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    Cellulite. What is cellulite, causes cellulite and what cellulite solutions are available

    Cellulite causes, treatments and cosmetic solutions for women from cellulite creams to cellulite massage to cellulite laser treatment to plastic surgery for cellulite. We will go over your cosmetic solutions for eliminating if not reducing the appearance of ugly cellulite. Should you buy revitol cellulite solution, get to the gym, or spray a fake tan to make it go away?

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    Cellulite afflicts women primarily around the stomach, buttocks and upper thighs. Loose skin left from liposuction, weight loss, and aging can make cellulite look even worse YUCK!

    Cellulite is commonly found on the thighs, stomach and buttocks of women. Cellulite refers to collections of fat under the connective tissues beneath a woman’s skin. The fat causes the surface of the skin to look dimpled, puckered and lumpy. With mild cellulite, you’ll notice dimples in the skin, while more severe cellulite is evidenced by visible nodules and lumpiness as shown in the photos.

    Causes of cellulite

    There are several factors that influence whether a woman has cellulite and how severe it is. Your genetics certainly play a role as to whether you are predisposed to it. Cellulite is most common in females. Age, body type and the thickness of your skin all play a role in the amount of cellulite you have and how visible it is. Most women have cellulite. If you pinch your skin and it looks lumpy, you have it. At our age over forty, you most likely don’t even have to pinch your skin to know you have it LOL.

    For older women in particular, it’s not just about the cellulite either. Changes in our bodies make the cellulite way more obvious and more visible. In older women, I believe that the fact that their skin loosens and loses elasticity exacerbates the appearance of the cellulite. It’s not just the lumpy fat under the skin. It is loose skin as well which can make the cellulite all the more visible. I personally believe that loose skin from weight loss and aging has as much to do with the visibility of cellulite as the cellulite itself.

    Many women think that liposuction can be an effective treatment for fat and cellulite. In fact, liposuction in older women can make cellulite worsen because if deep fat is removed, the skin will drape differently. Any cellulite close under the skin can look even worse after liposuction. The same goes for weight loss. The change in the skin after weight loss can add to the problem of cellulite. You might notice that many thin women get cellulite as it is definitely not limited to overweight women. Cellulite on thin women can actually look the worst.

    Cellulite treatments

    Treatments for cellulite are tricky. There really aren’t any miracle products, treatments or oral medicines that are going to magically make the cellulite go away. In this series of beauty articles about cellulite cures we will go over some of the products and treatments available, including the revitol cellulite solution’s revitol cellulite cream. Fancy salon treatments promise to get rid of cellulite through deep massaging and puffing the skin up are but one of the ways that women can blow money trying to get rid of the cottage cheese.

    I believe that some cellulite isen’t even cellulite but rather loose skin that is draping and has no where to go. On women after childbirth you see this with the loose tummy skin but the loose skin can also happen on the legs, lower buttocks and back of thighs which makes leg cellulite look really severe. If you combine cellulite fat, with loose skin over it, the cellulite is going to be the worst. Thus the most important cellulite avoidance tactic would be to eat a healthy diet and maintain as stable a weight as possible over time. This will keep your skin it’s most elastic and firm, and reduce your fat also. Tight skin and less fat under it are the most important cellulite prevention tactics.

    Even with all the cellulite treatment creams and products, any doctor would probably agree that the best way to ameliorate the cellulite once you have it is to do aerobic exercise and more importantly strength training. Strength training is a key factor in curing cellulite because having muscle tone in areas with cellulite helps firm the area and diminish its appearance. Self tanning products also help to visually minimize the obviousness of the dimples. Keep reading at the bottom of this article (follow the cellulite tag) for more on cellulite treatment.

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