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    Neutrogena Body Oil light sesame formula (or Equate,Rite-Aid generic): best body oil!

    Neutrogena Body Oil in the light sesame formula is a five star reviewed body oil moisturizer. But I have a beauty secret for you. I found that Neutrogena body oil works fantastic as a face cleanser and makeup remover! Neutrogena body oil claims to instantly vanish into your skin sealing in moisture. It claims to make skin soft, silky and looking radiant. The light sesame formula is advertised as being light weight, absorbs quickly, and available in original and fragrance free formula. The how to use instructions for this product tell women to apply a few drops to the skin after a showering or a bath. The oil seals in moisture and pampers you for a few moments until you dry off with a towel or naturally. It is also recommended to add a few drops to your bath for body skin softening. Neutrogena body oil is reviewed very highly on the internet and I have read many five star reviews on this Neutrogena cosmetic product.

    Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula

    You can buy Neutrogena body oil at most drugstores from Target to Rite Aid, CVS, Wal-Mart, etc. It used to be under 10 dollars but the price has gone up and I see it ranging from $11.99 in the stores to $13.29 on the internet (plus shipping). This is a great product according to reviews on the web, and although it is more expensive than the usual body lotion, women seem to think it’s the best body oil around. I personally prefer a skin cream more than a body oil for leave on moisterizing, but I discovered that body oil works great as a facial cleanser for dry skin!

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    Skin beauty! To moisterize dry skin try Neutrogena Body Oil light sesame formula. My beauty secret is that body oil works great as a face cleansor and makeup remover. Top secret!

    What do I think of Neutrogena Light Sesame Body Oil?

    I think that Neutrogena body oil is not that great for the purpose it is intended for (but keep reading …). In general body oil, unless it is for sensual purposes, is just oil. And that to me means … it’s oily and greasy! For body moisturizing I like a cream way better than an oil because creams can moisturize your skin effectively without making your skin greasy at the same time. I like body butter creams way better than body oils! So for the purposes for which it is intended, I do not like Neutrogena body oil because I think it’s greasy, sticky and oily. The sesame also smells kind of weird. I would not put oils in the bath like they suggest because it makes your bath too slippery.

    Now for the beauty secret I discovered: Body oil works great as a cost effective face cleanser and makeup remover!

    I had purchased some Neutrogena body oil to try it out and didn’t like it as a moisturizer because it was too greasy. One day, I had to take off my makeup and was washing my face in the evening. I usually use a gentle soap because I don’t want to spend money on pricey facial cleansers. I had tried Clean & Clear and a few other inexpensive drug store brand products but none worked all that well to make me want to buy replacements. So I stuck to gentle liquid or bar soap followed by gently drying my face with a fresh hand towel. Well on that day I grabbed the Neutrogena body oil and put some into my hand and washed my face off with it.

    I could not believe it! The body oil slimed my makeup right off my face without having to rub or hurt my skin. My makeup just glided off. I towel dried my face after and was amazed that a little teensy bit of the sticky oil stayed on my skin making it feel soft and dewey! Body oil is a great makeup remover!

    I use Neutrogena body oil light sesame formula as a face wash cleanser combo makeup remover and it works good for me! It works great as a cleansing oil to remove makeup

    Needless to say I am absolutely addicted to body oil but not for the purpose it was intended for. I put a decent squeeze of the oil into my hands and use it to wash my face now in the morning. I towel dry and my face feels soft. I also use it every single evening to remove my makeup/wash my face. I never have those raccoon eyes or smeared makeup because the Neutrogena body oil takes it right off my skin. I find that when I towel dry my face I get enough of the oil off it with the towel. What is left is my soft clean face. Only a tiny bit of oil gets left behind soaked into my skin and because I have dry skin I just love this stuff!

    Moral to the story: experiment with drug store products sometime you will discover cost effective items that are perfect for your skins special needs

    I probably never would have started using Neutrogena body oil as a face washing soap if I hadn’t been experimental with drugstore products. Now I can’t live without the stuff and I claim it is the best face cleanser and makeup remover ever. Everything else I tried is either too mild, harsh or expensive. Do you know how you hear women swear by certain products? Like oh I live Vaseline, or Pond’s cold Cream, or Oil of Olay, or Baby Oil, Cocoa Butter, etc etc. Every woman has her own beauty secret of an inexpensive product they use for a certain purpose. Take notes that most of the beauty and bath products women secretly love have been around for years.

    I am not saying that you will love Neutrogena body oil, because if you have oily rather than dry skin it might be too greasy for you. But what I am saying is that sometimes tried and true basic products from the drugstore are actually better than the high end expensive products you pay an exorbitant amount of money for. Products that have been around on the market for decades are usually the ones to try out. This all might sound like nonsense but trust me if you can avert beauty expenditures on high end lotions and creams, you can really save a lot of money. That’s money you can save or spend on some other beauty need!

    Guess what I buy the Generic Version of Neutrogena body oil and save even more!

    After I became a Neutrogena body oil addict, I started to wonder about the cost. Every few months I have to replace the bottle because I use it morning and night religiously to wash my face and remove my makeup. I started to wonder if there was something even cheaper. And there is, I found generic versions of it! At Wal-Mart I buy the Equate body oil in light sesame formula clone version of the Neutrogena body oil for $5.67-$6.99 price range instead of the normal over ten dollar price of the Neutrogena brand oil. I also buy it at Rite-Aid – they have a generic Rite Aid brand version of the body oil which is also $6.99.

    Money saving beauty Tip: Equate Body Oil is a terrific generic clone of Neutrogena Body Oil. Rite Aid brand Body Oil is also a good knock-off of Neutrogena Body Oil. You’ll notice a slight difference in consistency but if you need to save money the generics are worth buying

    I notice the consistency of the generic versions is a little tiny bit more watery and runny than the original non-generic oil. I see a subtle difference in thickness and quality. But since I am just washing my face and removing makeup the difference is hardly noticeable. So if I am going for a body oil replacement and the generic version is sitting there on the shelf I buy it without hesitation. One last thing is that other oils really don’t work as well as the body oil (or generic version of it). I’ve tried things like Vitamin E oil and other specialty oils for the purpose of cleansing and makeup removal and they are always too heavy, thick and sticky for that purpose. The light consistency of the body oil makes it perfect. Beauty products that have been around for decades are usually pretty good products. If you are looking for alternatives to expensive and organic specialty beauty products try the drug store and look for the tried and true beauty products that have been around forever.

    Try Neutrogena body oil light sesame formula or Equate body oil light sesame formula, or Rite Aid body oil light sesame formula. Body oil is too greasy in my opinion yet these products work great as a face cleanser/makeup remover combination, especially if you are a woman with dry skin. In general, beauty products that have clone/dupe/imitation versions of them on the market are generally great products and great sellers. That’s why the chain stores put out their own versions of them.

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    • I LOVE sesame seed body oil. I started buying the generic version because Neutrogena just got silly with the price.

      Here’s how to use it and now feel oily afterwards 🙂

      Apply just before you are ready to get out of a warm shower. Splash it on all over your body parts then give a gentle rub while rinsing and it will leave a perfect amount on your body so you don’t feel covered in oil. I love the stuff.

      PS warn the hubby so he knows to step gently into the shower otherwise he will go slipping away, ask me how I know hee hee

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