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    Beauty products that famous supermodels would like to sell to me. I usually don’t buy

    Aging supermodels, Celebrities beauty secrets, QVC HSN infomercial cosmetic products and famous stars who sell them to us

    I am not sure about beauty products that are celebrity endorsed. I love supermodels.  I adore them.  Supermodels are beautiful.  Super models are stunning.  Supermodels have great personalities.  Super models are amazing business women.  I love to look at their supermodel magazine covers and modeling portfolios.  I love to read what supermodels have to say.   Does my worship and admiration of supermodels mean that I buy any of the beauty or lifestyle products they sell?  Nope.  No.  No.  Let me repeat that.  No!  If I were rich and could afford their products maybe I would buy them however I am on a budget.  If I don’t really need it to look good, I won’t spend money on it. The majority of cosmetics, bath and beauty products can be bought for less at the drug store. If you are going to buy a product sold or endorsed by a celebrity via infomercial, qvc or hsn, just be sure to look into unbiased reviews carefully before you part with your money.

    Celebs and supermodels hawking products is nothing new nor is the fact that they become multi-millionaires from doing so.  The women I talk about here clearly believe in the products they endorse and stake their reputations on it.  Suffice it to say someone (actually millions of someone’s) is buying the products.  But just because millions of people are doing something however, doesn’t mean that I need to be doing it.  Let’s look at why I don’t buy anything that supermodels are trying to sell me.  I’m going to try to sizzle this down to three reasons.  One, I think what they are selling has pretty much nothing to do with why they are beautiful.   Two, I think what they are selling is going to be expensive because they are attaching their brand name to it.  Three, I’m a lot more interested in making myself beautiful (while saving money) than I am in making them even richer (by giving them my money). 

    What supermodels are selling is not why they are beautiful

    Cindy Crawford was beautiful, and a famous model, long before she started hawking Guthy Renker’s Meaningful beauty product. I believe that she checked out the product before attaching her name to it, and maybe it’s actually a good quality product.  But let me tell you that for $29.99 a month, I don’t care to investigate.  That’s right.  My own budget limitations can force me to reject a product entirely just on the basis of its price alone.  Not only that, they say in the meaningful beauty infomercial that the meaningful beauty skin care system is based on the antioxidents derived from a mellon from France.  Quite frankly, it looks like a cantelope from Ralphs if you ask me, but what do I know.   I know that I can clean, tone and moisturize my face using good products from the drugstore and spend a whole lot less money doing it.  I am of the opinion that this product has very little to do with why or how Cindy Crawford is gorgeous.  Buying a product that she attached her marketable name to is not going to make you gorgeous like her.  Sorry to say it, but meaningful beauty is meaningless beauty as far as I am concerned.  The only really money worthy cream in a jar (actually a tube) at least in my book, is Retin-A.   

    What supermodels are selling is more expensive because it is branded with their name attached

    Let’s take another of my favorite models, Christy Turlington.  I totally love her!  But I looked up some prices of her nuala apparel yoga clothes online and I wanted to laugh.  No, I am not buying a yoga pant marked down from $94 to $72.  That is too much money for me to want to spend on a cotton pant.  Not only that, it’s slouchy!  I am not rich and if I need a cotton pant I will have to go find it elsewhere for a lot less money.  I’ll go find Jaclyn Smith at the nearest K-mart. Just like with Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful beauty, I don’t doubt for a second that Christy made sure that her cotton yoga pant is good quality.  But in all reality, buying that yoga pant is not going to make me look like Christy Turlington!

    My goal is to be beautiful while spending less, not to enrich someone else who already is beautiful

    Let me summarize this by saying that supermodels are or become business people and once their name is branded they convert that into cold hard cash, for themselves.  At that point, they have plenty of money to keep themselves beautiful (via plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic dermatology, physical fitness trainers and healthy eating chefs and fabulous relaxing vacations).  In other words, how they got beautiful and how they stay beautiful are pretty much totally unlinked to actual physical things or objects they happen to be selling.  A Kathy Ireland bedroom set will not make you wake up as Kathy Ireland.

    Sorry to have to be the one to break the news.  Actually, it’s not news, its just my own opinion.  I have no scientific data whatsoever to prove what I am saying.  But look at me.  I look good, extremely good for my age, and I don’t buy products that supermodels are selling.   It’s called mutual exclusion.  If I look good, and I didn’t buy their product, then I didn’t need their product to look good (and neither do you for that matter) to begin with.  And, given that I don’t buy their product, I now have more funds available to make myself look beautiful using methods that they likely use … plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dermatology, physical fitness, and healthy eating. 

    There are things that supermodels possess that are worth the weight in gold (and by that I mean worth spending some of my precious time in the bookstore browsing for free), and that is modeling experience and great style.  These women are very astute in the business of looking amazing.  So if a model writes a book giving beauty advice or giving style or makeup lessons I actually am interested in looking at it.  In the case of Cindy Crawford, I would rather read her book about makeup Basic Face, than buy her Meaningful Beauty.  In the case of Christy Turlington, I would rather read her book about Living Yoga than buy her yoga clothes.   I guess I should have entitled this post more appropriately, “I like the bookstore”.

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    Supermodels become millionaire business women selling branded products, but the products didn’t make them (and may not make you) beautiful. Think twice before you buy

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