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    Auburn Hair Color looks beautiful (don’t go too orange/red) keep a natural tone.

    Look like a famous movie star like Ann Margret or a famous model like Angie Everhart with stunning auburn hair color. Try it!

    Auburn hair color can be quite attractive on mature women, but only if they get the right natural looking shade of red. If you color your hair this can be tricky because the pictures of the auburn color on the dye box may not be the color you actually get once it goes on to your hair. For this reason I think it is good to get your red with a temporary color and test it out first. Keeping the red in your hair is another challenge as the red pigment fades out the fastest of all hair colors, even if you use color protecting or enhancing shampoo lines like ARTec. The fact that the red fades is yet another reason that temporary color can work well. You can infuse your hair with new temporary color every month or two to brighten it without having to damage it with constant permanent dye.

    The shades of auburn range from light strawberry blonde to bright copper red to dark copper red to neutral copper red to light auburn red to auburn red to dark auburn red. I would be most cautious of the bright copper tones as anything that looks too orange (like bozo color) or too bright will not look good. This is the reason to try temporary dye and see how the red really turns out when cast over your own hair. The two types of red that will look horrible are bright orange and maroon or purple tones. Those all look highly synthetic and will look horrible on an older woman. You don’t want a bright red synthetic fluorescent looking color on you because it will look garish and harsh as well as make your skin look older.

    Natural Redheads

    People with red (auburn) hair are called redheads and only 1-2% of the population is in fact natural redheads. Red heads can often have freckles and fair skin making them more prone to skin cancer and sun sensitivity. A red heads personality is commonly assumed to be fiery tempered and red heads have a reputation for being highly sexed and mischievous. Red hair can originate from several different changes on the MC1R-gene, which is found on chromosome 16. MCIR stands for malanocortin-1. If one of these changes is present on both chromosomes of their parents, then the respective individual is likely to have red hair. This type of inheritance is described as an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. Even if both parents do not have red hair themselves, both can be carriers for the gene and then have a redheaded child.

    Famous Celebrities and Super Models with Auburn Hair

    Celebrities with natural red hair or who dye their red hair can literally start red hair fashion trends. I loved the natural red hair color of Lindsay Lohan (the actress looked way better as a natural red head then as a bleached blond in my opinion), Alyson Hannigan (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), actress Sophia Loren and Amber Smith (from Sex Rehab with Dr Dru). Marcia Cross (Melrose Place and more recently Desperate Housewives), Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls), Lucille Ball, and Kathy Griffin (comedian) are also red heads though I am far less attracted to their shades of red. Some of the younger generation red heads include actresses Amy Adams (Enchanted and Julia & Julia) and Rachel McAdams (she was a gorgeous young redhead in movie The Notebook). Rachel McAdams had a medium auburn (more like the ColorSpa 40 shown above) color in the Notebook, and a darker auburn (more like the ColorSpa 30 dark auburn) in her recent movie Sherlock Holmes. I thought she looked better with the lighter red in The Notebook. The dark hair she had in Sherlock Holmes made her look way older! I really like her and loved both The Notebook and Sherlock Holmes.

    There are two famous women with auburn hair that I think have the most beautiful auburn color and looked incredible with this stuning hair color. I looked at quite a few auburn hair color pictures and two pictures were my favorite of all the auburn pictures I saw (I invested several hours checking out photos of women with auburn hair). My favorite darker redhead is the model Angie Everhart. I believe Angie Everhart is a natural auburn however she might enhance her color to be even brighter auburn than what she was born with. My favorite lighter redhead is the actress Ann Margaret. Ann Margret is the famous sex symbol who appeareed in movies such as Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley. Ann Margret is actually a natural brunette and her color was (according to Wikipedia) changed to auburn by the hair dresser Sydney Guilaroff, who also changed the hair color of other famous actresses such as Lucille Ball. Lucille Ball’s hair color is too blatantly obvious and I would classify it as a “Don’t”.

    Dying your Hair Red – try temporary auburn hairdyes for fun before going permanent

    I’ve used L’Oreal Paris ColorSpa Moisture Actif on my hair. It is a no ammonia moisturizing colorant that goes on in 15 minutes and lasts up to 28 shampoos. The Color Spa non permanent hair color can cost up to $11.95 on some internet sites however I usually find it at Rite Aid for as low as $6.95. Since the red fades quickly I found that I need to reapply it about once a month or so to keep my hair really red.

    I have dark brownish hair with a little bit of natural red tone to it and some serious gray too. I lighten the roots of my hair from the dark brownish up to a medium brownish/red every few months. Then, I can put the temporary ColorSpa on top of my medium brownish/red to enhance the natural red even more. Thus I have a two step process. I keep my hair a few shades lighter than the natural color by lightening the roots as they grow in, about every six to eight weeks. I still have a lot of gray hair that shows through though. If I want my hair redder, then every month or so, I wash in the ColorSpa which makes my hair redder and covers the gray up as well.

    My experience with the red temporary dye is to go lighter when picking the color. I’ve tried the lighter strawberry blond (shade 40) and prefer it over the (shade 30) warmer reddish brown auburn. The darker the auburn on the ColorSpa box the darker it tends to color you hair, which is why I would go for the auburn color a few shades lighter than your natural color for the best result on your hair. This will made your hair look redder, but not darker. If you pick an auburn that is a close match to your hair color, the result will give you a somewhat darker red color hair.

    Only when you have experimented with temporary red color and found the perfect natural looking shade, would I consider permanently dying your hair red. Even then, get a test streak done to make sure the shade will turn out exactly as expected. Do this even if you use a salon. One time years ago I died my hair copper red and went to a high end hair salon in Beverly Hills to the top colorist (the salon was called Elle as I recall, this was a long time ago). My hair turned out dark brown and barely red at all! It was a color nightmare and I had to go back and get the color lifted. The second time around they got it right however if I had demanded a test strip done I would not have had to put my hair through the trauma. I distrust salons as even the best place can wreck your hair to an unwanted color inadvertently. I would pay extra money to get a test strip done prior to dying my whole head a permanent color, even if I had to pay more money to do it. Red hair can be really sexy, so have fun but be careful with that hair color if you dare to try it!

    Auburn Hair Women

    Movie Star Auburn Hair Color can look Sexy and Amazing if you find a natural shade. Try temporary color such as L’Oreal Color Spa as a test before going with a permanent hair dye.

    Get famous auburn hair color

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