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    Five Skincare Mistakes that make you Look Older

    Can your daily skincare exfoliating, cleansing and anti-wrinkle routine actually be aging you? I was reading a yahoo article on yahoo health recently by Leslie Baumann M.D. aka “The Skin Guru” on skincare mistakes Dr. Baumann claims that women make with their daily skincare regiments. I am not sure I agree with Leslie Baumann on all, but thought I would ponder her claims that these five skincare faux pas can lead to premature aging.

    Over exfoliating your face

    Well the skin guru claims that over exfoliating can age you. I claim that aging can age you. Patients that exfoliate themselves into rashy sandpaper like skin are going to have skin that looks irritated and lifeless however I am not so sure that over exfoliating actually ages you like the guru claims. I do agree that exfoliating already dry skin is not going to do it much good however.

    Using a harsh Cleanser on your face

    Harsh facial cleansers give you that tingly clean feeling but the skin guru says that just means your natural lipids have been stripped and that your dry parched complexion will be left more prone to premature wrinkling. She says use an oil based cleanser like Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil (or Cetaphil) if you don’t like putting oil on your face.

    Let me point out that Shu Uemura anything is outrageously expensive with pricing starting at $28.00 to over a $100.00 for their products. It’s ridiculously expensive. Cetaphil on the other hand, is just a soft cleanser and won’t be as good as Shu Uemura nor is it even close to being the same type of product. I don’t use soap of any kind Cetaphil or otherwise on my face ever – I just use the Neutrogena Body Oil to wash my face with. It works for me and softens up my naturally dry skin effectively as well.

    My take on the Leslie Baumann’s claim is the following. I like an oil based product for face washing and makeup removal. A cheaper alternative to Shu Uemera would be to use Neutrogena Light Sesame Body Oil. I use it to wash my face and remove makeup and I love it. The guru’s right, if you can stand oily stuff on your face it really does soften up your skin nicely. Keeping your skin airy yet soft can only help it age nicely and at the very least it can’t hurt.

    But where I disagree with the guru is on the tingly clean feeling products that leave your face feeling tight but she claims parched. Some tight tingly products are a good thing in my personal opinion. I like a little astringent zing and many times it has things like Salicylic acid in it (helps with acne) which in my opinion has a positive effect on the skin. For example, I use Noxema acne pads medicated with salicylic acid to zing my face up prior to putting a light coat of body butter cream, foundation and then my makeup on. I rather like the zing followed by a cream. The one-two punch works great on my skin. As long as you love astringent zinging and then moisterizing yourself, I personally don’t see a problem with it and quite frankly I rather love it.

    Going green with organic skincare products

    So Leslie Baumann says that going green or organic is not always a good idea because some of the organic products just aren’t strong enough to replace the chemical formulas. For example, green organic sun screen are not as effective as the chemical counterparts. Organic anti-aging treatments also are weaker than the chemical ridden counterparts that contain anti-aging ingredients like Differin and Atralin. If you’ve never heard of Differin and Atralin I can say that they are simply types of reinoids (Retiniods include Differin, Retin-a, Avita, and Tazorac) used for acne treatment. As far as anti-aging goes, I stick to the most common which is Retin-a, though too much or too strong a stregth Retin-a can cause dryness and irritation on people with senstive skin.

    I agree with Dr Baumann that if you try to go organic on things like sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients you might get a much less effective product. I personally could care less about organic – it’s pretty much another marketing gimmick to me. I also think organic products are marked up in price because people buy into the hype. It’s like food – do you want to buy chicken at the market or pay double for the free range stuff at Whole Foods. Organic anything is expensive. I agree with her that organic can be less effective than the real chemicals. But I say don’t get organic for another reason too – organic products are expensive. I can’t afford to pay more just because something says it’s organic.

    Mixing the wrong anti-aging ingredients together

    Lastly, the guru says that mixing the wrong ingredients is a bad idea. Well I don’t think mixing ingredients alone is going to age you per se. But there are certain combinations that are special formulated to work together. In some cases, if you become a scientist and start mixing things you might render something useless. For example, she talks about how if you mix something like a retinoid (say Retin-A) with something like a bleaching cream (say hydroquinone) that the ingredients can render each other ineffective. You shouldn’t mix say a retinoid with glycolic acid either. I personally use things at different times. I use Retin-A at night with body butter. I use an oil based cleaner when I wash my face and take off makeup. I use a salicylic (can’t afford glycolic) pad prior to putting on moisturizing cream and makeup. I don’t mix everything in a potion vat and combine it and neither (the yahoo skin guru claims) should you. You don’t drink socially and mix alchohol and like it do you? Likewise, I guess you shouldn’t mix anti-wrinkling potions lest one counteract the desired effect of another.

    Dr. Baumann’s advice is well taken however I believe that if you stick to three simple concepts – using sunscreen, using a skin softening face cleanser/ makeup remover, and using a retinoid Retin-A in a non-irritating stregth, then you pretty much have your anti-aging skincare system covered and that my friends is really all you need to keep your skin in top form as you age. You don’t need expensive products and specialty expensive anti aging creams manufactured by makeup companies.

    Add an inexpensive thick moisterizing lotion to your sunscreen, face cleansor/makeup removal and retinoid arsenal and you have the full skin care gamut covered. I say it’s the way a particular moisterizing lotion agrees with your particular skintype more than any single magic anti-aging ingredients that may be in the lotion. The consistency and how it works with your particular skin are what matters most of all. Bucks up folks because the more money you save on beauty products that more money you can blow on (other) beauty products … hehe.

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