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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Beauty Tips for Older Women: The best makeup and new beauty tips for older women

    Beauty Tips for Older Women: Get started and be beautiful with these top five beauty enhancing tips for older women

    As you age your face and body changes and often that change is for the worse. Wrinkles, age spots and flabby body parts are amongst the rude aging awakenings that you may encounter. Given the words of wisdom and beauty advice about wearing sunscreen, drinking water, never smoking and exercising regularly, what else can you do to look beautiful? Keep reading for some beauty tips for ageless beauty!

    Beauty tips for Older Women #1: Anti-aging color correction with concealer and foundation

    Bags under the eyes and discolored grey or black toned skin makes an older women look exhausted and run down. You don’t want to look like you’ve been up for three nights in a row. Thin skin as you age makes these discolorations all the more visible. Obviously you need to make sure to sleep through the night to get your rest, and drink plenty of fluids to keep skin hydrated. Use a moisturizer to soften the appearance of wrinkles. But most importantly, take advantage of concealer and the right foundation to give yourself that matte perfect looking all over skin complexion even if nature took it away.

    Before applying concealer and foundation, moisterize your face so that it is soft and everything will go on smoothly. Then use a high quality creamy concealer with a sponge to tap all the darkened areas gone. If you really have dark skin discolorations, use a concealer slightly lighter than your actual skin tone to get good coverage. Next use a creamy foundation near to your color tone and even out your whole face. If you still have discoloration even after a good concealer and foundation application, try using a makeup brush or your fingers and a light in color beige pressed powder. Gently go over any flaws still peering through and touch up with the brush and pressed powder. Now, you should be good.

    Remember that if you are using good concealer, you won’t need that much foundation or pressed powder for correcting under eye bags. You won’t look caked on but you will look more gorgeous. Getting your skin complextion more one-toned, matte and flawless looking with the concealer, liquid foundation, pressed powder step is a major anti-aging trick that every older woman should discover and practice. Most dark under eye bags and skin discoloration can be hidden with the right makeup application.

    Beauty tips for Older Women #2: Emphasize your eyes, focusing on eyelashes and eye brows

    Women who are older then to look tired and frazzled if they are not careful. Part of this phenomenon is due to being so busy in life that you get caught running around town with no makeup on, dressed in a hurry, and having spent very little time on oneself before leaving the house in a rush.

    One very important way to counteract the haggard look is to emphasize your eyelashes and your eyebrows more. These two features of your face are incredibly important. By emphasizing them you are creating some depth and three dimensions to your face. Trust me it’s the fastest way to quit looking haggard. Because older eyebrows tend to become more sparse from hair loss, waxing, thinning and over tweezing, your eyebrows can become thin and pale. The best thing to do is to purchase an eyebrow pencil in a color near to your natural eyebrow color such as a light brown. Using an eyebrow pencil, carefully fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrows to provide definition to your eyebrows. You don’t want them to be too dark or obviously penciled. Try to just gently fill in.

    Tweeze stray eyebrow hair and trim long straggler hairs for neatness. Look at magazine pictures and eyebrow stencil shapes for ideas because if you learn to create a slight arch in your eyebrows you’ll get the illusion of lifted eyes and you will look younger. Its good to tweeze under the brows and clean up hairs, creating a nice clean space between the eyes and the eyebrows. Having the eyebrows set low, hairy and too close to the eyes makes you look older than you should. Clean up under the brows and pencil sparse brows in.

    Now you need to complement the penciled brows by up playing your eye lashes. Always keep mascara around and replace it often. Wiggle the mascara brush as you apply mascara on to create maximum volume to your eyelashes. Skin gets crepey and slackened around the eyes and the best way to minimize the wrinkles is by up-playing the eyelashes. Trust me that having some good mascara on your eyes and lightly penciled in eye brows can take your tired look away.

    Beauty tips for Older Women #3: Create a face-lifting illusion with natural lip color

    Unless you are lucky enough to have lips like Angelina Jolie (or pay to fill them constantly) I recommend sticking to nude natural looking lip colors. Bright colors are amazingly aging on older women. What happens with the dark lipstick on an older woman is that the focus of someone looking at you gets directed downward towards the lips and the lips color. This is exactly the opposite of the effect you want. The downward drag turned your face upside down and attention is focused downward. What you want for purposes of look younger is the exact opposite. You want to play down your lips and have eyes on you gravitate upwards towards your eyes. Let your eyes be the center of attention and the fist place a person is drawn to when looking at you. Do this by downplaying the lips and leaving them natural with a paler lip color. The overall effect is an instant face lift appearance.

    Beauty tips for Older Women #4: Budget for modern skin-care treatments, including injectables, laser treatments and peels

    Now is not the time to reject modern technology. You might be that natural beauty that has never done a thing to your pristine hair color or pale skin other than use Tom’s all natural natural beauty products. But there comes a time of no return. If you plan on competing with the Hollywood beauties who do take advantage of modern technology, you’ll have a hard time keeping up then if all you are doing is using primrose oil. That’s not to say you need to become plastic and fake if that’s not what you are about. But it does mean to explore your options and take advantage of the cutting edge anti-aging procedures that you are comfortable with.

    Some of the new beauty procedures at your disposal are: Botox for freezing wrinkles, cosmetic injections like Restylane and Juvederm for plumping facial wrinkles and lips, laser hair removal for drastically reducing hair growth, laser treatments for skin blemishes such as newly formed stretch marks, brown spots and small broken vessel red veins. There is sclerotherapy for varicose vein removal and Intensed pulse light (IPL) facials and TCA chemical peels can rejuvenate skin. These types of beauty treatments (botox, injected fillers, lasers) are not exactly pure and natural yet aren’t considered plastic surgery either. It’s new beauty warfare that is more costly and aggressive than your standard cosmetics, skin cream, fake sun tan fare. But new beauty procedures are becoming ever more popular with women for the simple reason that they can be effective and helpful in turning back the clock.

    Beauty tips for Older Women #5: Find the right hair color and style that puts your best face forward

    Women tend to assume that because they are older they need to chop off their hair to look more sophisticated and age appropriate. Just because you are aging however does not mean that you should cut your hair off. First consider the health of your hair. If you have healthy hair with volume you can afford to keep it longer. The rule of thumb is that when your hair starts to look stringy or straggly you’ve reached your limit length and should not grow it further. As long as your hair is healthy, a longer length is perfectly fine.

    Hair color is a touchy issue issue for women. Some want to embrace their gray hair. I think that during your forties, fifties and even sixties, it makes absolute sense to cover they gray or add low lights to it. After a certain point though, you really can’t hide your age anymore. Once you are really a senior citizen it is okay to embrace the gray because it matches your age in life. My mother is over eighty and she wears her hair white with a blown dry, featured front shoulder length hair style that looks pretty and age appropriate for her. I believe you can put off the natural gray for a long time, a lot longer than most women think. I don’t think you need to be gray in your forties and fifties when you can easily use hair color and have it look natural.

    If you are using hair color, be sure to pick a color that complements your skin tone. White or very blonde hair can wash out a face and does not provide a pretty frame for the face. Having your face framed is a major anti-aging trick. This is why women should not fall into the trap of trying the all white beach babe hair when they are older. If you have wrinkles, white blonde hair makes them look worse. If you have no wrinkles because you have had plastic surgery, white blonde hair makes the plastic surgery look worse. In general, allover blonde looks artificial on women who are not natural blondes to begin with. Try for a lower vibrant color like golden blonde or added caramel colored lowlights. The color tone will soften an aging face and provide a visual frame for it.

    Hair styles that are too severe including all over bleached color processing, overly blown dry hair, or severe pulled back pony tails or a tight bun, should be avoided. Go for a softer color tone and a softer hair style too. You want a polished look but not overly so. A few bangs, waves, loose pieces, and naturally healthy looking hair with volume will always look youthful.

    Free beauty tip for older women: How to counter-act the aging process? By doubling your efforts

    I’ve heard a quote that after 40 it’s all down hill for a woman’s looks, which is why they start to get plastic surgery over forty in order to try and reverse the unstoppable natural aging process. Obviously plastic surgery can reverse signs of aging in ways that cosmetics can’t, and that is why some women choose to assume the associated medical risks and get things like face lifts. It’s true that you cannot stop the aging process. However I do believe you can counter-act the down hill part, and at the very least slow down the appearance of aging (with or without plastic surgery). How, you might ask? Counter-balance the downhill slide by increasing your health and beauty efforts as you get older. This means incrementally adding more focus on exercise, healthy diet, cosmetics, and fashion with each year. Yes this is more work, however if you increase your efforts to look lovely and stay in shape, you are effectively counter-acting what is going on with you physically in terms of years. This is worth your commitment because if you can continue to look and feel wonderful it can no doubt have a positive effect on your overall health and well being.

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