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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Ten inexpensive beauty tips that can help you Look Ten Years Younger

    I put together a list of ten simple pieces of beauty advice that are inexpensive and I promise will give instant age reversing results. You will learn how easy it is to look 10 years younger. Try out these tricks and if you still want to look better (and can afford it) then you can go to my top ten shortcuts and read about 10 more costly ways to look younger (includes things like teeth whitening and making use of cosmetic procedures).

    1. Eliminate Gray

    I think gray hair is a telltale sign of aging which can easily be dealt with via hair color. Some women wear their gray with pride but quite honestly they aren’t looking younger in doing so. You could get gray hair prematurely if you lack the proper vitamins and nutrients in your diet. More often than not though, gray hair is just a natural part of the aging process and when or how severe your gray hair gets is more likely genetic luck than anything else.

    You can’t stop the gray but you can color it. You can cover gray for just a few dollars using an inexpensive semi-permanent hair color or a drugstore permanent color. You can also get your hair professionally dyed to cover gray. Home hair coloring is great for gray because it’s cheap and you can do it more often. If you dye your hair at home you can touch up re-growth as frequently as you wish. Women who wait for spaced out salon appointments might find themselves with quickly growing out gray in between visits.

    2. Get the right Hair Cut to conceal signs of aging

    You don’t need an expensive hair cut, rather you need a cut that makes you look younger instead of older. I personally think that hair almost to the shoulder or below it can be carried off by older women. To me, the short sassy cut is aging. It does nothing to hide the face or frame it. If your hair is fine or you have some baldness, you may need to keep it short, yet if you are able to grow it out a bit longer it might really look good. With short hair, your face (and all of its flaws) is on prominent display. You have to be really gorgeous to look good in short hair.

    Fighting your natural texture can age you too. Women with kinky hair who blow dry it straight often look like they have frizz, fuzz or damage. You don’t want it to be a tangled knot yet some controlled natural curl and body can look youthful. Hair spray and sticky styling products can make hair stiff and old lady like. Try to find a shampoo, conditioner and hair style where your hair looks soft, natural and healthy. Get a trim periodically to clean up frayed ends. Bangs can help hide a high forehead. Volume around both the top and sides of the face can showcase your face better, like a picture frame.

    3. Choose a hair dye color that complements your skin tone

    Hair color has a huge effect on how old you look. Vibrant hued mid range colors (golden deeper blonde, light brown, natural looking auburn hues) are easiest to look young in. Classic dark hair looks great too. Avoid synthetic colors like purple. Blond looks great on natural blondes but if you’re bleaching up from a much darker color, take care that you aren’t washing yourself out (similar effect to gray). Washed out blond is the reason they invented “low lights” which add color tones back in. Hair color that is faded also has an aging effect so keep your hair coloring on schedule. In general, a vibrant but still natural looking color is going to complement your skin tone.

    4 Keep skin soft with a moisturizer and lips moist with lip balm

    Dry skin has an extremely aging effect. If you notice dry skin just moisturize it with lotion or skin cream. I’m not sure that expensive creams are all that beneficial as they taut them to be in the ads. You just need something that cuts the flakiness. I like a thicker cream lotion as it stays on better and never feels slippery and slimy on the fingers.

    Dry flaky lips look thinner and even more wrinkled than they really are. You have to restore moisture to your lips. Most women use lip gloss but I find it sticky and synthetic looking. I really like lip balm better. The consistency is thicker and it adheres for much longer. Lip balm looks really good on older women because it looks moist but not overly shiny.

    5. Use a good makeup concealer prior to putting on makeup

    You can use cheap makeup all you want (so long as you pick the right colors) but concealer is the one thing not to skimp on. Make sure to moisturize your face before you apply it, then apply a concealer lighter than your natural skin color with a makeup sponge to cover the flaws. Cheap concealer goes on flaky and dry so find a product (I like MAC Makeup) that is creamy and thick in consistency. Apply a light coat of the concealer with a sponge to cover skin redness, yellowness, splotches, irregularities and dark spots. The finished makeup on top of this will always look more uniform, you won’t have to use as much of it, and you’ll appear to be look much, much younger.

    6. Select a liquid foundation that gives sun kissed color and adds life to your face

    Once you’ve concealed flaws, your makeup application does not have to be heavy at all. You can use a light coat of liquid foundation over your entire face. Make sure to gently blend the foundation to make it appear natural. Women tend to have that pale, washed out exhausted look to them. By picking a liquid foundation ever so slightly darker than your natural skin, you’ll get a sun kissed effect. The result is youthful looking skin.

    7. Use mascara on your top lashes and line the water rim of lower eye with eye liner pencil

    I really like mascara on women because it brings life, dimension and clarity to your face. You don’t need much mascara to get the desired effect. An over worked mom with zero makeup in a rush no less, is not going to look young. When you’re older and unmade up, you tend to look like a blank sheet. The mascara adds a defining contrast and draws attention to your eyes. It adds color dimension to your face by making the eyes pop out. You can also use an eyeliner pencil along the inside rim (waterline) of the lower eye. It counter balances the mascara and draws direct focus right to the eyes thereby diminishing the appearance of surrounding fine lines and wrinkles.

    8. Use eye shadow (pick an earthy color darker than your foundation) on top lid and lightly define eyebrows with an eye pencil

    When you age your top eyelid tends get either too big (bug eye) or not there at all (when eyelid skin above it skin folds over it and looks hooded). If you don’t use makeup to help it, it won’t help itself. If you put a light color on eyelids with either of these extreme problems, it merely highlights the problem more. It looks best to put an earthy color on the upper eyelid. Don’t go too beige or pale. Pick a tan, light or medium brown tone that is a definite shade or two darker than your skin color. The slightly darker color on the eyelid helps mute and minimize the look of aging eyelids.

    You are using the making to create the illusion of a color contrast which adds youth and vibrancy to your face and makes your eyes really stand out. I don’t bother with eye shadow way up near the eyebrow as it tends to make you look overly made up and it’s not as crucial as having color on the upper lid itself

    9. Wear simple, neutral but strong color clothes in white, gray, black, browns, or rich jewel tones

    Wearing color clashing mismatched clothes has as an extremely aging effect on women. You don’t want to swing to the other side of the pendulum and go totally Banana Republic beige or Ann Taylor black though. Stick to rich toned colors in mostly solids. Instead of big floral, plaids, etc, go for simple looks with interesting details to them.

    Do a fashion check on yourself when you out. Look at the colors of your coat, shirt, belt, shoes, socks, purse, jeans. You should have only one noisy thing going on at most. If several things are standing out, simplify until only one thing at most stands out. Keep clothes simple and veer away from sloppy looks like boxy T-shirts with logos, bulging out body parts, half polished nails, etc. If you keep your look simple and sleek you can easily turn back the clock ten years!

    10. Wear high sexy heels

    If you are wearing clunky and frumpy walking shoes, you aren’t doing your age any justice. Try to find styles that are simple and youthful. When you go out for a special date nite put on sexier high heels. Men love the look and you’ll feel sexier and younger too. I’m not saying you have to wear stiletto heels all the time. Yet, some of the sexier business women that you see around wear pumps and high heels daily. I’m just saying, that heels and a bit of a sexier shoe style can take years off you. Try a comfy shoe on one foot, and a sexy strappy shoe on another. Compare. The same goes for low heels – clunky mom sandals with thick straps are more aging than a simple pair of black flip flops!

    So why should you listen to my beauty advice for how to look ten years younger on a shoe string budget? Because I sit at my computer all day long and look at pictures of older women and analyze them! I’m into photography and I understand how color contrast works to create a good photo, and that translates to real life too. I’ve been a fashion magazine junkie for decades. I read gossip and celebrity news and study the pictures. I’ve learned this stuff myself over a long period of time, and I’m willing to share my ideas. Give my how to look 10 years younger ideas a try and tell me what you think! XOXO

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

    Beauty Tips:  Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...25 26 27 Next
    Natural Beauty, Anti Aging, Plastic Surgery


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