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    Big Sexy Hair looks amazingly youthful and is attractive regardless of your true age!

    Long hair can look gorgeous on women over forty, so long as hair is kept healthy, conditioned and has volume and fullness. Hair grown out to the shoulders or collarbone is known as the optimal length hair, think of supermodels Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum’s hair styles. They are over forty and they look gorgeous with longer hair

    I love lustrous hair with some texture and some volume. Long gorgeous healthy hair is a sign of youth and many older woman miss that point and cut their hair off into short hair styles. U say grow it out. If that means that I’m stuck in the 80’s, then fine.  I loved Charlie’s Angels (Farah Fawcett) hair.  Don’t get me going onto a hair analysis yet.  Every single how to land a man book and “what men find sexy” survery that I’ve ever read has men listing longer hair as a turn on. Why (I wonder) do so many women of the world run out and chop their hair into a so called fashionable duck doo?  Excessively long hair is too cousin it like, yet pixie short hair is just as unattractive.

    Don’t be afraid to grow your hair a little longer. Men are attracted to long hair.

    Body proportion is a very important component of your beauty.  When you have really short hair, your entire head is smaller than the rest of your body.  This is particularly bad when your bottom is on the large side.  The overall effect is that you end up having a pear shaped body.  When you have some volume and a bit of length going with your hair it counter balances the lower half of the body and puts you into great proportion.  Not only are men attracted to long hair, having full hair balances out your figure and makes you look more propertioned and men like a proportionate figure as well.


    Someone like Dorothy Hamill had short hair and was able to pull it off because her body was so athletic.  She didn’t need any balance.  However when you think about it, Dorothy Hamill would have been attractive with long hair as well.  I notice that super attractive women are usually the only ones that can pull off short hair and very few women are that pretty.  I certainly am not and need my hair!


    The only legitimate excuse for insanely short unfeminine hair is that you suffer from hair loss or are growing it out from a cancer related treatment. If you are faced with serious hair loss, you may need to wear your hair on the shorter side to get volume and get coverage over areas where hair is missing.  You can also look into extensions or clip on hair pieces to add length too.

    Grow your hair as long as you can without losing your body and volume

    Depending on your level of volume, you can grow it to medium length or longer. Hair that lies really flat and straight or that is on the thin side should be kept at medium length so it doesn’t drag you down. You need volume. If you have thick hair with volume you can go even past medium length to long. Sexy hair has to be two things. It has to be long, and it has to be full of volume. If you grow it out to a length where it starts to lose it’s fullness then stop it there. Once your hair is so long that it is lying limp and losing body or getting split ends, you know that it is too long. Another way to keep volume is with bangs and layered hair cut styles.


    Maybe you fried your hair with over bleaching and it all broke off or you cut it and it must re-grow. Be patient and grow it out. I’ve only ever laid eyes on one supermodel in the entire universe (hehe) that could pull off short hair successfully and that would be Linda Evangelista and the only reason is that she was so striking particularly when she was younger, that she literally didn’t need her hair.  Actress and celebrity Halle Berry was pretty hot with short hair too. Off the top of my head I honestly can’t even think of ten gorgeous woman in the world with super short hair.

    Many of the world’s most beautiful women have voluminous medium length hair!

    Suffice it to say, the vast preponderance of women of the world, myself included, need their hair. P.S. So sorry but I never thought Twiggy was sexy and neither probably did most men (just speculating but if any man out there even remembers or had a fantasy about Twiggy I’d be slightly surprised).  Twiggy’s appeal was a cool retro chick thing. Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Jaclyn Smith, Kathy Ireland, Cindy Margolis, Raquel Welch and so on are all older women that retain their model looks and they have hair.  

    I have read that the most flattering hair length is below the shoulders and above the breasts. I am not surprised as this enables you to have length, but still keep your hair healthy. If you grow your hair out too long, it can become harder to maintain as the ends will start to split with increased hair length. Maintain a healthy diet and get all your nutrients along with an occasional small trim in order to make your hair grow faster.


    Come to think of it, Raqual Welch lends her name to wigs, caps and human hair extensions!  So does Jessica Simpson for that matter.  I am fortunate that I have thick hair however there are many things you can do with simple clip in extensions now to add fullness and length if you really want it.

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    Natural full hair is sexy, clip in hair extensions for fun if your hair is short. Do not under any circumstance take a hairdresser’s advice to cut your hair all off. Women regret hair cuts!

    Mature Beauty sexy long hair with volume

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