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    How are you paying for Botox? Do you pay for Botox by the area or by the unit?

    Botox by the Unit seems to me to be a better bargain for the money than paying for Botox Per Area – Find out why!

    How do you pay for your Botox – by the area or by the unit?

    How do you pay for your Botox – by the area or by the unit?

    Botox can really be beneficial for softening deep expression lines. Yet once you are sucked in to spending money on botox, you need to realize that you are getting somebody else rich, and your own self poor.  I think Botox is a great product for certain women that really benefit from it, but it sure costs alot of money. 

    Are you getting Botox?

    I don’t care how much your doctor whines about the cost of the Botox product, the cost of their office suite, the cost of their employees, the cost of their high maintenance girl friend, the cost of their insurance, and the cost of their impending divorce.  Blah, Blah, Blah-biddy Blah.  It’s true that every one is under a financial crunch in this ecomomy, including doctors.  In reality though, they are providing the Botox because they are making money in doing so.

    Even if a doctor does not make that much money on one single botox treatment, it’s a repeat procudure that you might get done every few months indefinitely.  Trust me they are getting rich off you over time.  And Allergen the Botox “cartel” is getting rich the most.  Allergen may as well be the drug Cartel, or Amgen as far as I am concerned.  So far at least, there is no widely used competition product for Botox.

    Are you paying for Botox Per Area

    I don’t think many women realize or consider just how much money they are spending on temporary cosmetic produres that have to be repeated.  I do like Botox but what I don’t like is the cost.  When you purchase Botox per Area, you are paying a fixed amount of money to treat a certain area of your face.  For example, you might pay $200.00 to treat your forehead.  The problem is that you really don’t know how much Botox you are getting for the fixed price you are paying.

    I think paying for Botox per area can be highway robbery and a joke too (Yep your cosmetic doctor, nurse or esthetician can rob you and joke with you simultaneously).  You can laugh and puke at the same time, and you can be botox robbed and joked with at the same time.  I say this because most women really don’t even know how much Botox they are actually getting when they get it.  You need to demand your medical chart and actually figure out what you are paying for when you are spending this kind of money (the tune of hundreds of dollars per treatment).

    Botox is a product.  These clinics get a bottle of Botox, they dilute it with a secret amount of saline or whatever, and they fill a syringe and then shoot it into you.  They are buying a product, diluting it by a digital amount, and then using a specific digital amount on you and therefore the cost you pay should be tied to how much product they use.   When you pay for an area, you really don’t know how much Botox you are getting or what the dilution is that they are using.  Even if you are over paying by fifty dollars, that’s alot of money.  If you over pay for six treatments, that’s three hundred dollars, not fifty.

    Are you paying for Botox Per Unit

    You think its funny but Botox rip-off potential is here and it is big business.  It took me a while to figure it all out.  When you don’t have money, you figure things out.  Here is my biggest advice on Botox should you decide to try it out. I’d ask how many units and what is the dilution.  I’d pay for it by unit.  If they charge you two hundred bucks to shoot your forehead how do you know you are getting your money’s worth.  Some bigger frowner might be getting more than you because they need more. 

    All I am saying is that you shouldn’t let someone shoot some magic stuff into you and not know what is going on.  If they don’t like it when you get proactive, fire them and get your Botox elsewhere as there are plenty of reputable places.  Once you find a place that gives you a good price and a good result, stick with them.  Remember that you are the consumer.  You’ll argue the price of a shirt on sale for twenty bucks.  Argue the price of the Botox.

    If you are going to invest money into Botox you should really research what you are getting for your money.  If you want to save money, you need to figure out the minimum number of units you need to be pleased with the result and only pay for that amount!  I may sound upset by these comments I am making in this blog post about Botox price, but I myself have overpayed for it a few times and I resent that I was overpaying.  I only realized I was overpaying when I went somewhere else and they were more honest in disclosing what I was getting, and I got the same result for less money.

    Is Botox really safe for you?

    Aside from just the product alone, you do need to get Botox in a trusted doctor’s office.  When I say shop the price around, I am not saying go to Mexico or out of state.  I am just saying that you can check pricing at a number of reputable places near to where you live and make sure that you are getting a competitive price.  You do need to go to a trusted reputable person most definitely.  Because there can be complications such as drooping eyelids, if the Botox is administered improperly. 

    I don’t know intimate details of Botox ingredients safety but  I do know that on all Allergan information documents on Botox are reams of warnings about its potential harmful side effects.  There are more warnings on an Allergan document than there are on a pack of cigarettes!  So obviously, there are negative side effects.  I would say most women experience no negative consequences however who knows as you are putting an alien substance into your body.  I personally don’t lose any sleep worrying about it but I can definitely see how some women would worry. 

    By the way, I’ve heard Botox has some human blood products in it so let’s all hope we don’t get Aids.  Let’s all hope that we don’t all find out in twenty years that the stuff deforms our faces.  Agent Botox! Soylent Botox! Botox Kills!  Mothers against Botox!  Hear Yee Hear Yee – Superficial people who took Botox are now paying the ultimate price for their beauty.  Sheesh.  They should be more worried about Botox than opiates in Afghanistan.  This is important stuff (because its more addictive than opiates).

    I think Botox is a great product but it is expensive and only temporary lasting.   I would be aware of all side effects before you try it, and if you do get it, research the doctor or nurse who is giving it to you to make sure they are reputable, and be very savy about what you are paying for, how much you really need, and how much you are actually getting of the Botox.  I think paying by the unit makes the most sense as well.   If  you shop around and are a smart consumer and you may save yourself signigicant bucks on Botox.

    How do you pay for your Botox Injections?

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