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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Heidi Klum on Anti Aging in Allure Magazine

    Supermodel Heidi Klum often gets asked about her anti aging secrets so I decided to discuss some of Klum’s anti aging tips in this blog post. She also has a skin care line she endorsed called In an Instant which from what I have been able to uncover got a few not so positive reviews.

    I really like supermodel Heidi Klum. She has a great sense of style. Not only is she a beautiful woman with four children, she looks amazing! While looking at an article in Allure Magazine I noticed she was giving her anti-aging tips and thought I would check out what she had to say (and put my two cents worth in). That spawned this blog post about her anti-aging secrets and her In an Instant skin care line of products from Guthy Renker.

    Heidi is a supermodel that uses Sunscreen. Smart woman!

    She talked about how sunscreen is a must and that getting a sun tan was not worth it. I agree! Wearing sunscreen will definitely anti-age your skin. Without it, you are causing damage. Get an SPF 30 or higher and wear it whenever in the sun, re-applying liberally as indicated if you are exposed for any significant length of time.

    Heidi’s Got Milk

    Klum was saying how she drinks a glass of milk every night for dinner and that she drank a whole liter a day when pregnant! That sounds a little bit over the top to me. If it’s non fat milk it’s not quite as bad. We know milk is good for the bones and it is packed with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, protein, phosphorus, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, potassium and niacin. It is also low in sodium and high in potassium which is a good combo for healthy blood pressure. Milk is also a big source of calcium and vitamin D. I’ve even read Health claims that recognize fat free milk as linked to reducing the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure and stroke.

    It sounds like Klum just likes milk, though I don’t think it’s an aging secret per se. It’s a given that milk has nutrients. But did you know that regular whole milk has a ton of unnecessary fat in it too? If you like milk (and you’re not having yogurt, cheese or other dairy products) try to at least stick with the nonfat stuff. In my opinion, if you eat dairy like yogurt and cheese and have nonfat milk with cereal, coffee or tea, you can probably get your due dosage of milk through those means. Too much straight up dairy for me starts to taste sort of like … meat! I tend to mix the dairy in with other foods rather than drink it directly in a tall cup like Heidi Klum. I think Heidi does have a point that high nutrient foods like milk are good for you (yet stick to the skim version and avoid the excess calories).

    Heidi’s got no Stretch Marks

    Klum said she didn’t go overboard on moisturizing during her pregnancies, and didn’t get any stretch marks either. I think that’s more about genetics than anything else. Plus, if you are in pretty good shape prior to, during and after a pregnancy, your skin is going to bounce back easier. The fact that Heidi avoided stretch marks WITHOUT the use of liberal moisturizing is hardly an anti-aging secret. She’s just supernatural LOL. I was in pretty decent shape prior to all my pregnancies and I confess that like Heidi I was not religious about using anti stretch mark cream. I also did not suffer from bad stretch marks. Being in good shape and gaining a healthy amount of weight but no more, seems to help avoid development of stretch marks just as much as stretch mark cream.

    In my humble opinion, If you want a good indicator of what shape you will be in soon after pregnancy, consider what shape you were in before pregnancy. That should give you a good idea. Heidi was in good shape before pregnancy, and in good shape after. The secret to bouncing back after pregnancy is to be in good shape in general, including prior to when you start trying get pregnant.

    Heidi is definitely her motto: Be Energetic

    Klum talks about how she is energetic with her big family of four children. Being energetic is a good thing. Seems to me that she is pretty happy, which is also known to be an anti-ager. Rub some of that happiness off onto us Heidi! Seems like she got herself a good man and a gorgeous little brood so, that definitely can’t hurt the anti-aging fight. I also have four children and stay in great shape. If you have the energy and continue to work out regularly, you can definitely keep a nice figure.

    Heidi’s slimming secrets, on how she got back to the Victoria Secret Runway 8 weeks after giving birth

    When she was a guest on the morning show The View, Heidi explained how her trainer Divid Kirth put her on a pretty strict diet of healthy dishes and grilled food. She drank nonfat milk, ate corn on the cob, and had lots of vegetables and salads. She also mentioned that she often doesn’t eat in the late evening and got that little habit from her husband Seal.

    Do lunch lovers do better on their diet than dinner lovers?

    I happen to be quite a lunch person myself (not so much into heavy dinner foods). While I am not a fan of corn on the cob, I do eat lightly in the evening and a late lunch/early dinner is my main meal of the day. I do think women who are more into lunch foods have an easier time dieting and keeping weight down. Heavy dinner meals of pasta, starch and meats can contribute to dieting difficulty. I think the fact that I have a basic affinity for lunch foods (like sandwiches on wheat, avocado, tomato, etc) and dislike for dinner foods (like white bread, white pastas, red meats and potatoes, comfort food and fried food) makes it easier to keep my weight down. That’s not to say you can’t do dinner – just try for more lean meats and vegetables and less fried meat, red meat and heavy starches.

    Heidi Klum selling you her In an Instant Guthy Render SkinCare System

    Heidi is everywhere! Not only does she host Project Runway, she also is the latest celeb to launch a line of skin care line via infomercial magic. Her youth restoring kit In an Instant, by the way, is another Guthy-Renker infomercial deal. Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty is put out by Guthy-Renker too. Guthy-Renker most likely has some decent products they produce. But as far as the supermodels go, they just lend their name as a branding tool to these products and probably get a cut of the profits. It’s a sales thing.

    I don’t have the money or patience to order skin care products on line so I can’t officially say which is better, if either. But I seriously don’t believe In an Instant’s motto that you can twist, apply and watch your wrinkles disappear in an instant (Heidi’s product claims says you can instantly restore youth). I’m not convinced that Heidi can save your face (but I do like Heidi).

    Heidi’s In an instant product line sold the following items.
    1.Gentle Foaming Cleanser
    2.Intensive Firming Serum
    3.Instant Wrinkle Smoother
    4.Intant Daily Tinted Moisturizer
    5.Instant Warming Scrub

    I tried to find reviews of these products on the web and the funniest one I found was a woman complaining that the stuff smelled nasty. Another woman complained that she thought she was paying $29.95 until she realized she was billed $100 for a 90 day special against her knowledge. There were two ladies that liked the product and likened In an Instant to Avon’s anti aging products. I read numerous complaints about women trying to get their money back via the money back guarantee and getting frustrated.

    In general supermodels put their name behind a product for cash in their pocket. Of course their reputation is at stake so they do this with a reliable company and they honestly expect the product to be good quality. But I think you can get equivalent and comparable products at the Walmart or DrugStore for a lot less money. Rite Aid has a fair return policy where if you don’t like something you can take it back.

    For me personally, I’d rather buy these things at the drug store than through online and informercials. Having read hundreds of comments on blogs about In an Instant and other skincare lines, I am ever more convinced that buying online is a potential headache. The biggest complaint I heard was where women said they wound up paying for more than one month’s supply and essentially joined a skin care club membership without really realizing it. Women complained about the billing first and foremost. As for the product, the majority felt they were scammed, though there are always some women out there who like it.

    There is one more point is that if a woman is using nothing but harsh soap as skin care, then they buy one of these systems, maybe she would like it (better than a bar of cheap soap). On the other hand, if you’re savvy and try some products from the drugstore, you can probably put together a good system for yourself for a fraction of the cost. So it’s a matter of what your skin care regimen is when you try these things. I do think there are cheaper alternatives that are equally effective.

    As far as Heidi’s skin care line goes, I say buyer beware. I personally use body oil for face cleanser, acne pads as a firming toner, cheap body cream as moisturizer, and Retin A as my anti-aging potion. HA. And my skin looks pretty good too, though I’m no supermodel. I’d lean towards drugstore products and recommend saving your money for botox or plastic surgery because that actually may work better. I’d bet Heidi’s had a few of her own secret nips, tucks and injections which did work in an instant. LOL. She’s cool, I like her.

    My top secret anti aging tip that Heidi Klum didn’t tell about yet… how to apply makeup for thin lips! She has thin lips and looks great by keeping the lips nude color and natural, having nice white teeth, and accentuating her beautiful eyes to draw attention upward

    More valuable than In an Instant, is this free beauty advice I will give right now (which costs nothing!). Heidi Klum has very thin lips and she is still beautiful. If you have thin lips the thing to do is keep them very nude in color as this minimizes the attention to them. Do not wear strong or dark lip color on thin lips. Another trick is to accentuate the eyes much more. You can notice in the Marie Claire magazine color of Klum shown below that her eyes are made up very strong and are popping. Your attention is drawn upward and she looks incredible. If you can get this look you may be able to save alot of money on those lip injections. Klum is a perfect example of a model with thin lips who still looks completely fabulous!

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    Supermodel Heidi Klum rocks the mature beauty! She gives some anti aging tips and also endorses a skincare product line called In an Instant sold by infomercial .. buyer beware

    Would you purchase the Guthy Renker In an Instant skincare line that supermodel Heidi Klum endorses?

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