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    The look of Hollywood plastic surgery. How much is too much for women over forty?

    The public is on to the trickery of plastic surgery and some vehemently abhor the look of plastic surgery on older women

    I recently blogged about Soap star actress Hunter Tylo. Tylo has been blasted on these plastic surgery web sites and blogs for looking too plastic. I will admit that she does look like she may have had an incredible lot of work done – she is almost in her fifties and alarmingly wrinkle free. No doubt in my mind on that one. I watched her today on that soap Bold & Beautiful. She was pouty faced, pouty lipped and totally wrinkle free with porcelain smooth skin. She did have that look about her, the look of perhaps having had a lot of cosmetic work done. I almost thought she was going to make a pass at her son in the soap scene I watched LOL. But I still think she looked (albeit plastic) attractive considering her age since she is close to fifty years old.

    An absolutely smooth, wrinkle free, tight face at 50 is not particularly natural looking. Nonetheless I stated in my blog posting that I always thought Tylo was gorgeous when younger and that I still think she is pretty, albeit cosmetic Hollywood/Beverly Hills style. Poor little me for playing devil’s advocate and having the nerve to say she’s pretty. I got more than a few comments and scolding from visitors saying her plastic look is too obvious, freaky and unnatural looking.

    The hilarious thing is that I don’t entirely disagree with their criticism of too much plastic surgery. I think women that get cosmetic work done can still be pretty but they do get this really strange plastic look once they are getting all of this de-wrinkling and plumping face work done. My comment about Tylo is a relative thing. I think women who get judicious work done look the best. I like the way that Cindy Crawford, and Andie MacDowell are aging. They look gorgeous, maybe they had some judicious nips/tucks (probably), but they look naturally beautiful still. I like the natural element of Crawford and MacDowell the best. I like their look far more than the so-called totally plastic look. Their skin looks great but they still have a few wrinkles and crow’s feet making them look more pretty, real and more down to earth.

    Then you get women like Tylo and Raquel Welch. They really do have that cosmetic plastic look to them but I stand my ground because I still think they are attractive older women. They look like they’ve gone Hollywood it’s true, but I am OK with them. I am sure some women would argue endlessly over whether Christie Brinkley and Demi Moore have officially stepped over the acceptable plastic surgery line. But when you get into really severely cosmetic looks like say Joan Rivers that’s where I personally draw the line. There is plastic and still pretty, and then there is plastic and just strange. I think Joan Rivers looks strange (but she’s funny I like her and some of her beauty products are actually ingenious). Most women over seventy don’t look all that sexy ok.

    The bottom line is when you have a woman over fifty and she has zero wrinkles, skin tight as a drum, full blown inflated lips, a ski-nose job, breast implants, and fat plumpness added to her face, she will start to become more plastic looking than she is pretty looking. I think it’s a fine line to tread. Demi Moore perhaps is on the acceptable side of plastic, and women like Janice Dickenson and Hunter Tylo have gone overboard onto the criticized side of plastic. Personal preference determines where you draw the line. Some women think Jen Aniston, Demi Moore and Courtney Cox are hot, some think they look plastic too. It’s a fine line with the plastic surgery because it is all subjective and in the eye of the beholder. The older a woman gets the more unnatural it starts to look because their tautness and seemingly perfect features start to diverge so far from what is age realistic for them.

    A simple rule of thumb is that if people are bitterly arguing over whether you are too plastic or not, then suffice it to say you are probably too plastic. If you are a woman over fifty considering plastic surgery, my advice is to fix a problematic area but not to fix everything into something new. The more you fix and change things to a Hollywood mannequin standard, the more you run the risk of having that severe plastic surgery look. You want to look like you, only better if you so choose. Thus carefully consider any plastic surgery operation and be sure that it will enhance your natural beauty with a natural looking, tastefully done result. You don’t want to look alarmingly like the lady sitting next to you in that plastic surgeons office. Jennifer Aniston (also Cindy Crawford) is an example of women who probably had some nips and tucks but still has her own unique and natural look to her. No one is really attacking them for being plastic in the media. They look great, but still natural.

    Below is an anonymous visitor comment left on my beauty blog. The commenter seriously hates plastic surgery and does make a very valid point in his comment about the public being on to the various plastic tricks celebrities and their surgeons employ

    The following comment about Hunter Tylo was left by an anonymous visitor to this beauty blog:

    “You’re a total —, seriously. Hunter Tylo looks like total — like a fish head stretched over a balloon. She has destroyed her natural beauty with plastic surgery that looks like some hack in Me—- performed it. She doesn’t even look human – she’s unrecognizable. I don’t understand why these morons in Hollywood don’t “get” that ALL plastic surgery looks fake. All of it. There is no such thing as a “good looking” plastic procedure, especially now that the public is on to all the various tricks they use – we can spot them a mile away. Such a shame about Hunter Tylo- she had the natural structure in her face to age gracefully – she was looking great before any of this butchery was done to her. Now it’s too late and as she ages she will look more and more grotesque. Simple as that. Pity.”

    Do you agree that there is no such thing as a good looking plastic surgery procedure? I think this persons comments are rather ruthless though indicative of someone who does not like plastic surgery. I would be wary of getting a surgery out of state however I don’t think you can make sweeping generalizations about all surgeons or surgeon locations for that matter. I agree that plastic surgery can look too obvious, but I still think Hunter Tylo is attractive and I also like her! People’s differing opinions about beauty are always thought provoking. There is definitely a large contingency of people out there who despise the hollywood plastic look and appreciate natural and aging beauty. It is something to think about.

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