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    Is your bottom starting to sag on you? After age 40 is when the bottom drops out, after 50 it hits the floor. These beauty tips should give you ideas and information for how to lift, conceal or augment your after forty derriere region. Gravity strikes all.

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    After age forty gravity strikes the derriere. To avoid looking flat women should work out, maintain a healthy weight, and pay close attention to how clothes fit the rear of your body. Body shaping lingerie, liposuction, fat transfer with the Brazilian augmentation and the riskier implants are the other cosmetic alternatives. The best advice? Don't get too slender because as you age a healthy weight becomes more attractive. Focusing on the glutes is the new big trend in plastic surgery. Gorgeous swimsuit thong wearing Brazilians finally got to us.

    The new Face of aging

    Has your bottom hit the floor after 40? Join the club. Gravity hits all areas of the body, not just the eyes, face, jowls and breasts. Since we can’t see our rear view every time we gaze into the mirror we don’t notice it quite as much as we see our faces giving way. But trust me, its dropping and soon the bottom will fall flat. More than likely, the man in your life will notice the erosion of your rear view long before you do. If you really get him upset he’ll be sure to remind you of your old you know what. More and more plastic surgeons are seeing woman come in for consultations not just about their aging faces and chest augmentation but now for their aging bums. In this beauty article we’ll talk about the flat bottom, what causes it, and just what you can do about it.

    Flat derriere

    As we get older we get a flatter derriere. This is a situation where being real slender actually exacerbates the problem. Women who work out and diet constantly and are super slender get that masculine sort of look to them because they just get too wispy, lean and mean. After forty getting too trim can have a negative effort on your beauty. A curvy body is actually a sign of youth and vitality and you don’t want to lose all of your healthy chubiness.

    Femininity equals voluptuous and as you age being too gaunt can make you look worse not better. At least if you have some meat on your bones you can pack the plump into the jeans. With nicely fitted pants you can adjust your extra junk in the trunk strategically and look like you’ve got some padding there even if its blatently pushed, shoved and squeezed from point a to point b. When you’re all the way thin however, the flat derriere problem is plain as day. You can’t easily hide it. You might fit into a size 3 yet looking from the side you just look like a plank and trust me men notice.

    As you age, you really want to be in that healthy weight range and not above or da-da-da-dum… below it. If you’re too far above you’ll suffer health risks and if you’re too far below, you’ll look like about as shapely as a toothpick. You need to be a healthy weight and do a moderate amount of exercise. You need to eat healthy and normal. Maybe you could get away with murder when you were younger but not now. When it comes to aging, time does tell.

    Square shaped bottom

    Don’t we just wish we had the fabled apple bottom of the apple bottom jeans song at this age point? Sadly, chances are higher that if we even have a bottom to speak of, it’s a square shaped rear and not a desirable apple. The square shape happens when there is extra weight sitting at the hips and thighs that make everything blot into one contiguous block. Tank-let.

    Saggy skin derriere and cellulite

    This is the situation where you once upon a good shape yet growing and shrinking through life has caused excess skin to exist. Maybe you grew and shrank for each pregnancy. Maybe you grew and shrank through your marriage or divorce. Maybe you yo-yo dieted and grew and shrank through several different weights during various emotional points of your life.

    Whatever the case may be, growing and shrinking causes the skin to stretch and once you’ve slimmed down the excess skin has no where to go. So it hangs down. The fat under the skin becomes more irregular and lumpy and that results in the cellulite dimples presenting themselves. Usually this also means your bottom is lower on your thighs that you want it to be. Or maybe you have an extra bottom or two down there, similar to a double chin thing.

    Solutions to these gravity struck body parts

    Now that we’ve identified the most common types of aging derriere problems, you should be pleasantly surprised to know that the woman who have some extra weight on them have the most options for fixing the situation. Rejoice!

    Smart dressing

    By far the easiest solution to the dropping bottom is to dress better. You should choose clothes that tie in at the waist and materials that shape the rear. Body shapers and lingerie companies such as Spanx sell under garments that give a woman shaping and support to smooth and sculpt their bottoms. They even have underwear with padded inserts similar to that of a padded bra. Shapewear is the easiest and most practical solution for most women. The girdle isn’t what it used to be. There are more flattering styles and breathable materials than ever.

    Aside from trying shaping body wear, your outer wear can make a big impact too. Putting on a pair of heals or drawing the focal attention of the eye to other assets can minimize the overall appearance of the problem. The idea is to play up your strong points and play down your weak points. Instead of trying on three pairs of jeans try on thirty five pairs of jeans before you buy. Check the rear view of each pair because one pair might flatter your rear while another will make you look flat as a board back there. You’ll need to check a mirror that swivels and lets you see the back side view. It’s scary yet you have to see it in order to see what helps it look better.

    Cute pockets and other details on the rear of jeans can also help shape your bottom. With dresses, you can enhance the bottom by wearing a more bouncy style skirt with some ruffles or flowing material. Feminine bouncy dresses and skirts can help shape your bottom. Another pointer is to accentuate your waist. If you cinch in the waist with say an elastic belt it can shape the body there and add hourglass curves where there aren’t any. Tunics are longer tops that can flow and cover that area, or be cinched at the waist to create a flair that gives you more shape.

    If you’re exposed in a swimsuit or bikini you can try a darker bottom that gives more coverage and a more colorful top. Again the idea is to create a bait and switch which tricks the eyes away from that area. You can wear a longer crochet cover-up that opens in the front yet conceals the rear. There are plenty of styles to try that can help you reshape, minimize, or hide your bottom!

    Work out

    If you want your rear to really look better the best bet is to just work out. Unfortunately the rear is the hardest place to get to when you work out. Women who work out themselves can get every area perfect but this one. You may want to invest into a personal trainer because to reshape your rear you are going to have to do a ton of squats. All different types of squats are needed. Standing, lunging, everything from holding heavy weights in your arms to praying to god while squatting will be required. Because the squats that target glutes can strain the back it helps to have help and someone counting and holding your hand through the misery.

    In most cases a personal trainer is a luxury and if you use proper safety you can get good results on your own. But if you happen to be on a mission to shape your bottom a personal trainer can sure be a good investment. It will make a difference because they’ll force you to work that area. I once went to personal trainer for a month and told him I wanted to wear a thong at forty something. The workout he gave was so intense I couldn’t walk after I went there. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to continue and never have gotten even close to such a pounding on my own. When it comes to a problem bottom, a personal trainer may be worth the extra expense. If you can’t afford it you can try the home dvds that target that area of the body.

    I’ve often noticed that runners have the best bottoms as do some bicyclists. Because running is just so hard on the knees and joints at our age I can’t really recommend it. Yet you could bicycle for leisure, jog slowly and safely on the treadmill, lifecycle or do stair climber and see some results. If you don’t want to do the squats try walking and do it in the hills. Any sort of stair climbing or hill hiking can help. If you work in a skyscraper building and walked up the stairs to the top and back down again on your lunch break every day you’d get a good squat workout alternative as well.

    Brazilian Fat Transfer Surgery

    Believe it or not some women when they get liposuction wind up with a flatter looking straight up and down bottom than they did before they got the liposuction! Oh yeah liposuction can make it worse. Thighs that bulge out a little bit are actually beneficial for the Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian look whereas when you remove those fat pockets with liposuction you can look less rounded and flat. What you can deduce from this is that liposuction will not defy gravity and in fact may leave your skin hanging over nothing and flopping more than ever since the fat it used to drape over just got removed. That’s why they thought up the bright idea of trying to move the fat from the wrong places to the right places rather than just removing it altogether. Ergo, enter the Brazilian lift. It would be a brilliant idea were it not for the fact that the relocated fat probly won’t stay in its new position for too long

    If you have some plumpness to you, you may be able to get a double whammy for your buck liposuction. This is where they liposuction your hips and thigh area, then process and transfer your very own product directly into the derriere. Essentially it’s a surgical sculpting of your fat to a better configuration. They call it body contouring.

    Liposuction plus Fat Transfer

    The so called Brazilian lift is essentially a liposuction plus surgical fat transfer procedure. The plus is that the plastic surgeon will reformulate your removed fat from the hips and thigh zone and re-inject it into the rear. The minus is that it probably won’t stay unless there’s a miracle and your fat likes its new location. The Brazilian obviously carries the same risks as liposuction surgery. It is liposuction surgery plus the fat transfer thrown in. They also call it body contouring.

    The downside to the Brazilian is that the re-injected fat is not likely to last long term. Some doctors say the fat can stick around and report that some 30% is not re-absorbed but more than likely it will all eventually get reabsorbed by the body after a couple years. The fact that the fat won’t likely stay is a bummer yet women who get this procedure are generally happy. Why? Because they still get the liposuction. They still get the fat removed from the hips and thighs. So they still look nice even if the re-injected material doesn’t stay forever. If any of that stuff that’s injected into the rear managed to stick around long term then it’s just a bonus to them.

    If you don’t need the liposuction the Brazilian is likely to be a poor investment. It’s only a great deal if you wanted the lipo anyways and at that point if any of the re-injected fat sticks then cool. The Brazilian lift therefore is only useful for a certain type of women, which is one that would benefit from having liposuction done in the areas around the derriere. For thin women, the Brazilian procedure has little benefit. Why would you spend that much money on something transient plus assume all the risks of a surgery. That’s why they always say that you have to be a good candidate (and have a lot of money).

    Gluteal implantation

    The latest thing is the derriere implants. These implants are similar to breast implants except they are made of soft yet solid silicon. Permanent enhancement of the rear is presently still considered to be a risky and uncommon cosmetic surgery. The implants have a fair rate of infection and potential for shifting and the surgery recovery reportedly hurts. The recovery is said to be pretty hard core. Many of the top plastic surgeons are honestly scared to do the procedure because they don’t want the headache of complications for their clients. The majority of board certified plastic surgeons will not do these implants and advise their clients not to do them either.

    There are a few select doctors who’ve developed a booming niche business doing gluteus implants because they’re willing to do them for those people that want it done. A small handful of reputable board certified surgeons have become the go-to top doctors for such buttock surgeries and because they do them frequently they have better experience and success rates than others. To them, augmentation of the derriere is just the new trend. To them, it’s what breast implants were like twenty or thirty years ago. Twenty or thirty years from now, gluteus enhancement may be just as common as breast enhancement is now, who knows.

    Doctors who aren’t specialists report a really high rate of complication from glute implants, and infection because of the location of the surgery. They fear the implants shifting, and situations of the implants having to be removed. They say nearly a fourth or even more of the surgeries done result in complications. Some surgeons insert the implants by an incision where the bottom meets the thigh however most do an incision in the vertical crease between the cheeks which leaves less visible scarring.

    Silicon injections

    Some women reportedly get silicon injections to plump up the rear. In Brazil and other countries than the U.S. the focus and desire for a beautiful bottom is higher than here in the U.S. Getting injections of anything other than your own fat is 100% discouraged. Any such fluid injections into the glute area are reportedly ill-advised and downright dangerous. One beauty queen lost her life getting such injections and most doctors say run from such an idea. The injected fluid can shift, drop, create nodules and even hit the bloodstream if injected wrong. Why risk an emboli for the sake of your bottom.

    Body lift

    If you’ve been a member of the biggest loser or undergone gastric bypass, stomach stapling or other major weight surgeries or diets which resulted in your losing hundreds of pounds, your biggest problem may be loose skin rolls around that part of your body. Specialty doctors can do body lifts or skin tucks in those areas to get rid of the excess skin which has a body lifting aesthetic result. A tummy tuck will reduce skin that hangs mainly on the front side of the body. A body lift goes all the way around the body removing excess skin. A buttock tuck removes skin under the cheeks yet also leaves visible scarring. Body lift surgeries might improve the look of your rear however are usually major and only done by niche surgeons that specialize in massive weight loss patients. Body lift procedures also result in substantial scars from the skin removal. You’ll look like Raggedy Ann with the scarring and it’s only worthwhile if the excess skin is excessive to warrant the surgery risks and scars.

    The bottom line on enhancing your rump

    So there you have an overview of your options when it comes to the bottom dropping out of your derriere. To minimize and even correct the problem you can wear clothes that give an illusion of fullness, work out to build and tone that area to the max, get a Brazilian lift surgery is you’re a good candidate for the liposuction portion of it, risk your life getting implants, or perhaps even kill yourself injecting with god knows what.

    A smart, practical woman would probably opt for the first two which is to dress strategically and workout regularly. Hopefully this article will give you the lay of the land on gluteus enhancement along with a good chuckle or two. Somebody has to write this stuff (or maybe not). In the grand scheme of life the state of the glute means very little. Look at it this way, if your biggest problem is to surf the web and look up glute beauty tips (or write about them with a sense of humor) then consider yourself lucky!

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