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    Cover Gray hair and prevent fade by alternating Permanent & NonPermanent Hair Color

    Get the effect of Feria and Garnier multi-faceted prismatic hair color for less money by alternating inexpensive Revlon permanent and Loreal ColorSpa non permanent color. The result will give you multi-tonal color and continuous gray hair coverage

    You may have heard of the Garnier Nutrisse home hair dye products, also Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour home dye that boasts high shine long lasting shimmery color with multi faceted 3X highlights built into the color using patented formulas. I like this idea because rich vibrant color with some depth and highlight shimmer to it does look dazzling, 3Dimensional and prismatic. The Garnier and competing Feria and Herbal Shine dyes are essentially putting a subtle two tone effect into one simple home hair color application. I love the idea behind this concept. You get color contrast without having to do actual highlights or a weave. Yet the problem is that even using these products, you are putting the color on once in a single application. And no matter how shimmery or two toned it is immediately after you apply it, after a few weeks it is going to fade out and look duller just like all home hair colors do (even the permanent ones, and I’ve tried all brands). Because they are higher quality products, these new brand of prismatic colors are more expensive ($8.99 and up) than the regular colors ($4.29 – $6.99) range. They double charge you.

    Use temporary hair dye midway between coloring your hair at home to conceal incoming gray hair and brighten up your color

    I have a top beauty secret that approximates the pure intense color for less! And what I like better about my tip is that it maintains the color intensity on your hair and effectively covers gray longer. This beauty trick is to use a permanent dye and then after a few weeks, use a temporary dye over it in a close matching shiny color. There are two great things about my approach that specifically benefits the mature woman. The first benefit is that the temporary wash will cover all the grays that always start cropping up through re growth mid cycle and fading. The second benefit is that your color is given a vibrant color boost thus the problem of fading color is solved.

    Many women don’t realize that they can combine the use of permanent home hair color and non permanent home hair color for certain purposes. In this blog post I will say you definitely can take advantage of both nonpermanent and permanent dye. My hair coloring tip involves using temporary hair color between permanent hair color treatments to cover emerging grays and brighten the fading color. With a bit of experimentation you’ll see this can give you excellent multi-faceted results on your hair. Alternating non permanent hair dye with permanent hair dye in two complementary tones can keep your hair color permanently shimmery and brilliant.

    If wire-y gray hairs appear before it’s time to re-dye your hair, use temporary dye midway through the cycle to effectively cover them

    Try using temporary color to cover gray and brighten fading color mid way through your hair dyeing cycle with permanent dye. Most women who dye their hair at home with at home permanent hair dye (e.g. Revlon, L’Oreal, Herbal Essence or Garnier Nutrise) re-apply the permanent dye about once every six weeks. One complaint I hear from mature women who have substantial gray, is that midway through the hair dye 6 wk cycle their wire-like grey hair starts showing through the color and also starts growing out. This is particularly true at the roots or temples and along their hair part and the cowlick at the top back of the head. Most do it yourself women wait around 6 weeks before re-applying permanent hair dye to their hair. Some apply it all over, others to just the roots, others to the roots first then work the rest into the ends. Everyone develops their own little routine. Regardless, around 2-4 weeks into the cycle, the color tends to fade and the grays can start showing and showing even more. If you don’t want to damage your hair with too much dyeing, you can put a temporary dye wash in your hair midway through the cycle to help.

    If you are going to put on non permanent dye a few weeks after a permanent dye, this is a situation where you should do a test on an underneath part of your hair to make sure the colors combine well. Apply to an underneath piece for the prescribed time and dry your hair to make sure it looks good. After you verify it’s going to work, apply the non permanent dye. Make sure to get it on the roots and temples where your gray hair is coming in. This should cover grays effectively for another few weeks until you are ready for your permanent hair dye color application at the 6 week point.

    Non permanent dye is no ammonia, and low in chemicals so it usually agrees with your hair, so using it midway through your dye cycle to wash over grays is pretty harmless color processing. Use the temporary dye application as an excuse to deep condition your hair. One cool thing about this beauty trick is that you can experiment picking colors with a little bit of a punch to them. We all know that permanent hair dye tends to fade and get drabber as the six weeks is going by. Sometimes choosing a brilliant non-permanent shade to put over the permanent color is just the trick to stop the fading. It’s also a lot cheaper (and in my opinion more effective) than spending money on color stay (fade prevention) products such as color care and color preserving hair shampoos and conditioner products. More over it adds two tone shimmer and reinvigorates the color. If you were to just re-dye earlier with the same permanent color you would not get the same faceted result and the color would just look matte. By altering the shade of the nonpermanent wash in a complementary tone, you add a shimmery effect.

    Not sure if you remember when cellophane treatment was all the rage. I remember that fad well. A salon cellophane is an application of a shiny semipermanent hair color to the hair to make the color of your hair more brilliant. Guess what? Washing a shiny hued non permanent color over your dyed hair mid cycle can give a very similar brightening effect! When picking a permanent hair color, stick with something that is vibrant yet natural looking in tone. For the mid-cycle gray covering semi permanent color, choose one that is a little brighter and shinier in color than the permanent one you are using. This will give the cellophane illusion and cover gray at the same time. Have fun experimenting, and always remember to test, test and test streak before committing to any hair color or hair color on color combination.

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    Keep gray hair covered mid way between dye cycles by using a non permanent color wash. Choose a matte permanent color coupled with a shiny nonpermanent color for some fun!

    In the hair color photo shown, I give an example of a good permanent Strawberry/Auburn Color (Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color 72 Strawberry Blonde Permanent Amonia-Free Color) that is given a brilliant Auburn zing mid-way through the dye cycle with a non-permanent Auburn wash (ColorSpa Moisture Actif 40 Golden Copper Warmer Non-Permanent). The Revlon strawberry blonde is a natural looking and pretty color when it goes on but it will fade so that deeper shiny Golden Copper temporary wash brightens it up midway and adds red in for fun. Note that the both the Strawberry Blonde and the Golden Copper come out close to Auburn. Drugstore hair colors tend towards darker than expected results once you see it all over the hair. That is why you have to do a test streak. Hopefully these two tips will help if you need to cover gray mid dye cycle and brighten color with a little multi-tonal pizzazz.

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