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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Be Gorgeous. Top two free beauty tips to become gorgeous and be attractive to men!

    Discover how to become gorgeous

    In this post I will give two top beauty secrets about how to be gorgeous to men. The first beauty tip is to become a curvy and in shape woman. The second free beauty advice is to wear your hear in a longer hairstyle. It is almost universal that men love a nice shapely body and long hair on a woman. These two beauty assets (improving your body shape and wearing longer length hair) will make you 100% more gorgeous and attractive to men than you could ever imagine. The best thing of all is they are achievable you just have to have the right attitude and mindset.

    Become Curvy and in Shape

    Women believe that they have to become model thin in order to be attractive. I do not believe that this is exactly true. In fact there is a pretty wide weight range that men tend to like and all you really need to do is fall into that category. There is nothing wrong with being an average weight, especially if you can realistically maintain it nice and steady over time. Some women strive to be too thin and it makes them yoyo up and down. You should be going for a healthy, athletic and toned body weight that you can realistically maintain given your body type. Of course if you are overweight, you are going to have to employ consistent diet and exercise to gradually work your way down from being heavy to being voluptuous. Likewise, being way too slender (as a mature woman) has an aging effect on the woman and eliminates the feminine shape that men like.

    You may have seen the surgeon general charts for healthy weights and most women are aware of approximately where they should be at on the those charts. I believe that younger women can look good at the lower end of the charts because they have younger tight skin and can handle the slender bikini look. But older woman need some weight on them to look plush and young. Being too slender lends a gaunt look to the face of a lady that is not gorgeous. Getting your weight into the range that is average and recommended for your particular height is going to not only make you feel healthier, but it will also boost your self esteem and self confidence with men.

    Most men absolutely love a woman that is in shape. The thing to do is to employ a healthier diet than what you are doing at the present time in order to slowly and methodically slenderize yourself. Try to add in some moderate exercise such as walking a few times a week. A gradual shift in eating habits and getting moderate exercise is the way to go. Diets and crash gimmicks like diet pills and diet shakes will really not solve the long term problem. Something like Jenny Craig, NutriSystem or Weight Watchers might kick you onto the right path and is a help to some people, however I believe that diets don’t work in the long run.

    In fact, diet plans can actually contribute to the problem because they can’t realistically be adhered to long term. Some of the models they use for diet plans are life time weight gainer and loser yoyos themselves, like Kirstie Alley and Anna Nicole Smith (who was a Trim-Fast Trimspa diet pill spokes person). Just try to eat healthier foods getting in your fruits vegetables and whole grains. Another thing is to cut back on obviously bad food items such as french fries, white pastas and junk food. I promise you that even a small shift in your eating habits coupled with adding a bit of moderate exercise such as walking will put you right on track for becoming gorgeous, curvy and in shape. If you tend to get super skinny and have a boyish figure and flat rear end as a result you should watch your weight and keep it up over a certain point. An older woman (that is around 5’5” or thereabouts) really has no reason to allow themselves to drop to under say 120 pounds. You want your face and body to have some life in it and you need some weight on your body to stay looking more cherub and youthful.

    Men love women with long hair almost universally. Long hair is attractive to men. Get longer hair

    Grow your hair out a bit if you can and don’t be afraid to wear it down to your shoulders just because you are older. If you’ve got it flaunt it. Some women with course or naturally shorter hair that is difficult to grow wear hair extensions which look really pretty as well. It’s preferable to get your hair naturally long without having to incur the cost of hair extensions. So look at the processing you are doing to it (such as dying, etc) and any dietary habits that may be contributing to not being able to grow your hair out. Some women keep short hair out of mere convenience and habit rather than contemplating how pretty it looks. Consider the cost benefit of growing longer hair as you won’t have to cut it quite as often. Longer hair does tend to take longer to dry and style however it will be time well spent as you can undoubtedly up your gorgeous factor with it longer.

    I should point out that when I say long hair I don’t mean that it has to be really really long. I have read that the most universally attractive hair length for women is Cindy Crawford length hair which is just below the shoulder and above the collarbone. I personally let my own hair get longer yet I see that hair just below the shoulder is really a good length for many women. If you do grow your hair out longer than that, just be sure that you have the volume to sustain it. If you have baby fine hair, stringy oily hair, or thin hair then you don’t want it to get too long as it won’t look completely healthy. So really the type of hair you have and the amount of natural body your hair has will determine how long you can grow it out. The point I am making is that if you are able to grow and wear your hair to your shoulders it might look really sexy and more feminine than a short old lady cut.

    Think of women like, Cindy Crawford or even Sarah Palin – they both have attractive hair lengths that look pretty on them even though they are past forty years old. Even Michelle Obama – she has been wearing her hair a bit longer – it’s not past her shoulders but it’s going down almost to her shoulders with flipped ends at the bottom – she looks pretty. Come to think of it, Michelle Obama’s haircut is completely identical to Jackie Kennedy’s classic hair cut! Awesome Beauty Idea! Anywhere near shoulder length is still really good in my opinion. It’s good to look like a feminine woman.

    Men want ideal date to be “athletic and toned” and list long hair as a “turn on”

    Trust me men care little about hair fashion trends or pixie hair cuts. If you look at any dating web site and what men look for in their date, they almost always look for someone slender or athletic and toned, and long hair is almost always checked off in the lists of features they view as a turn on. Boyfriends and husbands like long hair too. Just the other day I was at a party chatting with one of the moms. She had just grown her hair out from a pixie cut to her shoulders. I told her I thought her hair looked pretty and she said exactly this “Thanks! My husband is ecstatic that I am growing it out longer he loves it longer too”. You can discover how to be gorgeous with these two bits of beauty advice and pretty soon you will get all the compliments you deserve.

    I can promise you that if you work towards getting your weight into an average range and let your hair grow out as long as you can without it losing it’s body and volume, you are going to be gorgeous to men. Working these two components of your beauty is without a doubt key in upping your attractiveness to men. Strive towards a body that is athletic and toned. Grow your hair to near, at or past your shoulders. I hope you enjoyed these two be gorgeous free beauty tips. Don’t get discouraged as any woman can get a shapely body or grow their hair (or both). Have patience and employ a reasonable diet and moderate exercise. Don’t get caught up in yoyo diets and weight loss supplements. Don’t get scissors happy and talked into trendy hair cuts by your fashion forward hairdresser.

    Mature Beauty 2 Secrets to be Gorgeous and Attract Men

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