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    As a mature woman, if you are getting plastic surgery, you want to make sure you are getting good plastic surgery.  There is a fine line between Good Plastic Surgery and Awful Plastic Surgery and you see celebrities crossing it all the time.  Don’t be a victim of an Awful Plastic Surgery. 


    One of the most obvious bad plastic surgeries that you see would be a bad face lift. You see people saying look at her face it looks like a mask. That seems to be the most common complaint that you hear about celebrities. Oh look she got a face lift and her face is stretched so tight it looks weird. So … we will talk about that in this article.

    Getting a face lift. Have you decided to take the plunge and get a major facelift done? If you make it past 50, I say you know enough to make a huge personal decision like getting a plastic surgery procedure done on yourself

    Getting any kind of plastic surgery done to your face for purely cosmetic reasons is really pretty scary because you are talking a big risk to get a surgery and you would want it to go right and have a great result. So, getting a bad facelift is an awful plastic surgery pitfall that you definitely want to avoid.


    Don’t be that woman that falls into the pitfall of getting awful plastic surgery by getting your face skin pulled way too tight.  You want to get good, natural looking plastic surgery and avoid awful plastic surgery.   Getting a blatantly obvious facelift is a really common plastic surgery pitfall.  I am going to let you in on a secret.  Here is the secret to avoiding the problem:

    Don’t create a huge age inequity between your face and your body. You don’t want that “done” look that so many women get when they undergo too drastic of a plastic facelift surgery

    While the young face you see plastered on an old woman’s body above is funny, you should know that it represents a real and common pitfall that older women fall into when getting plastic surgery.  You may want smooth and perfect skin so much, that you end up with a face that is literally a mismatch for the rest of your body.   The result is horrible.


    As far as the face goes, the most common pitfall of a facelift is getting a facelift that is stretched way to tight into a permanent waxen mask.  This wax-figure look can be the result of either an over zealous facelift, or it can come from getting too many surgeries or facelift procedures done.  The one celebrity that comes to mind as having an overzealous face is Joan Rivers.  She looks mask like and freaky in the face because she has simply had so much work done.  Her skin is pulled way too tight.  I mean, yes, she looks good considering her age I suppose, however to me, she is not beautiful.  She is just a woman that has had a ton of plastic surgery.  She literally lost her natural beauty somehow as a result of all the work she had done.  Her face has a fake pulled look to it and all you really see is a plastic surgery cartoon character, not an attractive woman.

    Three ways to avoid a bad facelift. Research any plastic surgeon and plastic surgery procedure in depth before going forward with it. Only have work done that you really need. If you’re young enough try to do only one thing at a time for a more natural result.

    There are essentially three main ways to avoid a bad facelift. The first way is to go to the best doctor that you can find. While no guarantee, that would be the single biggest thing you could do to protect yourself. Go to someone who is the best. The second way would be to not get an entire facelift done at once, but instead do only the part of your face that needs it the most (e.g. a women might get just a brow lift but not an entire face lift). It’s more conservative and your face won’t change quite so much therefore it could look way more natural. Since a whole face lift in essense changes a whole lot, it is more sensible to do one thing at a time and maybe only get something done that really needs it. So another example might get the neck lift part of a face lift only. That way, you aren’t changing alot and your result will be more subtle.  The last thing you can do to avoid a bad facelift is not to get one at all.  If you don’t get one, then it can’t be done badly.  Granted, you’re stuck with your regular face, but that’s fine as alot of women think face lifts are discusting and don’t believe in plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons.  Many women who take good care of their skin and have good genetics and stay out of the sun, can age naturally and still look fastastic – they don’t need or want plastic surgery. 


    To a certain extent, if you are in your sixties and beyond, and you get plastic surgery, well it is going to look obvious to a certain degree.  Even celebrities like Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch look overdone as time goes on.  I mean, there comes an age where a woman really can’t hide the fact that she has had work done.  But just be really, really careful.  You should strive for a natural look and a conservative plastic surgery so that you look believable as a woman. 


    If you are a younger woman in your forties, you can avoid the horrible facelift problem by getting a few moderate facial surgeries done over the course of a few decades, rather than getting a drastic whole face lift all at once.  This is going to create more moderate changes in your looks and your face will stay in relative line with your actual age.  You won’t look plastic.  Maybe you would get your eyes done.  And then many years later, you get your forehead done.  Years after that, you might get a neck lift.  With this approach, yes you would have to risk going under the knife more than once, however your beauty is going to be more age-defying, aesthetic and more natural.  You will look good as you age, and not like someone who has suddenly had a lot of work done over night.


    If you are older, say in your sixties, then obviously you can’t get judicious plastic surgery over time, and you might get that whole face lift as you have no time to waste, especially if you have never had any work done on you at all.  But take great care in this case, to get to a really good plastic surgeon who has years of experience and is capable of giving you an aesthetically pleasing result that looks realistic and not drastic.  You want to choose a surgery and a surgeon, for that matter, that is going to give you a natural and believable plastic surgery result.

    Always keep a Natural look about You

    One last tip to avoiding the awful plastic surgery face look is to keep various components of your look as natural as possible.  If you are too processed overall with foofy hair, expensive clothes, lots of makeup and inflated lips for example, then your plastic surgery can become inadvertently showcased.  Ivana Trump (Donald Trump’s ex wife) looks too processed, too fake, and too plastic surgery.  I like her but she just has too much processed stuff going on across the board with all her hairdo, makeup, gaudy jewelry and clothes, and pulled tight face.  It all adds up to her looking more like a plastic surgery poster advertisement, than an attractive older woman. 


    Many of the celebrities who seem agelessly beautiful are getting plastic surgery but they are doing it slowly and gradually (and secretly) along the way. But because they are doing it right, you can’t really see anything too out of place on them – they just look amazing. Most women that are in their late forties and older don’t look amazing by magic and mysticism and voo doo. They are getting work done I would say. To avoid the problem of looking like your face doesn’t match your age and body after a facelift, try also to keep some of your features and cosmetics such as makeup, earthy and natural and don’t go too overboard on a synthetic look.  For example, you can keep your hair more natural, and wear more neutral makeup to counteract a new face.  Lauren Hutten, for instance, still looks like a real woman.  She still has her natural hair and quirky teeth with the split in front, and she looks way more real and believable.


    The key to good plastic surgery is to keep your looks natural, believable, and aesthetically pleasing overall.   Most women who get plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons are just unhappy with some aging aspect.  Maybe they feel as though they always look stern and unhappy with a frown between their eyes, or tired with bags under their eyes.  I’ve heard of older women past fifty commonly complaining of loose skin around their neck/jowls and feeling turkey like.  Aging really bothers some women and if it bothers them enough they might get something fixed.  Someone might get something done and she should not be condemned for it.  The first thing and most important of all is her safety and using a reputable surgeon that she has thouroughly researched.  But I think she should also legitimately be concerned about looking fake.  I think it is important to consider all of the complications and downfalls.  And once someone decides to take the plunge they should try to get as safe, natural, and beautiful result as they possibly can.  It should look real on them.

    facelift, good plastic surgery, awful plastic surgery

    If you are considering getting a face lift, take care that you are a woman who gets a good plastic surgery facelift and not awful plastic surgery facelift.

    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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