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    Cosmetic plastic surgery in middle age and how to look natural Not phony freaky fake!

    Cosmetic surgery advice, Do’s and Don’t pitfalls for middle age women considering going under the knife or getting injections

    Top five reasons why women look plastic and freaky after getting cosmetic surgery in middle age

    At a certain point in the aging process, some women throw in the towel on natural anti-aging and decide to go under the knife and get some cosmetic surgery work done on themselves. After having done so, their look changes to the extent that they look a little freaky and a little plastic.

    The fact of the matter is that if you are past middle age and getting cosmetic surgery done, the odds are good that there will be that little plastic-ness to what you have done. Let’s face it. If your wrinkles are miraculously gone at age fifty five, it’s sort of obvious you got cosmetic surgery, no matter how judicious your cosmetic surgeon was. In that case the key is to not overdo any surgery, and know the plastic pitfalls. Celebrities are regularly criticized in the media for looking plastic. Here are some of the common pitfalls that make such women (who can afford to get all that stuff done on themselves) look un-natural after having gotten the cosmetic work done. If you are considering cosmetic surgery in middle age then it is good to be aware of these common mistakes so that you can avoid them happening to you.

    Breast implants that are too large

    Over sized jumbo breast implants are a neon sign for having gone plastic. I don’t mind full breasts on playboy models, yet on older women huge breasts look ridiculous. That girl Heidi Montag from the Hills got enormous breast implants and quickly regretted it. It’s neither athletic nor comfortable to have implants like that which get in the way of your physical agility (that’s why women get breast reduction surgery, because they get back problems from heavy large sagging breasts). Anything over a size C is overkill in my opinion. It also stretches out the skin too much and can lead to sagging due to the weight and size. If you are getting some work done on your breasts and getting breast enhancement surgery, go conservative and your result will look more natural and realistic. Breast size should be aesthetically matched to your body shape, size and type so as to look natural.

    Eyebrows that are too high

    I have to say that I am one of those women that likes decorated high arched eyebrows. Some women like natural eyebrows, and some like the penciled in pinup girl look with the totally fake looking eyebrows. If you have sort of basic brown eyes, it can look nice to have a more decorative eyebrow. In fact, having a bit of distance between the eye and the eyebrow gives a woman a younger look. It has a free brow lift effect. Bushy, thick hairy eyebrows that are sitting too close down to the eyes have an aging effect on older women. Conversely, sparse, nonexistent, or overly tweezed eyebrows do little to frame the eyes and are equally bad.

    There is a happy medium that must be found and many women go their whole lives with brows that detract from their looks, never getting it right. Having learned the hard way and been guilty of both too sparse brows and too severely fake looking pointy and penciled brows, I can only give my beauty advice on this one. The advice is that if you get your brow too fake looking, too high up, and arched to the point where its pointy, it’s going to make you look plastic. I’d try many different eyebrow looks on yourself because making some mistakes and recognizing them will teach you what looks best. I like a cleaned up eyebrow that is nicely tweezed trimmed and shaped, with an arch that adds a little lift, and any sparse patches penciled in with a natural looking pencil or brow shadow.

    A brow lift or complete face lift can sometimes lift the eyebrows so much that they look in a constantly surprised expression. Clearly this looks plastic and so if a woman is getting plastic surgery she should be careful to check out the work of the doctor and see if he is into a more plastic/done look verses natural/you can’t tell look. Some doctor’s view the perfect look as aesthetically pretty, others view the natural but a little tad better look as aesthetically pleasing. Everyone has their personal taste and your personal taste better match the surgeons lest you come out with pinup high eye brows when what you wanted was an earthy natural brow position. When I look at that girl Heidi Montag woman that had 13 plastic surgeries her eyebrow height is much higher now than it was which in my mind makes her look different, a little strange and older overall.

    Skin that is too shiny

    Have you seen those women with totally pulled too tight skin? They start to look a little ghostly and mask-like. I like Joan River’s but she has that look her. I like Cher but she has the plastic skin look. I think Nicole Kidman is pretty but she gets criticized also for have a frozen face or Botox brow they call it. Having a wrinkle-free geisha look to an older face is not good at all. It can be from a combination of cosmetic events. A brow lift or face lift can look like this, especially in the year after it was done. If the cosmetic work was aggressive, it can look really bad. Another thing is having a lot of Botox injected to where your face doesn’t have its normal natural expression anymore. Lastly, women with pale skin can easily have this white mask look to them.

    To avoid looking mask like, a woman should not overdo the Botox injections. Likewise, she should not get aggressive plastic surgery work done that is going to look obvious. Lastly, makeup foundation color should not be too light. If you are young enough, consider getting an individual procedure done rather than multiple ones. A good cosmetic surgeon will also play a role in making work done look natural, beautiful and believable. Lastly, don’t let your face get too pale and translucent looking. The white faced look comes from having too much concealer on and too light of a foundation color or pressed powder. Tone the face down to a golden natural glow by choosing the right color foundation and a natural looking blended bronzer. If your makeup looks healthy and natural, you won’t look pale and plastic.

    Everything that is too perfect

    Something that makes an older woman look really plastic is when she is too perfected all the way around. If you combine bleached, coifed hair sprayed hair with stretched skin with bright makeup with penciled brows, inflated lips, breast implants, too tanned, etc, etc, etc, you just end up looking plastic, fake and overly processed. I love Dolly Parton and her plastic-ness is part of her image and persona, but she has that sort of done around the world look to her. So does Ivana Trump. Another younger woman that gets criticized in the media is former playboy model Shauna Sand who has that older plastic surgery that makes her look like a barbie doll look.

    Too avoid that phony look you always want to have natural elements about you. Don’t go overboard. Natural hair, or natural lips, or natural looking makeup, or a casual athletic style, all these things are good for your looks. I would say that a woman should improve some things while always leaving other things au natural. If you took a woman with absolutely no makeup on, but put her in a sexy dress with high heels, I think men would find that incredibly attractive. It’s a silly example, but it illustrates the point. That hot and cold approach of working one angle while leaving another angle alone is what can make a woman look beautiful, yet natural at the same time. Women like Cindy Crawford and Demi Moore have this art down to a science. I’d bet my bottom dollar they’ve had their share of cosmetic work done, yet they keep their looks somewhat natural and pull of their older beauty.

    Lips that are too big

    Women get totally dysmorphic and downright blind to how their lips really look once they get into the lip fillers. It’s an easy trap to fall into. If your lips are looking thin, wrinkled and pursed, a filler can feel like some kind of miracle. Wow, suddenly your lips are full, filled and plumped. You can wear lip stick and have a plush pout all of a sudden. The problem is, women get stuck on the filled out aspect of the lips, but forget to look in the mirror at the overall picture. Their lips may look younger, but the hugeness of them looks ridiculous on their face overall. They just can’t see it. Something about these lip fillers makes you blind to the fakeness. All I can say is that a woman should be careful about over-filling her lips. If they are obviously big, you are just going to look like an older woman who gets her lips injected.

    New age beauty. Un-natural beauty treatments to make you look natural … So you hope

    If you decide to throw in the towel and invest in a plastic surgery or new age beauty treatment, these tips should help. Try to keep anything you do judicious, conservative and natural looking. I promise you won’t regret it. Yes, you’d be doing something unnatural by getting a plastic surgery or filler injection, but you at the least want it to look natural. Getting too much plastic surgery is not a good idea if it’s going to make you look weird. Getting a judicious plastic surgery done at some point in life to correct a problem that’s bothered you for years can be a boost to your self esteem. I think many baby boomers will see the inside walls of a cosmetic doctor or even a plastic surgeons office at least once in her life before it’s all over. It’s more common than you think, and among celebrities, models and actresses, it’s actually the norm to have cosmetic work done.

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