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    Bad hair day example. Black and white style hairdos makes famous celebs look awful!

    Bad Hair Day Black and White Hair Color Extensions

    I love these gals and they usually rock very good fashion forward style, yet these pix show that even celebs can adopt styles that aren’t the greatest or that just don’t do their natural beauty justice. So if you got a bad hair day, don’t feel so bad. I am showing three black and white celebrity hair color/hair styles. Christina Aquilera, Stacy London and Rihanna have black and white hair streaks and hair extensions. These women are gorgeous in general, yet not so much in these examples. They are versatile in their style and try different hair colors and styles as part of their fame – but the hair shown here is a tad fug. If you were to do this to your hair you would immediately stack ten years onto your appearance. These hair cuts and styles are aging Don’ts, but you gotta give them kudos for being spunky enough to push the box.

    Christina Aquilera black and white hairstyle along with thin eye brows

    The picture at left is Christina Aquilera who is a famous American pop musician. She wrote the song “You are Beautiful” among many others and compares to Britney Spears. Christine Aquilera is one of those celebrities that is super fashion forward and always wearing some outrageous hair style, hair color and fashion. She’s decades younger than our generation so she can get away with these fashion looks because of her youth, yet it does not make her look young. Christina Aquilera looks like a woman a decade older than she is with her stark bleached white hair. I don’t think the platinum blonde look is attractive on mature women. Women like Aquilera and Gwen Stephani wear the platinum hair and red lipstick which can be trendy but far from anti-aging (it ages them)!

    There are black extensions/dark lowlights added to the underneath layer of her hair. Having your hair dyed one solid color on top and a darker color on bottom was a trend for a few years that does little for a woman’s beauty. I despise this over/under layered two color hair. She actually has three colors going because it looks like some of the extensions are gray. Models go for the natural look where as movie stars and pop musicians go for the more processed beauty with penciled eyebrows, synthetic hair colors, and bright stage makeup. Christina’s eyebrows are too light, over tweezed and mismatched to her black and white hair. They look like tattooed eye brows that an old lady would get. They are so light the eye make up looks too dark in contrast. I only like the makeup Aquilera has on here if you were to replace her eyebrows with normal ones. Christina Aquilera’s tweezed out eyebrows and hair color extensions are a Don’t.

    Stacy London’s black hair with the gray white strip is aging. I hate the white skunk-like highlight

    The middle picture shows Stacy London from the TLC channel show “What Not to Wear”. I like her and she is very attractive for a mature woman. On what not to wear her and partner (Clinton Kelly) take people through a style transformation. The contestants that come on their show get an uplifting makeover of their clothes along with a hair and makeup redo and a shot of style therapy. It is a cute show but the make overs are usually pretty conservative and for women who want a new sophisticated look. The makeovers are more professional than pretty (in my opinion) but I still like the show. Her hair style is another matter. The white stripe decoration on darker hair is ugly and adds an extra ten years onto her.  Her stripe may be a natural anomoly but I’d still prefer it covered up and dark along with the rest of her pretty hair.  To me the stripe stands out but in a way that detracts from her beauty. She’s pretty.

    If you have gorgeous dark hair like Stacy London’s I think it looks good gorgeous and dark. Her dark hair can look glossy, shiny and silky and does not need a loud white streak in it. I saw Stacy London in a Pantene commercial on T.V. where she looked great and was the model for Pantene brand Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve tried Pantene before and thought it was ok for a drugstore priced product but not good enough to buy again. I have heard that for curly hair many women swear by the Pantene for Curls line and it’s not an expensive Salon product so it won’t break the bank. Stacy London looks like she has the soft and silky hair like the Pantene commercials claim to give you, but the white streak in the front wrecks the hair color. I’ve seen other pictures of her before she got this trendy do and she looks beautiful and way younger than she does with the gray/white highlight! She was born in 1969 making her seven years younger than me. She should look younger and she would if you delete the gray hair style. Her makeup looks nice here but the lips are calling my attention and not the eyes which does not make her look as good as she easily could. She would look much prettier without the two toned hair stripe. Stacy London is gorgeous but not in this example.

    Rihanna is ten times more gorgeous and beautiful with all dark hair than this spike look with the white hair extensions and wax bangs. Fug!

    Rihanna is a famous pop star originally from Barbados you might know one of her famous Billboard song’s “Umbrella”. She has a career with Def Jam Records/Jay Z and has won many awards including favorite pop/rock female artist at the American Music Awards. This woman was born 1988 so she is a very young woman. She is beautiful and I have seen her in many photographs with silky all darker brown/black hair extensions looking like a model. I love extensions on black women. I do not like the white hair highlights. In this hair “don’t” photo Rihanna’s hair is molded down to her head (helmet head) and the bangs look too piecey and sticky and spiked with hair gel. I like her makeup for a younger woman but the eyes are too strong with the blue gray. If the eye shadow was toned down her pretty hazel eyes would pop more. I like her lips, eyebrows and skin tone. With a little less eye shadow this look would be very attractive on an older woman.

    Christina Aquilera, Stacy London and Rihanna are beautiful but in these examples they show looks that would age a woman. I’ve seen them in many photos looking stunning and younger than they do here. I don’t like dark hair mixed with white highlights. All dark hair that is shiny, glossy and silky is beautiful and adding a white skunk stripe to it just wrecks the look. Aquilera’s over bleached hair with the black extensions underneath is Cruela De Ville. These gorgeous woman look a decade older than they are because of their white striped hair.

    Black hair extensions, White hair extensions, Hair extension colors, bad hair day

    Bad Hair Day! Hair extensions can look pretty however I do not think loudly striped black and white “skunk” hair is attractive on these celebrity women. Crazy Hair Style Examples!

    Do you think an older woman would look good with black and white hair streaks, highlights or extensions?

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    9 Responses to “Bad hair day example. Black and white style hairdos makes famous celebs look awful!”

    • Stefanie says:

      actually her hair has a natural streak of grey/white in it. It’s not dyed on purpose like that. If it was every “not there” it was because she dyed the white streak to match the rest of her hair. My grandfather had a white streak down the middle of his dark hair his whole life… due to a birthmark he had growing in that spot.

    • Thanks for the input, good to know her streak of grey/white is natural and that would explain things. I couldn’t relate to why she would do that on purpose. Stacy London is really attractive, I like her best when she covers the gray hair! All three women are pretty, just that I think the over the top styles makes them look over the top and well, older. Oh to be young again!

    • Cheese says:

      Christina looks great here but the other two look awful

    • admin says:

      Yes, I think all three are super pretty, just not working their looks to the best advantage in these shots!

    • chantelle says:

      All i can say about this is who cares if they have black and blonde hair, i think it looks nice on the right skin tone and christina looks really nice with that hair style and colour, the other two are just probably having a bad day, its not just about the hair its everything else that goes with it.

    • admin says:

      Yeah I musta been in a bad mood when I wrote this article chantelle. I think they look fine too, all really pretty women. My point is that, they could look better and the looks they are sporting are actually tough to pull off. No doubt about that.

    • Mimi says:

      Hi Ladies,
      Stacy London was born with a streak in her hair called a “silvermark”. Its a birth mark that occurs in all people in all races. My daughter is Black American and Arab. She was born with one too, right at the front right of her hairline. Rhianna and Cristina are beautiful, but the addition of the gray does age them a bit. You are beautiful Patty. Love the alliteration in your name!

    • KARA says:

      I’ll only accept those kinds of comments from a woman who actually IS maturing well, then maybe you’re accusations will be worthy of reading.

    • admin says:

      Hi reader, no accusations, as I actually love these celebs and think they are gorgeous. I was only making the same point you are, they are dressing a tad out there and perhaps not doing their wonderful looks justice on one day or in one photograph is all. They are maturing just fine but the clothes and out there hair styles are a little too, well, what you say. I also hate younger clothes, I think simple, neutral, classic clothes in basic colors flatter maturing women way better. Maybe you didn’t get some of the point of my articles because trendy or your kids clothing is a big no-no. I was however making a point that if you take care of your hair, skin, and body, your clothes matter way less. You could wear pretty much anything and still look great as an older women so long as you take excellent care of yourself. The clothes can really help for sure, but are sometimes secondary to taking good care of oneself. I agree, wild clothes that look like your kids are out. I never wear kids clothes but some of my clothes pix are ridiculous because I still fit into clothes I myself wore in high school. Now, thats not a bad thing its just funny. It’s because I work out and eat extremely healthy. I’ve taken care of my body after having four children of my own too. I’m healthier and maintain a better figure than many people I have come across who are also 51. So from that standpoint, I do have a bit of good advice to offer :-). Thanks for your comments as perhaps my thoughts were inadvertently harsh, which was not intentional. I was pointing out that everyone has their fashion foible moments, even celebs with stylists and the money to dress to the nines. The point is to recognize when you aren’t bring out your natural beauty and make small changes to let your natural beauty shine through.

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