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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Advice for women considering plastic surgery Plastic surgery can be a good investment yet do your homework and consults

    Considering Plastic Surgery?  I have put together a list of top five things you should consider if you are thinking about getting plastic surgery.

    Plastic Surgery is a Good Investment

    I say this because as you age your skin loses its elasticity and gravity pulls everything down and there really is no way to avoid it.  An expensive skin cream is not going to stop the process.  Temporary cosmetic fillers and injections are not going to stop the process.  Plastic Surgery is the one thing that can drastically reverse the look of an aging woman.  Simply because there is no other way, for example, to get rid of inches of excess skin that develops over the years of your life.  Obviously it cannot make you biologically younger.  But plastic surgery can take a bigger stab at reversing signs of aging than pretty much any other thing out there.  


    It is important to realize that you are paying for something to be improved, not to be made perfect.  This is critical if you want to get some plastic surgery and be happy with the outcome.  As long as you understand that you are spending your money on an improvement (and not perfection) you will be happy with such an investment.  Not all plastic surgery comes out picture perfect, but in most cases you will look better than you did before, and this has to be enough for you.  If you look better, your money was well spent.  It is only when women have unrealistic expectations of perfect results that they are unhappy with the money they spent.

    Plastic Surgery is Expensive

    Plastic surgery is extremely expensive as there is a large up front fee you have to pay in order to get it.  Depending on what procedure you are interested in, plastic surgery cost ranges from five thousand dollars to twenty five thousand dollars.  So you better have thought about it for a long time and saved up a significant stockpile of money if spending money on plastic surgery is something you are considering.  Alternatively, you can go into debt and get plastic surgery using a credit card, but with the large price tag you would be paying a virtual fortune in interest fees if you got plastic surgery on credit.  Better to set aside money and save for it by forgoing other beauty and personal expenses. Saving up the money is actually a good idea because it gives you ample time to really decide if it’s something you want to do.

    Plastic Surgery is High Risk

    Obviously, big surgery is big surgery and there is always risk of infection or reaction to anesthesia.  It is not to be taken lightly.  Well you read all about how safe it is to get plastic surgery if you research it and go to an experienced, board certified accredited doctor.  And you see only a few stories about women who die getting it because of a freak incident, or maybe they were not healthy or chose a malpractice or unqualified type doctor.  What you tend to hear are either the horror stories, or the pure success stories.  Well the truth may lie somewhere in between.  I think that many women are incredibly happy with results and it gives them a boosted self esteem and new lease on life, so to speak. But I also do believe that plastic surgery has way more complications than are actually documented.  Many women go back and back for revisions and to fix problems.  They have problems with the outcome, which never make their way into the statistics. 


    Think about how many women go back into second and third surgeries to revise nose jobs and breast implant jobs for example.  These don’t get recorded as complications or horror stories in any plastic surgery journals. However, these women are in fact going back under the knife all too often to fix minor and major imperfections from first operations.  And going back under costs more money and you take on another surgery and anesthesia risk yet again.  So you should know that if you get plastic surgery, even with the best doctor, there is a real chance that you’ll be going under the knife more than once. Plastic surgery complications are more common than you may think. You should give much consideration to choosing a plastic surgeon. Look into their reputation, the work they have done, and how long they have been in practice. Ask questions. Are they doing the surgery or is their assistant doing the surgery? Even the best plastic surgeons can have complications as well. You hear about a person getting a nose job from one famous plastic surgeon and then later going across town to another famous plastic surgeon for a revision rhinoplasty.

    Plastic Surgery requires that you be Healthy

    If you want to get plastic surgery you better be healthy, and your well respected doctor will certainly require you to be screened fully before doing a plastic surgery on you.  This means that everything from an EKG to chest x-ray to your blood test results have to be in order.  You can’t have any infections that impact your blood counts or immunity.  You can’t have hyper-tension, diabetes, heart problems etc, etc.  You can’t be smoking.  You have to have all of your blood work results in range.  You need good blood pressure and every other thing that constitutes a 100% healthy physical in order to minimize both your risk and the plastic surgeons risk.  The plastic surgeon will require a clearance note from your general doctor that your health is in order and everything up to and including a complete physical, chest X-ray, EKG, Hep and Hiv tests and more must be in order and checked off.  So it is very important to be in your best physical condition before you go in and try to get plastic surgery.  Because once you make up your mind that you are going for it and willing to take a risk, you won’t want to be disappointed and turned away unexpectedly because of your health problems.

    Plastic Surgery should be Aesthetically Pleasing

    Here is where older women go way wrong and off base on the plastic surgery front.  The bottom line is that if you let yourself go, and then run in and get a drastic facelift, for example, you won’t look good.  I don’t care how good your surgeon is, if you do something drastic and shift a part of you drastically away from the rest of you (age-wise), the result is going to look really horrible.  This is where the danger of looking like a mismatched freak comes into play.  You see women who are really old, and then they get a whole drastic face lift.  They suddenly have a 30 year younger face with a creepy old body.  And they look like an old lady that has had their face pulled into a freak mask.  Or, they go and get these huge “bolt on” breast implants that completely don’t match their bodies and look fake and awful.  Or, they get their lips inflated to look like freakish out of place sausages. 


    This is a real danger.  Because you can literally make yourself look like a freak from plastic surgery if you are not careful.  For this reason I do think that you should be very cautious on what you plan to do, and the surgeon you are going to trust enough to do it.  I think that changing only one thing at a time, or only a few things, will get you a more beautiful result.  If you have huge bags over your eyelids that bother you, then maybe just get your eyes done.  If your forehead is frowning and dropping over your eyes, maybe get your forehead done.  If your breasts are pointing down, maybe get a conservative reshaping and not D implants.  


    If you are young enough (e.g. in your forties),  judicious changes done over time give the best results.  I do believe that the best results come from a conservative approach where you do one thing at a time.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The reason it’s best is that you won’t look mismatched to where something looks twenty years out of place with the rest of you.   Obviously if you are in your sixties and considering plastic surgery for the first time, you don’t have quite the same luxury of planning than say, a woman in her forties.   Some of the celebrity women who I believe have had alot of little nips and tucks done over the years rather than drastic all at once, and who look amazing are: Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Courtney Cox, Christie Brinkley.  Jennifer Aniston had her rhinoplasty a few years back.  I bet my bottom dollar she snuck a brow lift in somewhere, and that noone was the wiser (except me haha).   There is no way Demi Moore looks as she does without having had alot of work done, but she’s done it over time and therefore she still looks fairly believable.


    Don’t become the freak.  You want to keep everything close together in terms of age and just improve your looks, not drastically change them.  In other words, you don’t want to become something different.  You just want to touch up.  A cautious conservative approach is going to make you look the most believable, beautiful, and overall younger than anything else.  I think a woman who gets a few judicious things done over the course of many years of her life is going to look way more natural, beautiful and believable than someone that goes in and tries to suddenly “swan” themselves into a different new person.

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    Plastic Surgery can drastically improve your looks but it does not come without costs, risks and complications. No pain, no gain, yet do the research on it since it is a serious surgery!

    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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