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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    7 Secrets to Beauty

    7 Secrets to Beauty? Quit Smoking right now, adopt a healthy living diet, do a woman’s workout, sneak in a plastic surgery nip or tuck, sunless skin care, a flattering hair color, and applying makeup in the right colors can all super charge your natural beauty as you age. Believe me, these celebrity beauty secrets will keep your looks in top Hollywood form for years to come

    Beauty Secret #1: Quit Smoking Right Now

    Get help to stop smoking, because smoking will wreak havoc on your natural beauty. Whatever you have to try to help stop smoking, you should do it. Whether it be the use of stop smoking aids, counseling, hypnotherapy, use of stop smoking products, whatever ways to quit smoking you can find that will help you stop smoking permanently are good. Some women find it helpful to cut to a lighter cigarette prior to quitting, cut back on the number of cigarettes a day, or simply going cold turkey. Whatever works for you! Smoking is so bad for your skin. It causes sallow thin skin and purse wrinkles around the lips, not to mention that smoking contributes to serious health problems such as cancer.

    I was a smoker and managed to quit smoking decades ago and it was the oddest thing helped me quit smoking for good. My long time boyfriend said that I wasn’t marriage material because I smoked. I deciding to quit dating him and quit smoking too just to prove a point to this person. I never wanted to get rejected due to my smoking habits again. It was the best decision ever and I never went back to it or relapsed. I did not need any quit smoking products, quit smoking pills or tricks. I just quit smoking naturally because something clicked inside me that made me upset enough so I stopped smoking to prove a point. The point that I am making here is that sometimes it is not a quit smoking aid that makes you quit but rather a life event that makes you adopt an irrevocable decision to quit. That event can be anything from a health problem to a personal matter. My biggest tip for quitting smoking is that it is simply mind over matter.

    Beauty Secret #2: Healthy Living Diet

    A healthy living diet is a natural secret to long lasting beauty. Sometimes a weight loss diet can kick start a woman into healthier eating habits. But trust me when I say, a diet to lose weight fast will only go so far and last so long. It’s your long term eating habits that can lead to a healthy weight over time. Don’t expect to always eat pre-made diet meals as this is not practical for real life and the long run. Just try to adopt healthier eating habits and choose more fruits, vegetables and whole grains than before. Remember that if you are eating healthy you get the benefits of a slimmer figure. Your skin will stay tighter, cellulite free, and more elastic by maintaining a practical weight rather than fluctuating up or down. Healthier food is the easiest vitamin that exists and you’ll reap the benefits of nutrients, antioxidants and the essential omegas which will contribute to silky hair, soft skin and strong nails.

    Beauty Secret #3: Women’s Workout

    Adopt a low impact moderate exercise program that you can stick with for life. Choose exercise that is injury averse and safe for your body as you age. Low impact workouts such as walking, a game of tennis with friends, nautilus machines at the gym, pilates, golf or swimming are some good workouts. Try to work out a few times a week doing something that you enjoy and can stick with over the course of your life. A flurry of hard core workouts followed by burnout does you little good in the long run. Doing moderate exercise continuously is fabulous for your natural beauty. Your body will stay firmer and you will develop less unsightly cellulite if you are able to build some muscle and keep your body toned.

    I find that as you age you need to do some weight training with resistance to keep your body firm not flabby. Nautilus machines are a great resistance training solution. Another exercise alternative that works well for toning is short 8-15 minute home exercise videos. Look for exercise videos that are short and easy, and that that target specific body areas such as arms, abs, legs or buttocks. Rotate between body areas targeted each time you do a tape so that you get around to all of the problem spots. Do abs one day, and buttocks a few days later, etc. If you combine low impact walking, the treadmill, bicycle or stair climber for cardio, with resistance training like nautilus or firming videos, you’ll get the one, two cardio-toning punch you need to keep your body beautiful as you age.

    Beauty Secret #4: Plastic Surgery

    A visit to the plastic surgery doctor once or twice in your life time can be a great benefit to your beauty. As long as its not overdone, a few judicious tweaks over the course of your life can definitely prolong your natural beauty and keep you rejuvenated as you age. Some of the procedures that women choose are liposuction surgery, face lifts, tummy tucks and breast implants. Liposuction can contour you body and help reduce problem areas such as saddle bags or a thick waist, both of which women commonly encounter as the aging process ensues.

    Liposuction is not a weight loss solution, but rather a good way to attack a pesky or stubborn problem area on an otherwise athletic and healthy body. A face lift obviously can radically eliminate deep wrinkles of the skin that fillers cannot help. Face lifts can look obvious so if you are young enough try only part of a face lift, such as a brow lift or neck lift, to address slackening skin. Take your worst problem area and attack just that. Tummy tucks, while they do leave an unsightly scar, are generally well received by women who have large skin folds on the stomach from weight gain or loss or multiple pregnancies. They are willing to trade evils and take the tummy scar over the tummy rolls. A breast implant job, breast lift or breast reduction can also enhance a woman’s appearance since breasts can become flat as pancakes after breast feeding. Just be sure to reshape the breasts to a natural size since large implants look phony on older women.

    Too much plastic surgery is a bad thing. But a judicious nip or tuck every decade can certainly turn back the hands of time for you. The celebrities tend to do it since their careers rely so heavily on beauty and appearance, and so can you if you really want it and save up for it by cutting back on superfluous beauty expenses.

    Beauty Secret #5: Skin Care Treatment

    The best skin care treatment product that exists is sun screen! Use of daily sunscreen whenever there is sun exposure is the single best thing you can do for beautiful skin. You may not notice the negative effects from sun tanning until later in life but trust me that sun exposure leads to prematurely aging, splotchy and brown spotted skin. Reduce your sun exposure and keep your skin protected. You can try anti wrinkle products and special skin care lines that address wrinkles and aging but the best skin care is to keep skin clean and moisturized. A good moisturizer that agrees with your skin type is essential. Avoid the use of harsh soaps for facial washing and find a facial cleanser that is gentle on your skin. Use of acne pads can help keep your pores clean and clear also. Try different skin care lines. I don’t notice a big difference between skin care lines such as Lancome, or Meaningful Beauty verses the cheaper ones that you can find in the local Target, however each woman’s skin is unique. Some women find that they need to spend money on their skin care system to see results. The best thing is to try out the different skin care lines and stick to what works wonderfully with your skin.

    If you are open minded to it, consider the use of new age beauty treatments such as Botox, lasers to remove brown or age spots, facial peels to refresh skin, laser hair removal to remove hair, and fillers to plump up a gaunt face or lips. Some women have a specific thing they like, such as Botox, or Restylane. New age beauty treatments can be quite costly so remember to address your biggest problem. It’s cost effective to choose one or two procedures that give your beauty the biggest bang for the buck and then budget accordingly to afford just those treatments. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of new age beauty procedures because trust me the celebrities are taking advantage. Do what feels comfortable and skip procedures that you object to or have safety or moral concerns about.

    Beauty Secret #6: Hair Color

    Your hair color and style is critical to keeping yourself beautiful and young looking. Whether you use garnier nutrisse hair color, Revlon hair color at home, or salon appointments for hair coloring, your color becomes more important as you age. Whereas when younger you could go with extreme colors like platinum blonde, as you age the color should be more carefully chosen. It is incredibly important to select a color that brings our your eye color and is complimentary with your skin tone.

    Give careful consideration as to whether you want to wear gray hair or color gray hair. I personally find that a natural toned color such as deeper golden blonde that brings out your eyes is always the most naturally beautiful on older women. Don’t go for extreme colors as they make aging flaws more prominent and they look synthetic. If you are able to grow your hair then by all means, grow it out enough to get some volume and texture around your face. Framing your face with hair makes you look younger.

    Beauty Secret #7: Make Up

    Understanding how to do your makeup can reverse your age by decades! If you are makeup incompetent, consider going to ten or twenty different department store makeup counters around town and having your makeup done. You’ll be able to see different looks and understand the right color schemes for your face. Some women get their makeup so wrong it is truly amazing. I was one of those women, and I have a lot of bad makeup day photo examples on this beauty web site to prove it. Over time I learned how to keep my makeup natural and how to enhance my facial features. I know how to use concealer, how to get my skin looking flawless, enhance my eyes and naturalize my lips. These makeup concepts are critical for looking younger.

    Every time you go to a makeup counter, ask to have some aspect of your makeup done by one of the girls. Write down the products she uses. If you find a makeup look, makeup products or makeup color you love, then by all means buy that cosmetic. Once you have a good cosmetic product in hand, you can always look for cheaper dupe replacement makeup in the same color and texture when it runs out. If you can’t afford to replace expensive makeup, take the container to the drugstore with you before the makeup is gone and look for the closest match you can find in a less expensive brand. Usually you can buy most of your makeup at the drugstore and have a few must have items that you pay more money for at the department store counter, Mac store or Sephora.

    I hope you liked my 7 secrets to beauty – hey now you’ll look like a famous celebrity and why not!

    7 secrets to Beauty

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