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    Considering breast augmentation? Next 5 considerations before u get breast implants

    Breast augmentation considerations – should you get breast implant enhancement cosmetic surgery? FAQ about breast aug

    This is Ten things to consider about getting breast augmentation (Part 2). It’s the second part of my blog post on top issues to consider if you are contemplating breast augmentation. To read all of my articles on breast augmentation click the “breast augmentation” tag at the bottom of the post. Breast implants are a popular plastic surgery procedure and so we will cover the many pros and cons of getting them in this series of beauty articles

    Breast augmentation cost

    Breast augmentation has gone up in price. This type of cosmetic surgery can cost anywhere from $4,000 in mid city America to around $9,000 for a famous plastic surgeon doing business in Beverly Hills or New York. If you add multiple surgeries or at least one revision breast surgery to your calculations, implants are no laughing matter and the price you pay is a lifetime financial commitment. Anesthesia, pre surgery physicals and surgery facility costs can price up to $2,000 all together plus of course added to that is the large surgeons fee which varies depending on their experience, location and reputation. A surgeon probably wants to make around 5K so $7,000 is probably an all around average price for a highly reputable doctor in 2010.

    Breast implants recovery

    Well you can expect a major throbbing pain in your chest area. You’ll need to take around 5 days off of work most likely. Because breasts can be hidden easily, if you have a desk job that doesn’t require physical activity you can be back to work very fast, usually in a week, nine days at the outside. Unlike doing something facial, the breasts can easily be hidden in your clothes. So as soon as you start to feel better you can go out.

    The surgery involves anesthesia, a ride home or to a surgical aftercare facility after the procudure, a visit to the doctor the next day, taking some serious pain medication, antibiotics, some medications to help sleep and reduce swelling, and a lot of rest. Normally you can’t take aspirin, smoke or take any vitamins supplements, etc prior to having this procedure. You need a complete physical and medical clearance. You’ll wear a special support bra provided by the plastic surgeon for the indicated time afterwards. And initially after the surgery, everything will be bandaged up. The insertion stitches will probably stay in for about a week. Your chest area will be extremely sensitive for weeks. You will have some black and blue. You doctor might give you some simple massage exercises to encourage healing and softness. Most women will feel human by three days after this plastic surgery. As far as healing goes, breast augmentation is easier to heal from than say a face lift. The incision scar will be very visible and red initially and will slowly fade to a near imperceptable color over the course of about a year.

    If you have a breast lift, breast reduction other intervention due to cancer in conjunction with the implants, then the surgery is obviously substantially more intense and will require a longer recovery than a standard boob job. For basic breast implants, most women need a week off and then they can get around fine. As you get older recovery gets commensurately harder. A young woman getting implants will be bouncing off the walls soon after, a mature woman will need a little more time to get walking around and moving comfortably.

    Insertion method and aesthetic choice of implant size

    If I were personally choosing between types of breast implants I would probably get the silicone ones because they are made somewhat safer than in the old days and the gel is hidden within the outer shield of the implant. People say they feel more natural and are less likely to show ripples. If the silicone gel breast implant ruptures it won’t deflate as easily or quickly as a saline one would which is just filled with essentially water. If a saline implant leaks, ruptures or wears out your breast will be deflated over the course of a couple months. I liked the idea of the arm incision for a scar-less look, however if you choose silicon then its impossible to go through the armpit so the insertion through the areola would most likely be taken. I wouldn’t want a big scar under my breast fold, which is another way they can put them in. If you are overly paranoid about silicone then saline is still a reasonable second choice.

    The implants come in both different sizes and different widths too. Some are tear drop shaped and some are wider. Imagine your plastic surgeon running around with a travel briefcase like James Bond with the different selection of breast implants for you LOL. Seriously, the choice of implant does matter so I would give this serious consideration, look at tons of pictures and err on the conservative side. I’ve heard one doctor say that women always regret not going bigger after the fact, but I still think that keeping it real looking is best. If you wish you went bigger after the surgery, then you probably got the right size!

    There is also the matter of placement of implant. Some doctors place the breast implant over the muscle, some under the muscle, and some half over and half under. The surgeons who go under the muscle claim that the result is more natural. If it were me however, I would probably want the simplest possible thing done and go over the muscle. That is a technical surgical detail which is important and make sure to talk about what your plastic surgeon is doing. You should also know the exact type of implant you are getting and how many CC’s it is. I think around 350 CC’s is a standard breast cup size C. The ones over 400 CC’s get to be way too big and phony looking in my opinion.

    Getting ridiculously big implants is ridiculously stupid in my opinion. If you are twenty years old and you get big (I consider D size or bigger to be big) breast implants you can potentially look somewhat sexy with them. But you have youth on your side to pull off that bombshell look. My preference is towards small nicely sized breasts (like a basic size C) for women whether they are young or old. But especially for older women, big breast implants look completely awful, just awful. For a slender woman, anything bigger than a C size is overkill in my opinion. If you were to stretch your skin too drastically you could also run the risk of creating stretch marks on them, which are near impossible to get rid of cometely. A large sized, large boned buxom woman might be able to handle a bigger C or very small D, but only if it really matches her body type.

    The thing about big breast implants on a mature older women is that it screams fake, plastic and over the hill trying to be younger. For those reasons it is more practical to get something that can pass off as quasi real at least. You want to look younger, not like you are “trying” to look younger. Keep’em guessing and keep it subtle is my motto. Small judicious implants that fill out aging sagging breasts without over doing it and being too obvious are going to be the most pleasing for sure. The trend as of 2010 is to have smaller pleasing breasts that look sporty and realistic on the woman.

    Breast implant patient satisfaction

    As disgusting as implants are, I think most women who elect to get breast augmentation are overall very happy with the results. How can they be happy if they have to go back and back and get them revised or fixed due to asymmetry, scarring (capsular contraction) etc? Can they be happy if they have to go under the knife and healing process all over again? They just are. They enter the realm or world of “I have implants” and if revisions have to be done they get over the fact that they have to spend thousands more dollars to fix it and just look forward to even better, fixed implants. It doesn’t make sense but it’s true. They just deal with it.

    The bottom line is that these women wanted breast implants so bad in order to have made a decision to get them, that if anything goes wrong they just learn to view it as the nature of the beast. Women who get implants often have very flat breasts that have caused them insecurities, or they have breasts that are flaps and floppy as pancakes from having multiple children and breast feeding, or they are going through a divorce and getting a new lease on their life and looks, or their nipples point straight down to the ground and they hate it. They want the implants.

    As long as they realize that once they get implants they are on implant road, they are still able to be extremely satisfied (if not ecstatic) with the results. Most implants, even bad ones, look good in clothes. Women are usually very satisfied with being able to fill out their clothes and lingerie better. Sometimes the aesthetic complications from augmentation such as them being asymmetrical can be lived with for many years before a woman decides to go back for a second revision to fix some asymmetry or hardening problem with her implants. By the way, a revision breast augmentation usually means getting both breasts redone. You can fix one implant with a problem, but to keep symmetry it’s more likely a woman will just get both redone at once with newer implants two of the same rather than trying to fix/match just one new implant to the other old one.

    Breast implants & mammogram screening

    Any woman who gets breast implants is going to have to be very vigilant about her breast cancer screening. The breast implants tend to block the mammogram X-rays, so be sure that you are assigned an x-ray technician that is experienced with implants. They say that saline implants are plenty strong enough to withstand mammograms. You must be vigilant and get the regular mammograms if you have implants! Nowadays, breast implants are so common that the x-ray technicians don’t even bat an eye over them. But I swear to god if you have some incompetent x-ray technician squeeze the crap out of that implant (excuse the lingo) between the two x-ray plates in order to separate your real breast tissue for a good picture, that pressure could potentially cause a slow leak to happen in the implant, especially if it is saline. The silicone is more like a cohesive gel so even if it gets a leak it won’t rupture and get deflated as much. Still though, you want the silicon to stay protected inside the implant and away from your body.

    You have to undergo the mammogram because preventing cancer is the penultimate important thing to do for yourself. So, get your mammograms religiously and make it clear to them you have implants and want someone who has experience. Another thing that you can do is pay extra money for periodic sonograms along with the mammograms. For a few hundred extra dollars (medical insurance is typically too cheap to pay for sonograms unless they are medically indicated with a suspicious mammo) you can get the sonogram in addition to the mammogram. The sonogram sees all the breast tissue. Thus if you couple both together you are going to be pretty safe. If nothing else, you’ll have peace of mind.

    One other area of concern is that if you are applying for personal health insurance (let’s say you lost your job and find yourself uninsured) the insurance companies are pretty ruthless and don’t want to see any red flags on your disclosures. Medical insurance underwriters don’t take kindly to implants or any other health incident for that matter. It’s not to say you won’t get insured, but if you had implants to a host of other ailments you might have a tough time getting covered. Just pause for thought. One reason is that the insurance company may not want to pay for future breast surgeries, as they know full well that one breast surgery may mean another and another in the future.

    Breast implants & turning back the clock

    Even with all the problems, hassles and complications that a woman can get caught up in with breast implants, some find it incredibly rewarding. As I said before, aging is no fun monkey. And, every once or twice in her lifetime a woman has every right to show her butt up into a plastic surgery office if she feels so inclined. It’s her choice. If there is that one thing that has always bothered her for years, and the timing is right in her life, and she understands the risks, then she is going into it because she really really wants to.

    I think someone like … hmm was it Jackie Collins the romance novelist or Joan Collins from that TV show Dynasty – hmm well anyways one of them said “Looking good is the best revenge”. Cackle Cackle. Seriously though, if you have relatively pretty breasts in the first place, I say keep them natural and keep them real. Why change something that is sexy, beautiful and natural – you know that saying if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. On the other hand, if something looks really horrible and is taking a toll on your self esteem, then maybe you should go for it. Generally women listen to a lot of people and take in a lot of information but in the end they usually do whatever they really want. You only live once as they say. I hope you found this discussion of things to consider regarding breast augmentation plastic surgery to be helpful and informative.

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