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    Maintain a healthy stable weight and avoid becoming a find clothes that fit shopaholic

    Maintain a stable weight so you don’t have to constantly buy new clothes to fit your ever changing body. Get savvy and save $

    Do you constantly have to shop for clothes that fit? You usually think of a shopaholic as a woman who can’t stop shopping for expensive clothes. But I have a top beauty secret for you. The real shopaholic can also be the unwitting woman next door type who is innocently forced into buying new clothes because she needs to find clothes that fit her. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is that you need new clothes (you love to shop verses you have to shop). The fact is that clothes cost so much money.

    Do you have different sections of your closet dedicated to different eras in your weight? Don’t get mad at me for having to state this obvious mature beauty tip: maintain a steady weight. You would not believe the financial savings (not to mention health benefits) that you experience if you can keep your weight in a stable range over time. The goal would be to keep weight within plus or minus five pounds of a naturally comfortable yet healthy weight.

    I personally still have clothes that I wore in college. At times I’ve had to throw clothes out, but more often than not, they get given to good will because they have either gone out of style or developed rips in them and literally fallen apart. If you stick with timeless styles and go for sexy but basic dresses, tops and jeans, you will rarely have to spend a dime on new clothes. One of my best friends in the world, on the other hand, goes through weight fluctuations, and is constantly on the hunt for clothes that “fit”. I constantly hear her woes and worries that nothing fits due to being too big or small. I hear the canonical complaint “I have nothing to wear”.

    Well reading this article you might be thinking, yeah, yeah well if I could keep my weight stable I obviously would. But the point I am trying to make is that there is a real financial reason to keep a steady weight. When your weight is steady, essentially everything fits you and you never run out of something to wear. It’s also easier to find discount clothes that cost less money since you don’t have to look for styles and fabrics that conceal body flaws. Some women refuse to wear a basic tank top and must only wear blouses in certain fabrics because they don’t want their arms to show! In attempts to downplay perceived weight problems you end up spending a lot of time and money on clothes.

    I should clarify that you do not necessarily have to be slender like a supermodel. I really like Kim Cattrall from the television show and movie Sex in the City. She’s got some meat on her bones but looks sexy, womanly, shapely and fabulous nonetheless. In fact, it seems to me that sometimes it’s the effort to be thinner than is natural or easy for you that leads to the fluctuations (causing a new closet full of clothes) in the first place. The idea is to think smooth and steady. Try to eat a little bit healthier when you can. If you need to have occasional snacks and indulge your self then do it, yet don’t go overboard. Honestly speaking if you are on highly restricted food and reduced calories diet you may have a hard time maintaining a weight achievement over the long run. You get too far out of your comfort zone and you can’t sustain it. Try to think on a more gradual scale and push slightly out your comfort level instead. Try to eat a little healthier and add a bit of low impact easy exercise into your life routine.

    I’m no diet expert, yet I am an older woman with a good figure. And I am not naturally thin. I have to work at it too. I do believe you have to take on a sensible, mellow, long term approach to your weight. Try to make healthy choices and do easy and moderate exercise on a regular basis. Find a weight that works for you, even if it’s above average. Think positive and never let a bad diet breaking day get you down. Instead, go for a walk the next day and shrug it off. Just keep on chugging and try to be a healthier you.

    At Rite Aid drug store the other day I encountered this little clothing product for the expanding and shrinking waistline. It advertises that if your pants buttons can no longer close, this nifty device will let you expand your waist line out. LOL! If anyone reading has ever purchased this waist line expanding clothing device please comment below. Well we all know that the cheaper than liposuction “Add an Inch to any Pants Waist in Seconds” as seen on T.V. will only get you so far before you’re an unwitting shopaholic buying new pants altogether. Keep your sense of humor in tact because we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves and our womanly issues.

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    Savvy wardrobe planning involves buying classic clothes for your body type. Keep your weight stable so you can wear them for years. Maintain a healthy weight and save $ on clothes.

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