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    Hot celebrity women – beautiful silky dark dyed hair – stunning blue eyes and make up

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    Make your blue eyes pop with makeup and temporary dark hair color for a stunning celebrity look. Be gorgeous like Jodi Lyn Okeefe and try for timeless style ala Lynda Carter (wow)!

    Blue eyes and dark hair (covers your gray hair) can be a stunning “look younger” combination for a mature women. It plays up gorgeous eyes and really makes them pop. Accentuate your unique physical assets and features to anti age yourself and become more gorgeous than ever. Mature beauty trick: The way to look decades younger is to identify your feminine assets and strong points then learn flaunt to them. Don’t be afraid to cover your gray hair and experiment with semi-permanent dye.

    Are you a woman with blue eyes and you don’t even know how beautiful you are? If so, you may not be doing enough with makeup and hair to really make your eyes stand out so you can become truly gorgeous. Blue eyes and black hair is a favorite color combination that works for a woman of any age, Lynda Carter being the ultimate example of a dark hair light eyed gorgeous celebrity.

    If you are a woman lucky enough to be born with ice blue amazing eyes, you should play them up to the maximum beauty advantage. I have a friend with the most amazing eyes and am always telling her how incredible they are and instructing her to line her eyes a little with black eye liner and to put lash enhancing black mascara on to create a black against blue color contrast that would make her eyes pop out even more and look incredible. If you have these amazing color eyes and are not taking advantage of them to become gorgeous, you need to be.

    Every woman I know who has very light blue eyes that has died their hair black has looked amazing. I’ve picked out some celebrity photos/examples of actresses looking gorgeous with blue eyes and black hair to demonstrate the look. The actresses shown are: Elizabeth Taylor, Megan Fox, Courtney Cox, Jodi Lyn Okeefe, Zooey Deschanel, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Liv Tyler, Paulina Porizkova and Lynda Carter. Obviously these woman span different ages and generations but clearly the beauty they possess is timeless. There is another blue eyed black haired beauty that I found after I made the photo montage – her name is Erin Burnett and she is a business news anchor and also number 95 on ask men’s top women of 2010’s list. Zooey Deschanel was number 40. Kate Perry is another one, she was voted number 36. The striking combination of blue eyes and dark hair definitely strikes a special beauty chord with men.

    With gorgeous blue eyes, you can get away with a number of colors and maybe you have already died your hair different shades of blonde, brown and even red. After looking at these pictures of women with blue eyes and dark raven hair, you might just die your hair back to black and never change it again! It’s absolutely gorgeous. The thing that makes it really stand out is that it gives an exotic and different look. I see women with ocean blue eyes and light hair, and their eyes barely stand out at all.

    I only have to warn a woman that dyeing hair black is very scary as any dark hair dye becomes near impossible to strip from hair should you decide you hate it. For this reason, I would strongly suggest experimenting with temporary hair dye before committing to the raven hair look. At the very least, the color will fade out of your hair. Let me warn you though, that even semi-permanent hair die that claims to wash out of your hair quickly, will be on your hair for quite some time, especially if you have light hair to begin with. Black die has a way of adhering like crazy to the hair. The fade phase could take twice as long as usual because it is black hairdye, and you can expect your hair to be a muddy drub color as you wait for the color to go. Therefore, do not do this anytime near a wedding or important social event as you would not want to be experimenting with hair color.

    Another thing to keep in mind, is that you have to take your skin condition into consideration before you try this look. You either have to be quite adept at makeup, or have naturally nice skin to pull of this look. If you have acne or severe wrinkles the black hair could potentially make your skin look a little bit harsh. The last thing you want is to look like a witch. I think Jody Lyn Okeete (her picture is at the top right) has the right makeup look nailed down to perfection. I also like how Linda Carter looks (her picture is at the bottom right) with her makeup. Be careful not to over do the makeup blush and bronzer though because even the slightest makeup flaw will be glaringly obvious with the dark hair against it. Tiffini Amber Theissen’s (she is in her thirties) makeup is a bit too strong whereas Courtney Cox’s (who is already in her forties) makeup is looking just right. Elizabeth Taylor definitely had the black eyeliner and mascara mastered to enhance her eyes as her picture shows (top left photo).

    The length of Lynda Carter’s hair and the way she has it is universally flattering for woman. That photograph of Carter is timeless and a quintessential picture of a beautiful mature woman – no wonder why they picked her as wonder woman! On the top row of photographs, the first two pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and Megan Fox show them wearing a stronger lip stick. Bright lipstick looks good on them yet as an older woman if you have thinner lips than that, you may want to stick to earthier lip colors, particularly if you have an upper lip on the thin side like the Courtney Cox photograph.

    If anything is to be learned by this mature beauty tip, it is that having a good color contrast can really enhance a woman’s beauty. One thing about being gorgeous is finding that unique signature quality about yourself, that one asset that you can play up, that can be utilized to make you over the top pretty. You gotta go above and beyond to set yourself apart as uniquely stunning. You can create the beauty enhancing color contrast by altering the color combination between your hair color, skin tone and eye color until you find the perfect age defying combination. Where as all one color such as light eyes, light skin and light hair can have a wash out effect, this contrast of light eyes and raven hair, for example, creates a vibrant color effect.

    Every woman has one element about their looks that if they get it just right, will set them apart from the rest – be it their eyes, hair, figure or some unique facial feature or sense of style. As you become older and can’t rely on simple youthful beauty alone, it becomes all the more important for a woman to identify what makes her uniquely pretty. She should learn to work that feature to her advantage in order to give herself an edge and effectively anti-age herself. What sets you apart?

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