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    Botox Injection price gauging and how even the best Botox doctor takes advantage

    Botox Injections. Women need to be more astute about what they are paying for Botox treatments. Botox costs $$$ money!

    Whether you are getting Botox injection in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago it pays to be astute about how much you are really spending on your Botox treatment. Make no mistake, Botox is expensive so if you don’t really truly benefit from it, just don’t buy it at all! Read on for some practical tips on how to maximize benefits and minimize aggravation on that Botox habit

    Botox Injections

    If you have never gotten Botox before, consider yourself lucky. And, if you think Botox is unsafe and find having a substance injected into your face too risky, consider yourself lucky too. If you have reservations about Botox, just skip it. The reason why is that once you try this wonder injection and love it, you are automatically placed on a slippery slope of paying exorbitant amounts of hard earned money for it. The injection treatment only lasts a few months and will cost you hundreds of dollars each time you treat your wrinkles.

    I actually love Botox because I have pronounced crow’s feet and I find that getting Botox a few times a year can greatly smooth my smile wrinkles. I’ve read that Botox is not all that wonderful for laugh lines but I beg to differ. I have a big smile and my laugh lines can extend down towards my mouth. Botox also works well for furrow lines such as those that women get on their forehead and between the eyes. The times I have had Botox I’ve noticed my long laugh lines diminished, though not eliminated. While I cannot afford constant Botox injections, I will admit that every now and again, if I get a windfall of money or have some saved up, I would rather get Botox for my laugh lines over most any other beauty treatment.

    Paying too much for Botox

    If you are getting Botox, you are most likely paying too much for it. That’s a given. Botox cost the doctors a lot of money, and they want to make money off of the injections. So rest assured that cost is being passed right on to you. Even the most honest of Botox doctors out there become alarmingly dishonest when it comes to the injections. The three common ways that you are getting ripped off are by (1) paying too much all along and (2) getting less of it injected without you knowing it and/or (3) getting diluted or stale Botox. I will now go over how you are getting fleeced in more detail, and I will give you some strategies to minimize the money that you are bound to bleed out on Botox.

    Paying too much for the Botox all along (famous plastic surgeon)

    Many women get their Botox at the highest end place such as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeons office, thinking that they are going to the safest place. The famous Hollywood surgeons often charge the most of all for the Botox. You may not want to go to the top, most expensive office in the country for that Botox. You want the Botox, not the Beverly Hills zip code of the Botox. Of course, you don’t want to go to some clinic where you’re scared of the doctor or the neighborhood either! I would opt for an established, reputable doctor that has a good reputation and has an established office close to your house. You can get deals on Botox at these day-spa and esthetician offices yet sometimes the employee turnover at those places is too high. You want to find someone who is not going anywhere anytime soon, and establish a relationship.

    I bring this up because you could pay $400 to inject Botox into an area of your face at one office, and get the same exact treatment and amount of Botox for $200 at another office. If I had to estimate I’d say that Botox prices can be nearly doubled at one place verses another. That is why it really pays to shop around amongst the reputable alternatives. People spend more time pricing an appliance or beauty product than they do their Botox, which is foolish because Botox is an ongoing cost and you are spending hundreds of dollars each time. It’s not chump change and therefore be astute about what you are paying.

    Getting less and less of the Botox injected without you knowing it

    Now your doctor wants to keep you happy and he wants you to come back and back because your Botox injection is like a retirement income to him. It’s easy for him to inject it, he knows you don’t get an adverse reaction since you’ve gotten it a bunch of times, and every time you come he makes fast money. Your doctor wants to keep you as a happy customer. But don’t be fooled because he is playing his own balancing act which is finding the minimum amount of Botox needed to keep you happy and returning while maximizing the hundreds of dollars that he makes off you every year.

    Botox and price gauging (skimming on the injection amount)

    Your cosmetic doctor is likely to give you the best deal on the Botox when you first come in to hook you in. After that point, he is going to gradually experiment on you finding the lowest common Botox denominator. He might have a standard number of cc’s that he gives to patients and you might get that. But you might be different than other women.You might need more Botox in one area than another. Or you might even be able to get away with less, meaning that you could be buying more than you really need. Every woman is different. So you have to establish what you are getting where, how much and how often. Your objective is to get what you need for the least amount of money, while the doctor’s objective is to keep you happy for the most amount of money he can garner from you. He wants you to be happy enough to come back for more, but trust me he is concerned about his profit margin and you should likewise be concerned about yours.

    Every single time I have ever tried to get Botox I’ve asked to see my chart after a while. And every single time I have seen the amount of Botox I actually got get progressively fudged. And this was at reputable doctors. When I was gainfully employed I didn’t pay attention to these details and got ripped off. When I became un-gainfully employed I cut the Botox out, and if I were to get it, it’s not often. So I pay attention to exactly what I am getting. Be proactive about checking out your chart and knowing exactly how much Botox got injected there. If the doctor knows that you are chart-checking, he will be less likely to skim you on the Botox. If you’re gossiping and not chart checking, trust me he will gradually establish a formula as to what is the least amount of Botox he needs to inject to keep you happy and coming back while simultaneously maximizing his income off you. Botox is a bread and butter money making business for these doctors and don’t you forget it.

    Dilution and staleness of the Botox (watered down Botox)

    Remember that doctors get Botox in fixed amounts. Then they dilute the Botox. An unscrupulous doctor will over dilute the Botox, and also use the last little bit he has from a vial on you, even if it’s been sitting in his refrigerator for weeks. Botox is like fresh fruit, you want it fresh when the vial gets opened. If your doctor only has a little bit left in the vial and doesn’t feel like cracking a new one, you might get skimped on the amount of Botox you are getting. Because of the distinct possibility of getting ripped off on dilution and staleness, I recommend against going to strange unknown places for your Botox. Be leery of web specials and having to go far for a deal on Botox. It is best to find a place of reasonable reputation near to where you live. That way, if you pay hundreds of dollars for Botox and you get too weak of an injection, you can go back and discuss that with your doctor. Doctor’s want ongoing patients so they will usually try to keep you happy (while maximizing the money they make off you). It’s a balancing act for you and the person administering the Botox into you.

    Proactive Botox

    I hope you enjoyed my tips for how to minimize your Botox injection money wasting. Suffice it to say that if you are getting Botox, you are paying too much for the Botox, end of story. If you really don’t need Botox or have concerns about health risks or complications then by all means don’t get the Botox since you’ll save a fortune. If you are getting Botox, make sure you are proactive about shopping the price but not at the expense of your physical safety. You may not want to go to the top plastic surgeon for this stuff on the one hand, but you don’t want to go south of the border on the other. A happy medium is to find a reputable safe doctor to give you the injections. Once you find that doctor, stay on top of your medical chart and don’t get complacent. The doctor wants you to be talking about the latest celebrity or who won Dancing with the Stars while they are making money off you and your Botox injections. You should be talking to the doctor about how many CCs of Botox you are getting this injection session verses last time you were there, how much you’ve gotten in the past, and what was the exact length of time between appointments. Do you get my point? Botox is a beauty treatment that you can spend a ton of your hard-earned money on, so don’t get lackadaisically ripped off.

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