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    Anti Wrinkle Cream – do anti wrinkle creams work and are they worth the $$$ you pay?

    Anti-wrinkle products are cosmetic wrinkle creams and skin lotions that you can buy which purport to help or even prevent or even reverse your wrinkles. Let’s talk about what is available for you and if these products will work as expected.

    Anti-Wrinkle Cream – to treat fine wrinkles

    Women want to get rid of their wrinkles and they want to do it fast. They want to walk into a store (or online) and buy the best wrinkle cream that will prevent wrinkles or take them away. Because buying a cream is the first and most convenient thought, there are tons of wrinkle creams available and waiting for your money to be spent on them. Every where on the internet you can read product ads that claim their expensive wrinkle cream is the best anti-wrinkle cream, or the best anti-aging treatment. Did you know that some of the so called best wrinkle cream review websites are actually sales vehicles to get you to buy their specific wrinkle cream? Ha! How do you even know if you are getting an unbiased review (you don’t).

    There is this one wrinkle cream that you can buy on the internet called LifeCell and did you know it costs a staggering $189.00? That is expensive for a one month’s supply of anything! I don’t know much about this product because there were so many great reviews along with so many it’s a scam reviews, that there was no way to figure out if the stuff was legit which perhaps is a red flag right there. I saw one web site that says Paula Abdul uses it, for whatever that is worth.

    Some companies get you to “join” their club which bottom line means they want you to buy a membership for an anti-wrinkle cream product or system and re-bill you for the purchase every single month. Wrinkle cream buyer beware of sneaky scams! I have to say that most of these creams are over-rated. I will say that I think Retin-A works fine, and a tube of Retin-A can cost some $80.00 per tube. So I am not saying that you should avoid wrinkle creams altogether. I spend money on a tube of Retin-A maybe once or twice a year. I am just saying buyer beware.

    The most important thing in reality that you get from a cream is the moisture. So I believe it’s more about buying a cream that agrees with your skin. It should adhere well, not cause excessive irritation, and be compatible with your own skin type.

    Anti-Wrinkle Cream Tip: Use one cream for moisture, another to treat wrinkles

    If you are going to invest in an anti wrinkle cream product, I have this beauty tip. Get one cream that gives you moisture day in and day out. Then, invest in one cream that you can use in the evening to treat wrinkles. This can save you quite a bit of money. I personally use Body Butter to moisturize my face and body. I use Body butter on my face after I cleanse it and before I apply makeup. I use Body butter on my face in the evening after my makeup is off just before I go to bed. In the evening I mix a bit of more expensive cream (Retin-A) in and use that on my face as well.

    If you want to save money look for a less expensive wrinkle cream (try body butter, or drugstore creams have plenty of less costly beauty creams such as Oil of Olay or Neutrogena). Use the inexpensive cream regularly and then couple a more expensive cream in with it to treat the wrinkles, primarily around the face and eyes. If you use an everyday cream, and combine it with a more expensive cream, you can save a tremendous about of money. I personally think this is the way to go as it is not worth the money to buy caviar priced face cream!

    Do anti-wrinkle creams work?

    I want to say that most wrinkle creams don’t work. Your skin is going to age and wrinkle and that’s the bottom line. Most wrinkle creams haven’t been tested out rigorously. One thing to realize is that non-prescription creams are going to have such a low dose of these type of ingredients that the effect would be really limited. Genetics, sun exposure, smoking, and dietary habits probably affect your skin far more dramatically than a cream can.

    That being said, creams can carry certain soothing and helpful ingredients. How do I know this? Well I know obvious things, one of which is that skin creams can carry ingredients that help treat problems. For example, cortisone cream can relieve itching, aloe vera can relieve sting, nystatin can relieve yeast rash, neosporin to stop infection in small cuts, and so on. So, the basic theory that creams can be formulated to benefit the skin and treat conditions has to be true. Some creams do things. The question is, can they actually do things to your wrinkles, as in make them go away.

    In the case of anti-wrinkle skin creams, common anti aging ingredients in the creams are retinol, hydroxyl acids, coenzyme q10, copper peptides, kinetin, and tea extracts. Some of these have been claimed to favorably help very mild wrinkles, though the FDA regulates creams and lotions less strictly than it does drugs. The FDA does require a label warning on many creams because alpha hydroxyl acids in skin creams can leave the skin even more sensitive to sun burn. I would presume that prescription strength creams would be more effective since they would carry a higher concentration of ingredients (exactly why I like Retin-A). But the same ingredients can cause skin sensitivity so be careful.

    I will have to go into the various common ingredients you find in anti wrinkle creams in more detail. But the best anti-wrinkle advice I could give would be to protect your skin from the sun exposure, choose products with sunscreen, use skin moisturizers and don’t smoke. If you are concerned about your skin, you can see a dermatologist who can determine what products might help your skin type. Most women with naturally beautiful skin are genetically blessed, use moisturizer, and stay out of the sun. If you’ve been hard on your skin and have substantive damage, use of a skin cream alone probably won’t suffice. You would have to look into medical treatments like Botox, skin resurfacing, prescription strength creams, skin laser treatments, or plastic surgery (such as a face lift, eye lift or brow lift).

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