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    Buttock fat transfer cosmetic surgery liposuction from onebody area into another area

    Buttock Fat Transfer is the new liposuction, fat transfer, combination cosmetic body surgery

    Buttock Fat Transfer is the new way to shape your figure when undergoing cosmetic liposuction surgery. Instead of throwing the fat away it is reinjected into another part of your body where it will look better. Is the curvaceous result from moving body fat permanent?

    Buttock fat transfer is when you liposuction cellulite from one part of the body and transfer the body fat elsewhere for body shaping purposes

    With the advent of liposuction procedures, fat from ones own body has become more easily withdrawn from the body. Then, micro injection of fat graphs obtained using liposuction techniques can be transferred to other parts of the body for cosmetic reasons. Patients like the idea of their own tissue being used because it won’t get rejected by their own bodies. Now it is a common cosmetic surgery procedure to harvest fat from one part of the body where there is an excess of it, and then put it into another part of the body to add bulk for aesthetic reasons. Bulk can be added to create an enhanced curvaceous bottom, create fuller lips, added volume to the face, and to make hands look more youthful.

    Will the injected fat stay?

    Creating a more curvaceous and more shapely buttocks is now on the wish list of women getting liposuction on the abdomen, hips, inner thighs or outer thighs. This surgery is called a brazilion lift or gluteoplasty. The fat is harvested from the hips and thighs then transferred using micro injections. After that the patient can’t exercise and must wear a compression garment for several weeks. They say that some 40% to as much as 60% of the transferred fat can actually last in the body for years and even permanently. But some of the fat (I actually think most of it) will just get reabsorbed into your body over time.

    I’ve heard that women who smoke, and also those that have weight gain or lose weight dramatically and move away from the ideal weight they started with when they had the fat injected, have a higher risk of losing all the injected fat and having it simply reabsorb into the body. The bottom line is that only a portion of the injected fat is going to stick around long term. Plastic surgeons go back and forth as to how long fat transfers last and if they last. I’ve also read that fat injected into areas with a lot of muscular movement (like the lips) will tend to absorb into the system after a while and deflate. The general consensus is that a good percentage of the injected fat won’t last. So it is a matter of whether you see it as a fat half empty or fat that’s full LOL.

    Once the fat is injected, I’d say it’s dying on the vine so to speak. Over the first few days after its injected blood vessels have to hook up and reconnect to the tissue keeping it alive. It’s an imperfect science as far as I am concerned and if the fat doesn’t take it will just get reabsorbed into the system. The variability of the survival of the transferred fat makes it often more common sense to use injectable fillers in the face at least. In the rear, too much filler would be needed so a fat transfer makes the most sense. I read about a Spanish beauty queen model who died getting an injectable filler brazillion. As far as the buttock shaping goes, I would stick to either fat transfer of your own fat or permanent implant. Injecting other material into that area is most likely a very bad idea.

    Would you go from saggy or flat to voluptuous with a Brizilian Lift

    If you could get liposuction to remove unwanted fat from places like your arms legs or abdomen and transfer it to create a rounder more defined rear end would you do it? The idea of contouring and reshaping your body to give an uplifted look to the entire back side of your body is a good one in my book. Moving fat around sounds like a great idea yet I don’t think the moved fat really stays put quite as good as the doctors claim. I have my doubts.

    I don’t think it lasts long enough to pay top dollar pricing for fat transfer

    While I like the idea of body reshaping, I am not a believer in the permanence of these procedures. Immediately after they are done (and the initial swelling is down) a fat transfer is going to be looking really nice. I definitely think the technique gives an aesthetically pleasing result. Older women tend to get thick waists and flat rears as they age so taking the fat and moving it to recreate a more aesthetically pleasing hourglass figure is a great idea in my book. But I really don’t think the results are permanent. After a few years most of the fat will get dissolved right back into the body and absorbed.

    I am sure the effectiveness of fat transfer varies from woman to woman. In some women, the fat might stay put and in some women it will just get totally reabsorbed. But I really don’t see it as any kind of permanent guarantee. Considering that the cost of such procedures can run into the thousands of dollars, I am not convinced that fat transfers are worth it to women on a budget. If you have unlimited resources it’s one thing. But if your money matters, I am not sure I would undergo an expensive procedure like this.

    When does fat transfer make sense?

    If you were getting liposuction anyways, and the doctor offered to do a body fat transfer for a nominal price then you may consider it. But to go in for the mere purpose of getting a body fat transfer is not worth your beauty dollars in my personal opinion. Fat transfer is only worth it if it is being done in conjunction with something else like lipo. That way if it does not last, you won’t care so much. If you want something long lasting then I’d consider looking into implants. They make silicon cheek implants, chin implants, lip implants, breast implants and buttock implants. Be warned however, that getting implants comes with their own set of potential risks and complications.

    Who can get fat transfer?

    This surgery would work best if a woman is at a healthy and comfortable weight and within range of their ideal weight. This is not a weight loss surgery. The best result is with a women in good shape with some pesky problematic areas that can be improved by the fat transfer body contouring. Getting your own body fat transfered and injected probably has a slightly lower risk of infection than getting implants, but any surgical procedure has risks associated with it. Some fat could get reabsorbed more than other fat so you could get an asymmetrical result requiring revision/touch up. If you are really thin then there is no fat to take, so you would need donor fat which I would never recommend. Gross and possibly dangerous!

    For things like lip plumping a woman can get Restylane or Juvederm pretty easily and really wouldn’t need to put themselves through the fat transfer procedure. I would consider a brazilian buttock fat transfer/lift only if I was getting liposuction anyways and the added price of a transfer was nominal.

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