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    Finding the motivation to workout is often the biggest setback in creating a lasting exercise habit. Three tips & tricks for getting past the excuses are to: Back off, Do less, and Find your groove. Read on to discover that a mellow approach to fitness can actually get you in great shape and give you the hot over forty body that you always wanted believe it or not!

    Sometimes when working out you hit a wall. Your energy drains away, and you feel like quitting. Then, you mentally maneuver yourself to push past the fatigue and get through the workout. While you may have conquered the immediate challenge, unbeknownst to you, you may be setting yourself up for future workout avoidance.

    Workout Tip #1: Back Off. If you are having motivational problems with working out, it may be that your goals are too ambitious. You may actually need to back off

    If you dread going to the gym and your stomach sinks at the very sight of your gym bag, you know you have a problem brewing. There are a few reasons that this can be happening. One is that you are taking too long at the gym. If you know that it is going to take you a long time at the gym you are more likely to find busy reasons and a variety of excuses not to go. Sure, on a leisurely day you can spend a lot of time at the gym and take a sauna after and pamper yourself. But in most cases, people are extremely busy in day to day life. That is why I recommend a short and sweet workout. It may not burn the most calories or be the most effective in terms of building muscle, but it’ll do. Even if you go do a cardio machine for twenty minutes, you’re good. If you are experiencing burnout, then try backing off on your workout and doing less at the gym. It sounds counter-intuitive but backing off a bit may be all you need to keep your workout motivation consistent.

    Workout Tip #2: Do Less. Adding an easier mini workout to your repertoire can often be the best workout choice for you, though you wouldn’t know it

    Sometimes you are doing a serious workout too often and you get sick of it. It can help ward off burnout to actually do that workout less, and sprinkle in other alternatives to mix it up. If you are experienced burn out or lack of motivation, try this trick which is to have an easy backup plan which is your lazy “escape hatch” workout. Usually this can mean taking a walk. Try to find something enjoyable and really easy that doesn’t require a lot of work or effort. When you feel like procrastinating or avoiding the gym, turn to your easy backup plan (such as walking) instead. It requires less energy so yes it’s not as effective. Yet at the same time, at least you are doing something. If your backup plan is walking, try to take a quick walk around your block or up to the store. You’ll find if you workout less, and mix in some very easy “escape hatch” workouts to your plan, your motivation will stay more consistent. The workout dread won’t creep in. If you simplify your workouts and make them easier to get through and accomplish, you’ll find it that much easier to keep up with the consistency. Working out hardcore does you no good whatsoever if you can’t stick with it. Remember that consistency is the key: think longevity.

    Workout Tip #3. Find a Groove. Getting into a mellow workout groove is key. If you’re not in a groove, you’re not doing the right workout

    I see people come and go at the gym all the time. I see the people that stick around year after year, and I see the people that disappear after just a few months. I know the difference between these people from being a regular at the gym since I see it every day. It is sort of hard to describe but I will try. The consistent exercisers have this quality where they are in sort of a trance when they workout. The show up, they lazily move through the machines or the cardio, they get their little routine done, and then they leave. It’s like, they aren’t stressing out about how much they are doing or what they are doing. They just show up, go through some of the nautilus machines, and bail.

    The best way that I describe it is that the regulars have a little workout groove going, and they get in and get out. They don’t necessarily tax themselves. I barely even see them break a sweat! Some have their Ipods or headphones going. In the case of the nautilus machines or the cardio machines, they do their time, move rather lazily from machine to machine, then they leave. They are in and out. They don’t necessarily do all the machines in the room either. I have to characterize this as a groove. It’s almost like the gym regulars are relaxing through their workout and they are in a mental zone. What you can learn from this is that you know things are working when you are able to get into a groove and return for the same workout time after time after time. If that is not happening for you, try switching up what you are doing until you find a trance like workout that you don’t mind repeating.

    My gym has water exercise classes and an outside pool. With the more senior people, I see some real regulars in the water exercise classes. And you’ll notice that the water exercise classes are pretty easy, they do these gentle movements with the water noodles. The older people seem to be able to stick with the water classes pretty well over time. The aerobics classes on the other hand are more strenuous and I see a pretty big turnover in those classes. Some people swear by the exercise classes but from what I see, most people don’t stick with going over the long run. Obviously there are exceptions, yet the only regulars in those aerobics classes are the teachers. I’m just saying … this is what I see at my gym FYI.

    Back off, do less and find that groove that works for you!

    While not a personal trainer, I do know a little something about staying in shape as a mature woman (right now I am in my late 40’s). I’m just conveying what I experience and what works for me. Hopefully if you are having burn out and motivational problems and have excuse after excuse for getting into shape, my tips will help you find a workout regimen that works for you. Instead of getting overwhelmed, try to adopt a mellow, long term approach to fitness. If you can find time to do just a little bit, and you stick with it over time, then that’s a groove. It may mean a slightly easier workout. But if you are able to do an easier workout consistently over the long run, it is better in my opinion than pushing yourself out of your comfort zone which can so easily lead to procrastination and ultimately flaking out of keeping fit altogether. Ladies if you are having problems sticking to your workout, then it may be time to stop pushing yourself, back off, do less, and find your groove.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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