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    Solid color clothing looks pretty. Pattern clothes are difficult to look pulled together in

    How is your fashion style? You can improve your fashion and style on a budget with classic color clothes and style details

    In fashion magazines, you see women with perfect clothes and accessories.  On prime time television shows the women look amazing because of the makeup and wardrobe stylists.  Yet in real life, on the average street, women look entirely different.  They don’t look very good.  In fact very few older women are actually stylishly put together and making the most of their looks.  It may be because they don’t care and go for pure comfort or it may be because they don’t have the time or money to spend shopping.  The women that do look great might have a lot of money to spend buying expensive clothes.  In this blog article I am going to give you three simple and easy to follow fashion tips which will have you looking more beautiful and alluring in no time and this does not cost you any money either.


    I can tell you that the biggest reason a women doesn’t look good in clothes has literally nothing to do with money or how new her clothes are. It has to do with the fact that she is clashing. Clashing colors is the number one thing that is going to wreck your style. If you clash, you are not going to look good. It really is that simple.


    Just look around you one day and people watch and you will see what I mean that a typical older woman looks literally nothing like what you see in a fashion magazine.  I do feel rather silly giving clothing advice when you just pick up a magazine and get clothes ideas or go into a fancy clothing store.   But I have to do this because I need to point out some of the really basic mistakes.  Because if you know what these basic mistakes are, you can look good even if every single thing in your closet is over a decade old.

    Three top fashion tips for getting by with old clothes from your closet

    It is hard to look fresh when you are on a clothes budget and trying to save money on apparel in this economy.  How are you supposed to look nice when your clothes are rather old and shabby?   Maybe you are one of those women who hates to shop and you are overwhelmed by the department stores so you just wear only what you have out of convenience.  If you have to make do with old clothes, here are the three rules to live by: stick to simple solid colors, avoid loud patterns, and look for subtle detailing. 

    Stick to simple solid colors. Keep outfits classy, plain and simple which will enhance your natural beauty

    Clothes in solid neutral colors are the most flattering.    It must be an optical illusion because when you look at clothes that are boring basic colors, you tend to think “drab”.  But it is your mind playing tricks on you.  Because when you photograph yourself in them, simple basic colors are the easiest to look good in!  It comes down to showcasing YOU, not the clothes.  Simple plain solid colors enable you the woman to stand out, which is what you want.  The very best colors are the classic neutrals like white, tan, brown, gray, black and even red.  If you look at pictures of famous women and models of all time, you will often find them in some very basic colors.  Why?  Because the beauty of the woman is being showcased, not the clothes.  I have seen so many models in pictures where they are in a white undershirt and jeans.  Then there is Farrah Fawcett in her simple red swimsuit poster.  If you need a little pizazz you can carefully move into a few brighter solid bright colors in rich hues like olive, bronze or burgandy.  I prefer colors that have the most vibrant hue to them as they tend to look better than the paler pastels.  Steer clear from old lady pale pink and rose colored clothes.  When I see pale muted pink, coral and pastel greens all I think of is: old.   Stay neutral with some brights.  Focus on how the clothes fit and try to pick clothes that really flatter your figure.  So don’t be afraid that you will be boring in solid colors.  As long as they fit well solids tend to flatter your beauty best.

    Avoid loud patterns. You should wear the clothes – don’t let the clothes wear you!

    Older women can tend to wear patterned clothing which can be the biggest mistake.    Sometimes when you look at clothing, you are attracted to patterns.  After all, patterns are pretty and patterns are dazzling.  But the problem with patterns is that they are actually hardest to look good in.  I am not saying you can’t look good in them, but it is harder to.   When you are wearing patterns, the clothes start to wear you, rather than you wearing the clothes.  Examples of things to generally avoid are leopard prints, stripes, checks, flowers, florals, tye dye.  The biggest problem about the patterns is when you are wearing several things and they mismatch.  If you have a bunch of colors going the probability of a mismatch escalates.  Most women don’t realize that half the problem with the way they look is clashing colors.  Their shoes don’t match their pants which doesn’t match their top which doesn’t match their purse which doesn’t match their scarf which doesn’t match their jacket. The overall result is a sloppy lady look.    Loud patterns on purses and scarfs are a serious distraction as well.  I prefer them in plain muted colors that can match easily to most clothes.


    If you simplify the colors you can eliminate the problem.  Make sure the colors you are wearing are complimentary to each other.  If you are going to wear something that’s loud, make sure it is the only loud thing you have on.  For example, say you find a dazzling party dress that is bright and colorful.  Make sure that you wear plain shoes, purse, and jacket with it.  You probably shouldn’t wear anything noisy at all, but if you must, make sure it is the only noisy thing you have on.  Other noisy loud things that are problematic are holiday themed sweaters (like the ones with trees, santas, ghosts, etc on them), and things with busy beading or patchwork.  Patterned clothing tends to draw the attention to the clothes, not the woman.  I like busy clothes on children and on younger women who can pull off the look but not on mature women.  If you get too haphazard with prints you are going to look older not younger.  It’s not to say you have to wear all black, on the contrary.   Just go for earthy colors that blend easily and well with each other and if you are going to wear something that is busy make sure everything else you have on is toned way down.

    Go for minor detailing that makes it sexy. Subtle detailing is often ignored however that minor accent will get you noticed!

    Minor detailing can add a little punch that doesn’t overtake you.  Let’s look at the above picture with the old closet clothes.  In the sweater it is the cabling.  A little bit of texture adds warmth and dimension to your look.  Clothes with a bit of texture or irridescance to the color (like rich hued bronzes, maroons, copper, gray) are pretty.  On the old tank top I like the neck grommets.  It is a minor detailing to the shirt that makes it more sexy than just a regular shirt would be.  It makes it pop just a little bit.  These outfits are pulled from my closet and are really old clothes.  I think I’ve had the jeans since college.  If you are on a budget and cannot afford to shop for clothes you have to make do with what you have at hand in your closet.  When it comes to finding clothes in your closet to wear, solids are definitely a safer bet than patterns.  

    Your average older women on the street is going to look nothing like the women in magazines.  If you have a messy, sloppy harried look of an over rushed mom or worker, then try to go for neutral earthy colors with nice rich hues adding in a little white and black. Put a little makeup on too.  Avoid the patterned clothes and always check to see if you are clashing before you leave the house.  Check: shoes, pants, shirt, coat, scarf, purse.  Everything should blend and only one thing should pop should you insist on going with a daring printed pattern.

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    Mature women like me love clashing clothes that are really ... not flattering. Basic solid color clothes are actually the easiest to look attractive in. In this economy, you gotta make do.

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