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    Women’s Top 10 Reasons, Excuses and Justifications for getting major Plastic Surgery. Why are you getting plastic surgery?

    Have you considered getting plastic surgery? Odds are, if you are a woman over forty then the thought has certainly crossed your mind. Maybe your ego is solid and you push that thought out or dismiss it because you have confidence in your current appearance and believe in your own natural beauty. Yet, even the confident natural beauty can rationalize the possibility of getting some surgery by slotting it into their mind as a “medical necessity”. Come on, we all think about getting plastic surgery at one time or another.

    For example, maybe your boobs sag and you justify a breast lift as something that would help your back. Ok maybe your back hurts that bad yet maybe deep down you just want your tits perky again. You can’t see through your eyes because your upper eye lids are sagging and drooping over them. Can you really see or do you basically just want your eyes plastic surgeryized. You just got your nose totally changed with a rhinoplasty because you “can’t breathe”. You had a vaginal rejuvination procedure done because you “can’t feel”. You had an eye lift because you “can’t see”, your tummy tucked because you “can’t zip”, your teeth done because you “can’t smile”, a face lift because you can’t “look rested”, botox because you can’t “stop scowling” and liposuction because you “can’t fit” into your clothes, LOL. Who cares the reasons you concoct in your head or your personal justifications for it. Maybe you can breathe and maybe you can’t. Maybe you can do the Elle Wood bend and snap and maybe you can’t. Maybe you can see and maybe you can’t. Maybe you can zip your muffin top and maybe you can’t. Most women do think about it because lets face it – it’s in our face with the celebrity women who do it and of course it’s in the media big time. They have prime time tv shows, books and monthly magazines dedicated to these cosmetic surgery procedures.

    Now, let’s say you’re twirling the plastic surgery idea over and over in your mind. You’ve got all your little personal justifications about why you need to do this and oh yes you have to do this. The mind twirling could have been going on for years, or it could have hit you like a sledge hammer over night. We can joke about it all we want yet the decision to get some plastic surgery is very often a result of some serious rumination and after the rumination happens don’t forget the research faze where you really have to look into getting surgery for real. Everything from researching what you want done, to setting aside the time to do it, finding the right plastic surgeon, saving the money, making arrangements for time off work or motherhood. Deciding who to tell about what you are up to. Nobody winds up in a plastic surgery office by accident (unless you had an unfortunate accident).

    It’s all a very big serious and real medical decision. In many cases, the woman getting plastic surgery is attempting to turn her life around, or at the very least, she wants to turn over a new leaf in life. Seriousness aside, it never hurts to have a sense of humor about plastic surgery. So let’s take a break and have some mindless fun thinking about the top 10 reasons, excuses and justifications that cause women to run and get plastic surgery. I need to have some fun. If you think I’ve blatantly missed a reason, excuse, or justification for plastic surgery, be sure to add your two cents worth comment about it below.


    I have to in order to deal with the competition in the dating world

    Competition in the dating world is severe! This would be a really good reason to get plastic surgery. However, most men in your same age range might want a younger woman regardless of how good you look from plastic surgery. Therefore, it’s hopeless. He wants that “Prell” shampoo girl – the one who is naturally beautiful by the mere fact that she is categorically younger, period. Plastic surgery might get you in bed with a young hottie that wants a cougar to sleep with, but I doubt it will ever help you get a man that is looking for a younger wife. On the other hand, if you are going to throw in the towel and go for a really old guy, then some plastic surgery might help.

    Looking your best keeps you competitive with the women in your peer age bracket. If you are walking around looking amazing for your age there is always the chance that a pure miracle will hit ala Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher or Dianne Lane/Josh Brolin. May December romances have been known to lead to love. If a miracle does not hit, you can look great, lower your standards, and get a normal nice guy (who looks nothing like Brad Pitt) who will appreciate your surgical enhancements. You’ll be his fantasy woman rather than him being yours.

    I know looking good is the best revenge

    This is true. If you’ve been shunned by a boyfriend, former lover, or husband, then plastic surgery could primp up your ego a little bit. I think it was Joan Collins that coined that phrase “looking good is the best revenge” – clearly she is no stranger to plastic surgery. Been shunned? At least you look good and can say Ha. Odds are, the person on whom you’re seeking revenge will be annoyed that you look so good, yet practically speaking if he shunned you then he will be unscathed by your plastic surgery reactions. He knows damn well it’s still a mans world. Getting checked out because you’re on the top of your game is nonetheless good for your own ego, especially if you just got unceremoniously kicked to the curb by your bo.

    I just got divorced or dumped for a younger women and I’m reacting

    It won’t get you your guy back (he won’t care because he has a lot of other options) and it won’t make you any younger (nothing will). But what are you going to do, lay down on the street and die? I personally think getting plastic surgery after getting dumped or divorced is actually a damn good time to do it. You’ve got no man in your life whose feathers would be ruffled by your plastic surgery. There is no one in your way. You won’t have to listen to an aging husband saying no honey I like you just the way you are, because he’s already long gone. You’re feeling down and need a pick me up. If you got plastic surgery at this point in time, you’d pretty much be doing it for yourself and nobody else. This may actually be a good time to consider it!

    I have no life and I don’t want my vacation to go to waste

    When you have no life and a big chunk of vacation time looming in your face, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to go get that “kakamame” chemical peel you were considering. I’ve gotten one of those cheap spot TCA peels done once before. Any kind of chemical peel no matter how small makes you look freaky so you need time off for sure. You can sit there totally disfigured and healing in peace and privacy. Except, of course, if you have kids you’re dealing with. Most women only get plastic surgery once or twice in their lifetime, if that. So if you do have a rare and hard to come by chunk of available free time, then that could work in your favor. Free time is hard find, and getting some plastic surgery requires it.

    I’m superficial and I watch MTV “The Hills” and am not facing my real age

    Every woman has their guilty pleasure, whether they watch The Hills past menopause or they secretly TiVo VH1’s Tool Academy. The only problem is, you keep looking at these perfect images and then you expect yourself to live up to them. This is especially true when you see women like Courtney Cox, Demi Moore, Nicole Sheridan, Teri Hatcher, Cindy Crawford. They new generation of “celebrity milfs” actually do look like the younger generation. You know, the beautiful people. “The Housewives of Orange County”. The plastics. You keep getting bombarded by these images and then you expect your self to live up to them. The only good thing is that it is an equal opportunity world. If you really wanted to compete, you could save your money for that procedure that you want so bad. Beverly Hills doctor 90210 will probably get more personal satisfaction giving you the ordinary woman a new plastic lease on life than a celebrity who has easy access to beauty procedures. I bet Plastic surgeons like the underdogs.

    I just found some money or opened a very big line of credit

    Plastic surgery is really expensive. If you were planning to get plastic surgery obviously the wise thing to do would be to make a conscious effort to cut down on other beauty expenses and slowly piggy bank up the money. Seeing as something like a facelift can easily cost between ten and twenty thousand dollars, it’s akin to buying a car. Very few people have that type of expendable cash on hand, so most likely it will take you a few years to save up. You could forego some vacations and beauty procedures and slowly work towards your goal. The cheapest way to approach the expense is to save money first because then you don’t have to pay ridiculous interest fees. You want plastic surgery, not a plastic surgery mortgage.

    Some women get impractical about it. They may see a source of money or credit drying up. Let’s say you lose your job or you are being laid off. You may want to get that procedure you always wanted before your credit cards and credit limits get halted. Some people wait until they have the money. Some people get it just under the wire before an available credit source dries up. Some of the plastic surgeons will even “loan” you the money provided that you have good credit and pay huge interest fees to them. The financing of a plastic surgery procedure is definitely an issue. It’s best to save for plastic surgery in advance. But we live in a world of credit and credit card balances and unsecured loans and lines of credit. Money is a consideration on the one hand. On the other hand, people run out and buy cars on credit all the time. Big ticket plastic surgery operations cost about what cars cost. If you can figure out a way to buy a car, you can probably figure out a way to finance plastic surgery.

    I’m plotting to leave my husband

    If you are planning to leave your husband and gearing up to pump your looks up for your impending single shrewdom, I guess that would be a legitimate albeit selfish agenda. If you do this it would probably only serve to expedite the demise of your relationship. There fore I would not think this would be a good idea. Then it would be dangerous since plastic surgery would be considered “community debt” so you would be forcing your husband to get stuck with half the bill for it when assets were split. If your hubbie was a good guy that loved you and had children with you and you’ve just grown apart, I seriously wouldn’t do this to him as it would bring bad karma to your doorstep.

    If on the other hand, he’s philandering with a 25 year old and has put a high rise condo in her name using all your money, well then it’s all out war. Even then, maybe you should wait until you are single and in the free and clear emotionally. You wouldn’t want your ex sawing the house in half or putting potion in your pain medication while you’re out of it. Do you remember that movie “The war of the Roses”? Also, the one, what was the name of that one where Meryl Streep went after the anti-aging potion and had her stomach shot out? Oh yeah, and First Wives Club with Bette Middler and Goldie Hawn!

    I’m celebrating my own existence

    Celebrating your existence can be a good reason to get plastic surgery. Maybe you’ve focused your attention on family and other matters and you are ready to do something for yourself and you think that a face lift or tummy tuck or breast lift would be “up lifting”, no pun intended.

    I’m secretly pissed off and jealous of my neighbor or friend who got it and am following suit

    I’m on the fence as to whether copycat plastic surgery is a good idea or a bad idea. It’s a mixed bag. I mean, you have to get the idea from somewhere I suppose. Some women have the keeping up with the Jones’s bug. They do something because someone else is doing something and so that makes them think they have to keep up with the Jones’s. Sometimes keeping up with the Jones’s isn’t all bad if the Jones’s really knew what they were doing.

    I hate myself and don’t care whether I die under the knife

    This is going over the line. If you have depression or emotional issues it probably is not going to be a good idea or much less would it help you if you got plastic surgery. Getting surgery because you are emotionally bruised is one thing – getting it because you are emotionally unstable is another.

    I looked in the mirror one day Uh Oh

    If you look in the mirror one day and realize you’re an aging woman and you just look tired and lousy, you’re doing fine. If looking lousy is the least of your problems, be happy. Plenty of people face real health issues such as cancer. Worrying about how you look is not such a big problem as there are so many creative and constructive ways to address your looks. You can lose weight, get into shape, shop for clothes, learn makeup, change your hair, get plastic surgery, etc. You can be as natural and earthy or as plastic and fake as you want to be. Looking your best can be a fun hobby and is not the “end all be all” thing.

    A woman who is celebrating her existence, or reacting to an adversity by taking positive steps for her self, would be in my personal opinion the best candidates for going through with a plastic surgery procedure. What do you think?

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