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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Tumescent liposuction Los Angeles style. Is tumescent liposuction surgery the new designer liposuction that woman in Los Angeles can get while they are on their lunch break? Don’t believe all the hype ladies, tumescent liposuction is real surgery.

    Tumescent liposuction is a term that I’ve seen more and more in the cosmetic surgery lingo. While the cutting edge tumescent liposuction form of lipo can in certain cases involve no general anesthesia, less scarring and faster recovery than traditional liposuction surgery, I think it is generally exaggerated as to its ease. It is almost passed off as a lunch time surgery which it is not. I will also say that it would really depend on the patient as to whether their particular situation could be handled with no anesthesia or sedation. Women see the female celebrities, aging supermodels, not to mention shows depicting the bikini bodied housewives of Orange County, Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York City and they look at the bodies of these women and think, hey I want that.

    A lot of the Los Angeles and US surgeons perform tumescent techniques and use tumescent liposuction instruments, but they do nonetheless in fact use various levels of sedation ranging from general, I-V sedation, or in some instances just numbing the local area. But that totally and completely depends on the situation, the cosmetic surgeon’s preference, and the characteristics of the patient. It’s not always done as a mere local numbing nor is it always quite as simple as they make it sound.

    Tumescent liposuction: Okay here are some of the claims about this cosmetic surgery

    100% Tumescent liposuction allows the conventional liposuction plastic surgery to be performed with the patient under local anesthesia as compared to going under general anesthesia. The tumescent form of liposuction procedure purports to minimize blood loss and the risks of general anesthesia are eliminated. It may be one of the reasons that liposuction is the most popular surgical cosmetic surgery in the US. Surgeons who perform tumescent liposuction claim that the advantages are two-fold. First of all, it only requires local anesthesia, and second of all it is minimally invasive requiring only a few incisions. All of this can lead to a reduced recovery time for surgical patients.

    No general anesthesia, smaller incisions and tools used, faster recovery time

    I’ve read claims that tumescent liposuction can be very precise in it’s ability to remove fat since the patient can be awake and the surgeon can literally feel the patients muscle tone along the fat making precision fat removal easier. I am not sure what difference it would really make if you were awake verses asleep, not sure I buy that it is better to be awake. The cannula surgery tool used with tumescent liposuction is inserted into the fat via very small incisions in the skin. The fat is then removed as the cannula has a strong suction vacuum connected to it which sucks the fat out of the body. While many surgeons do use different levels of anesthesia for this surgery, the tumescent term implies tumescent anesthesia which is local anesthesia injected to numb the area and constrict the blood vessels so that the fat can be removed with minimal invasiveness. Since the cannula instrument is small the incisions can also be small, resulting in minimal scarring.

    Body areas that can be treated with tumescent liposuction include the breasts, love handles, hips, legs, knees, buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck, jowels, hips and inner and outer thighs. For women the more common areas tend to be around the waist, hips, bikini and upper inner and outer thigh areas. The recovery involves 2-7 days depending on the aggressiveness of the procedure and physical condition of the women. After that, a special compression garment is worn for up to six weeks which is designed to compress the area and help the skin contract down smoothly after fat is removed from under it.

    Are you considering tumescent liposuction?

    If you are considering tumescent liposuction because of unwanted bulges then it is definitely something worth looking into. Localized fat deposits can be tricky if not impossible to get rid of through diet and exercise, and liposuction is certainly a solution for certain women. I personally think liposuction works best on a woman who is in relatively good shape and health, and has perhaps one or two stubborn areas that are resistant to exercise and attempts to vanquish them through natural means.

    Take the lunch-time lipo sales patch with a grain of salt: it’s surgery!

    While I think it’s great the tumescent technique lets a doctor inject the tumescent solution into the area being treated and can eliminate the need to assume the health risks of general anesthesia, I take all those plastic surgery marketing claims with a grain of salt. A good proportion of plastic surgeons may now use the newer tumescent liposuction surgery tools and techniques, but many of them nonetheless still recommend I-V sedation or even general anesthesia for their patients. It really depends on every individual circumstance, the health of the patient, how much fat is being removed and from where, and all sorts of factors. I certainly wouldn’t let anyone convince me that this was a minor surgery in any case.

    Having a cannula stuck up into you and under your skin and moved around and getting fat sucked out is rather violent physically speaking and causes a real injury impact to the body in my opinion. Whether it be liposuction or tumescent liposuction, general anesthesia or no anesthesia, it’s not like a lunch-time walk in walk out yippee-eye-aye to go get this cosmetic surgery done. If you are over forty, this surgery is going to bang you up pretty good since the body of a middle aged woman is substantially less resilient than it was in younger years.

    If you are considering liposuction surgery, I would recommend visiting several reputable plastic surgeons before deciding who to listen to. Get several opinions from board certified cosmetic surgeons and listen to someone reputable and trusted. Remember that for older women curves are in since they make you look younger. So you want to keep your curves that are in the right places and not liposuction them away, particularly if you are middle aged. Some fat is good. That being said, if liposuction is done right on a woman, I know that women are often ecstatic with obliterating pesky pockets of fat from their bodies. That’s why the procedure is so popular among cosmetic surgeries. I’ll have to add some example before and after photos to a follow-up post showing how liposuction can really improve a middle aged woman’s body shape.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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