream like EMLA. Pills you take, like anti-inflammatory asprin, advil or aleve (and even things like St John’s Wort and Vitamin E) should be avoided if possible as they increase bruising. Likewise there are vitamins that purport to reduce bruising too, like Arnica.

    Trial and error and proactive ongoing discussion with any doctor you decide to use should help you find the best way to proceed. I am not a doctor, just a lady who’s read what literally hundreds of them say about this topic! Bottom line, normal swelling and bruising is not uncommon, lasts about a week, and can be covered with a good concealer in the meantime. Don’t pay for the injections unless your lip area is your biggest pet peave and you truly must do it. It’s pricey (avg 300 bucks each time depending where you live at) and the ongoing expense clearly adds up over time. Done.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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