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    Damaged hair tips keep hair healthy, avoid damaged hair, how to repair dry brittle hair

    10 Damaged hair repair and hair loss prevention tips for middle aged women who want natural beautiful, healthy hair. Here are the top ten damaged hair culprits that women should be aware of. While you can’t fight heredity hair loss, there are many causes of damage, breakage and preventative loss that you can avoid. TLC and take extra good care of your sexy tresses

    Thinning hair

    Thinning hair in women is totally common. It tends to creep up on us as we age. A woman with a good head of hair may not even notice the thinning until she is well into her forties. Then one day she looks in the mirror and wow, notices the change. Thinning is often inherited from a parent and unfortunately there is not much you can do about that. Medications and especially chemotherapy for cancer can cause hair loss. You can’t do much about mother-nature and inheriting early female hair loss from your folks. But you can take care of your health to ward off or prevent medical reasons for hair loss. You need to protect your hair and if you read on we will go through some of the harsh chemicals and treatments that can cause hair damage and even hair loss.

    Chlorine damaged hair

    One nice thing about summer is spending hot days at the swimming pool. Watch out ladies, because spending time in the sun and pool can not only wreck your skin it can wreck your hair too. I’ve heard of remedies from showering prior to swimming, to rinsing with club soda, to using hair care products for swimmers like Ultra-swim chlorine. If you have blond hair color, the chlorine damage can dull your hair color and even turn it green. My advice to women is to simply keep hair out of the water. Keep hair clipped up and safe. If you must spend an afternoon dunking in the water with your family, make sure to shampoo the chlorine out afterwards and then condition hair to soften it back up.

    If your hair is feeling the effects of the sun, alternate regular conditioning with a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep hair moisturized. Make sure you use a conditioner that makes your hair soft (I like Finesse conditioner) and leave it on for longer than usual prior to rinsing. If you swim for exercise, invest in a good quality swim cap. Cheap swim caps can rip hair going on and off so you want a higher quality cap that seals out the water but can still be taken on and off easily.

    Dry hair repair

    Dry hair is hair that doesn’t have enough oil and moisture in it to maintain its normal natural sheen and texture. Women with coarse or kinky hair tend to have dryer hair than those with naturally straight hair. Nutrition plays a huge role in dry hair! Make sure you eat food that your hair loves such as avocado, nuts and healthy oils.

    Excessive washing or use of harsh soaps, shampoos and hair products can also dry your hair out. While there are many spray in and leave in dry hair repair products, I tend to believe that these are a mere band-aid to the problem. While the products can make the hair look less dry for a while, the residues and gumminess can build up and actually make hair worse. Some hair taming products have harsh alcohol in them which dries you hair. The best way to treat dry hair is to find a good conditioner for your hair that rinses out leaving no residue but your hair is soft. If you have dry hair it is time to switch conditioners as this will help your hair more than the leave in sprays and ointments.

    Often times blow drying and over styling is blamed for the dryness. This might be true for celebrity women who are constantly getting their hair styled. I disagree with the experts who claim heat damage. Blow drying can actually smooth down the hair and if you can spread out the blow dry as far as you can, I don’t think it causes much damage. It can actually keep unruly hair tamed and easier to manage. The same holds true for the flat iron. A good ceramic flat iron can soften and tame dry coarse hair and some women consider their flat iron a god send.

    The trick is to spread out the use of the dryer or iron as far as possible so your hair gets a good rest from processing while staying smoothed out. Sleep with hair up in a soft pony to extend the time needed between ironings. Excessive blow drying or ironing is problematic, infrequent use of these tools can control hair texture and minimize damage to the hair in the in between time. If you are styling with these tools daily it’s a problem, but if it is more like weekly it can actually help you keep your hair in check.

    Split Ends

    Split ends are a nuisance and they can weak havoc on the texture and overall health of your hair, contributing to frizz and flyaways. The splits can be caused by ripping your hair when brushing it. Go gentle when you shampoo and dry hair, don’t rip tangles out in a hurry or towel dry too vigorously. Generally speaking, you can repair split ends by trimming your hair on a regular basis. You can go to the salon for this or cure it at home with a good pair of hair cutting shears from the beauty supply. Take your hair into sections starting from the bottom and working your way up. The best way to nip the splits is to blow dry or flat iron your hair. When hair is straightened and dry it makes it really easy to see the split ends.

    With a hair clip go section by section through your hair, pulling the section straight and trimming the frays off. If you do this regularly your splits will come under control and you’ll only have to trim a fractional amount of hair each time. Going section by section works well because often times splits occur in shorter pieces of hair on the head and so this way you get everything cleaned up including the shorter pieces, not just the bottoms.


    Most experts recommend leave in styling cream to control frizz. I have curly frizzy hair myself and I will say that I grew to despise these creams after a while. They help hair for a day but all cause some residue provoking you to have to wash hair more and setting off a very vicious cycle. Frizzing almost always has to do with mother-nature. Some women have god given frizzy textured hair and others acquire the frizz from humidity in the weather.

    The best way to prevent frizz is to shampoo and condition at night. Next day hair always, always has less frizz. Moving the time of your hair washing to evening, and reducing the hair washing frequency to once or twice a week rather than daily, are the best remedies for frizz. Another cause of frizz is brushing out curly hair. This is a big no-no. When you brush out curly hair make sure to do this in the evening and work your way from bottom to top. Trying to brush out naturally kinky hair is the fastest way to frizzing it. Don’t rush the brushing. If your hair is tangled up, gently separate the sections with your fingers than brush each section from the bottom and working up. Use a soft bristle paddle brush if your hair is dry, or a wide tooth comb if your hair is wet with conditioner on it.

    Just remember the best way to avoid frizz is to use a good conditioner, sleep on your hair over night, avoid frizz inducing brushing by separating tangles gently with fingers, and skip the hair spray and other alcohol or residue leave in products.

    Fried hair

    Fried hair is almost always from over processing your hair. It is most common with blondes who have over bleached and brunettes who get into an orange disaster. Once a woman starts in with the blond hair weaves or one toned blond color, here is what happens. You can fry your hair with a one time mistake caused by leaving bleach on way too long. High developing bleach should never be left on hair more than five minutes or you can literally burn your hair off. This mistake happens when you take too long to get around the whole head of hair. The bleach applied to the first sections has remained on hair too long, and by the time you are done with the entire head and get the bleach off, the sections bleached first are fried. If you are one of those ladies that must drastically alter the color of your hair because of a fetish, bring it up section by section instead of doing the whole head.

    It’s best to avoid going super platinum after forty because it can cause too much damage. If your hair is naturally blond or dirty blond, it can be lightened up with lower strength developing bleach and therefore the damage will be potentially lessened. The best way to avoid fried hair is to stay within the basic vicinity of your natural color. It’s the intense lightening of hair with bleach that causes the dry damage. Bleaching is almost always the culprit. Multiple processes can also cause damage. It is too hard on hair to be bleaching or coloring it, blow drying it, plus adding extensions to it. Your hair won’t be able to take it. Pick one evil but not multiple hair stressing procedures.

    If you do take your hair up from dark to light my recommendation is to separate into a two step process. One process is to take your hair up a few shades. This way you or your stylist can see exactly what is going on because the bleach is not hidden/mixed with a color and it’s less likely they will leave it on too long. Use a second process with a gentler hair color to gently color your hair from that point. A two step process seems like it would be more damaging but in fact it is not because taking hair up several shades is so dangerous that you want to visually see the lightening in order to get that bleach off your hair before it takes it up too much. Colored hair dye just blocks the view. I had long bleached blonde hair for years and I perfected keeping it healthy by bringing the base color up in sections. Doing the whole head takes too long and causes damage.

    Hair and your diet

    The average healthy woman is going to lose a few hundred hairs a day, but if you notice bald patches or breakage along the hair shaft creating shorter chunks of hair then you do need to be concerned. One cause of breakage is lack of good nutrition. You need Vitamin B, E, Iron, Zinc and Silica along with essential fatty acids. Oils such as flaxseed oil helps moisten hair, as do healthy foods with fatty acids and oil in them such as almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and dark leafy green vegetables.


    If your nutrition is in order then suspect the number one culprit of hair breakage: harsh chemicals. Chemical damage is way worse than damage from overuse of the blow dryer or flat iron! The most common way women get damage is by lightening hair. Sometimes, it is because bleach is left too long on the hair. But more often than not, breakage is caused by overlapping the bleach onto already bleached hair when doing root touchups. If your hair is lifted to a much lighter shade than natural, it causes a chemical change in the hair.

    Usually hair can survive the one time drastic color change. But when you touch up the roots (the dark hair growing in that needs to be lightened) if you get any of the bleach onto the already bleached portion of the hair, even the tiniest littlest bit, then you are re-bleaching already bleached strands! The process is too traumatizing and it will weaken your hair. The very next time you brush, process or dye it, the delicate strands will break the hair into two. The same problem happens when a women gets too many blond highlight weaves in her hair to the point where she is getting blond highlights put into already blond hair.

    Severe hair dye damage will cause the hair to break off all over, a common reason that women with platinum bleached hair have a hard time keeping it long. But often, the breakage happens at the hairs weakest point, usually at the back of the part (the bald spot). Many a women has tufts of broken hair sticking up from the back of their hair and more often than not its from bleach weakening the hair to the point of breakage.

    Receding hair

    Receding hair in most women is hereditary. Some women are lucky in that department and some women are not. Women with high foreheads get cursed with receding hair lines. Fore head lifts can also affect the hair line as the forehead is in essence pulled up and back, making the forehead higher which makes it look more receded. If diet is not the culprit but crummy hereditary luck is to blame, try certain hair styles to hide the receding hair line. Side swept bangs really help. Naturally thin haired women get the recession the worst. Vibrant hued color with low lights and some layers or side swept bands can cause a visual distraction from the receding hair line. Hair plug transplantation is becoming a real solution for women with loss that they want to do something about. Receding hair around the temple (to the left and right of a middle part) and classic bald spot at the back of the head can definitely be treated with hair plugs or surgery.

    Bald spots

    Bald spots are usually the result of a cancer related treatment that required chemo or autoimmune problems. Otherwise known as alopecia, spot balding is annoying and embarrassing for women. Sometimes this condition can be brought on by stress. The one good thing is that sometimes the hair grows back. In certain cases, topical treatments such as minoxidil can help a little bit as can reducing stress. There is makeup that women can use to hide obvious hair loss. The makeup is essentially eye shadow for the hair. By darkening the bald spots to a color matching your hair, the spots blend in better. Sometimes you can wear hair up or back in clips for concealment as well.

    Natural hair

    Hair loss that is inherited can’t be stopped however you can ward off premature or unnecessary hair loss by taking good care of your health and avoiding lifestyle and hair styling behaviors that do your hair more harm than good. Natural hair is always beautiful. For fun you can try clip in hair extensions to experience the fullness and have some fun. Just be careful because bonded in hair extensions can cause damage in and of themselves, we’ll have to save that for another beauty blog article!

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