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    Breast Implants

    Breast Implants. Are you considering getting them? Be sure to read my opinion and be informed. Check out my photo gallery of ugly breast implant pictures. While getting implants can be a rewarding plastic surgery to undergo, the plethora of real complications and likelihood of future revisions should be spelled out for any woman considering this type of plastic surgery. You hear of the horror stories and reactions to silicon, yet by far the most common complication is that the implants just look ugly.

    Considering breast implants and worried about the complications?

    Are you considering getting breast augmentation cosmetic surgery? If so, read be sure to read through my articles on breast implants for my point of view on this topic (follow the breast augmentation tag at the bottom of this article). I am not against breast implant procedures at all. I just think women have a tendency to get them without fully understanding all that is involved. Women would be in a better position to know, in advance, all the risks and potential problems. I believe that knowing the risks helps with patient satisfaction levels after getting the surgery.

    Women over forty really suffer the consequences with aging breasts, particularly if they have had weight gains and losses repeatedly, and/or multiple pregnancies. Not sure who out there has breast fed for a significant span of time, but once you get done breast feeding, your breasts have a great propensity to be flat as pancakes afterwards, especially on top – above the nipples. They can end up looking almost concave.

    Consider yourself lucky, on the one hand, that you don’t need a breast lift or reduction

    If you are one of those women who merely would like your breasts filled out again, consider yourself lucky. What I mean by that is that there are many women who want a breast reduction surgery or even a major breast lift operation. The desire for a lift or reduction are common scenarios for older woman. Breast reduction or lifts are even more involved than just getting implants put in. A very large breasted women can literally have back pain and physical problems from their over sized breasts. Not to mention, large breasts that have their nipples pointing downward (straight down) due to the forces of nature, can be an issue of self esteem too. Just know that a major breast lift or breast reduction can be a substantially more involved surgery than just getting some implants in. Major breast surgery leaves telltale scars, which we can talk about in a different series of articles. Suffice it to say, if you are a small relatively athletic women just looking to fill out breasts, you have the easiest of the possible problems.

    That’s not to say that implants are a perfect solution. Breast implants of all cosmetic surgeries are the most notorious (along with rhinoplasty) for needing revisions done. Most women think complications are horrific, like when you get an adverse reaction to the silicon shell, or that the silicon leaks and then you get weird immunological problems. All of that bad stuff can conceivably happen, not to mention you could have reaction to anesthesia in general. So, yes, there are bad complications and horror stories we’ve all heard of from implants and silicon implants. But more typically, the breast implant surgery goes over okay, but then you get this problem: the implants just look ugly. The biggest problem of all, is that the implants look bad. It’s the problem of ugly breast implants.

    Ugly breast implants

    Ugly breast implants are the most common complication of implants! They just don’t look good. Why? Each person’s breasts are unique to the point where not all breasts are the same, not even two on the same women. Every person’s breasts are unique. Add to that trying to put too synthetic nodules in under the skin or muscle in the perfect symmetrical size and location. Add to that all the variables such as a patient’s bad choice of aesthetic implant size (e.g. too big), potential for irregularity where the implant went in (e.g. nipple insertion does not heal quite right and nipple changes shape), the plastic surgeon’s skill and experience, and most of all the basic healing process itself.

    Capsular Contracture – Cosmetic surgeon speak for scar tissue around the implant leading to shape deformities of the completed breast job

    Capsular contraction is the common complication wherein scar tissue develops around the implant and hardens a certain area near or surrounding the implant. That causes a misshapen effect to take hold. Sometimes it takes years for the scar tissue to make it’s permanent appearance – so the breasts change over time. They heal up differently on different women. There are just so many things that can go wrong even with the natural healing process itself. So, just know that if you get one breast implant surgical procedure you are very likely to need more surgeries in the future. Breast implants also don’t last forever. Plastic surgeons view them as replace in ten years. They know implants need to be replaced about once every ten years or so. If your implants last ten years you actually are lucky! Now do the math, because if you get implants when you are younger and get multiple operations over your lifetime you are talking about alot of money being spent on those implants by the time you are in your sixties or old age.

    Does this mean that you shouldn’t get the implants? Not necessarily. Many women with complications wanted the implants so badly that they just roll with the punches and do a revision breast surgery later if they encounter a less than perfect result. The implants often look fine in clothes, so a woman might go years before she gets a revision from a perceived irregularity in her breasts. These don’t get recorded as official complications. This type of women just gets another surgery a few years down the road. I guess the point of this article is to acknowledge that getting implants can easily be an ongoing process involving future surgeries. As long as you know this, you can make an informed decision.

    For fun (I guess it is not fun) I gathered some photographs of ugly breast implants. There are specific medical names given to these, such as capsular contracture, rippling, double bubble, and more. I’ll itemize the complication terminology in a more scientific post. For now, let’s just show some implants that simply look weird. You can see some of the irregularities that are actually rather common. If you can’t afford implants, use this to convince yourself that you didn’t want them anyways. If you are going to get implants, use this to brace yourself for the fact that one implant surgery usually means another later. Celebrity gossip websites regularly trash the stars with bad implants. Suffice it to say that even celebs are not immune to the plethora of common breast implant complications.

    It is often the case that you may not heal well. It’s not necessarily the fault of your plastic surgeon. Just bad luck with respect to the healing process

    Like I said, most women that get implants put in were so unhappy with their breasts as they were that they decide to take the plunge. Because implants can look great in clothes (even some bad ones), thus women are usually still happy they got them. Now they are on implant road and if they need revisions, they deal with it, go back and get a good revision price from their surgeons who do revisions all the time. A lot of the time it’s not even the surgeons fault, it’s just the way a particular women heals from the surgical procedure. I would say if you got two great looking implants the first time around, you had a great surgeon and are extremely lucky that you healing nicely.

    Revision breast implant surgery. Just a friendly warning that you might need one after that boob job!

    I am not against implants because I know a surgery like this can give an aging woman a new jump start on life, say after a divorce etc, and a big boost to self esteem. Men get younger women, and women get plastic surgery lol! I just think that many women trot into this surgery not really understanding that it may be more involved than they think at the time. They look at ugly breast implants and laugh but it’s really not laughing matter. If you get implants, don’t discount the real possibility that you’ll need a revision later. Yes that means another surgery, more money, and time off work. Realize there is a real potential for problems so that should you encounter one, you’ll be able to handle it smoothly.

    If you know all the potential for risks you will be a better patient, happier with the result, and much calmer should you need a revision later on. Just having your breasts filled out again can be really exciting for a woman and she’ll be ready to… shop for sexy clothes!

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    Breast augmentation plastic surgery often leads to revision breast surgery. Complications with irregular breasts and capsular contracture happens to even rich celebrities - see pix!

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