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    Fast Diet Secret! Best dieting: eat healthy daily, consider calories to handle temptation

    Fast Diet tips for women – Stay beautiful and body beautiful with this dieting secret. When dieting, follow a healthy diet daily, but consider calories when tempted and do allow for occasional diet breaks. You’ll find yourself on the fastest way to lose weight quickly and easily with this flexible and free diet plan idea. Can a counter intuitive diet secret really help? I think so!

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    Fast Diet tip for Women! Follow a healthy meal plan on a daily basis and focus on healthy foods. When faced with a pot luck choose 2-3 items and allow a diet break, just don't over do it and eat too much! Think healthy food daily, think calories on special occasions and allow yourself to enjoy without overdoing it! That's my perfect body diet secret and it works!

    My secret diet weight tip for women

    Here is a fast diet tip for women. The best diet tip is to never allow breaking your diet on occasion to derail your whole entire diet altogether! When subjected to all you can eat situations, give your self some dieting slack. Switch from healthy eating over to calorie consideration. Try a few of those yummy fattening dishes and love it without over doing it. Choose only two or three items that are most appealing to keep your stomach from becoming upset and over filled by too many samples. When morning comes, track back onto your overall healthy eating plan and move forward. I believe that allowing yourself the occasional temptations will actually help you lose weight. Why? Because you won’t be constantly denying yourself and fostering a diet break down.

    Best diet tip for handling parties, buffets, and pot luck party temptations

    One of the biggest diet busters is parties. Especially, parties where there is a lot of food choices and tempting ones at that. I am a pretty healthy natural diet person overall. Sometimes I will eat tempting food. Parties and pot lucks where there is an array of bad food choices can be really hard to navigate even for slimmer women. I don’t know about the diet experts but I can tell you what I do and maybe you can get a helpful free diet tip from me. Let’s talk about buffet situations which are big temptations and can often become catalysts for throwing a woman right off her diet progress. We all know that one bad food party splurge can very easily lead to total diet backslide.

    View parties as a different diet situation and approach them differently too

    Seeing as party throwers are more health conscious these days, there always seems to be fruit and vegetable platters at the parties as part of the offerings. You would think that eating the healthy stuff would help you stay on your diet but weirdly enough I beg to differ when it comes to food tables. There are so much food choices, you are bound to overdo it even with the healthy choices sitting right there. Let’s see how it can all go down.

    Let us suppose you eat some vegetables dipped in ranch dressing, then a plate of fruit, along with a few handfuls of nuts, and maybe some grilled chicken or something. Yes I realize that this is healthy. But I want to say that when it comes to a party and you are eating a bunch of different veggies, fruits, dip sauce, nuts, etc, that even the diet stuff can stuff you and make you feel sort of gross and bloated. You could feel stuffed, yet rather unsatisfied because you didn’t even get to the yummy food. You eat so much good stuff avoiding the bad stuff that you basically just eat too much and didn’t love what you ate.

    Normally, in everyday life, I would say eat the fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, and lean meats. I do say that. But there is something about parties that makes such food rather unsatisfying. It never really tastes as good as the other tempting choices and you feel like you are being deprived. You are exerting all sorts of will power and forced not to eat some pretty yummy looking home made treats. I have my own sort of solution for this situation. Now, I am no diet expert, but this tactic does work for me and I have a healthy stable weight and have maintained it over the years. Some of my blue jeans that fit me are older than my children!

    A little diet secret that works for me and who knows this diet tip could work for you

    For normal every day life, I say, stay as healthy as possible. When you aren’t being bombarded by buffet choices, it is easier to stay healthy and foods tend to look more appetizing when they aren’t juxtaposed next to cravingly bad foods. In day to day life, don’t watch calories just try to eat a healthy diet over all. Keep sweets, starchy, and fried foods out of your daily food plan as much as possible and keep fruits, vegetables, whole grains, non fat dairy, vegetarian (like beans, soy, nuts) and occasional lean meats in your daily diet plan.

    For parties and occasions where temptation abounds, I say switch to more of a calorie consideration mentality. Reverse your mentality. Forget about eating so healthy. That means, allow yourself to try some yummy stuff, just don’t over do it! Parties are the occasion where if you want to try a piece of home made dessert or casserole your friend home baked, it’s not going to kill you. Two pieces of greasy pizza (or a juicy homemade cheeseburger or two hot dogs even) with a dessert might actually satisfy your eye swirling temptation bombardment better than Costco veggies slathered in ranch or market guac (and the pizza may be fewer calories believe it or not).

    So I say parties and times where the food looks incredible are ok times to go out of diet bounds a little. Think more in terms of calories in those situations and just don’t eat too, too much. One thing I do is to focus on two or maybe three things that look really yummy that I’d love to try and so I’ll eat those. If I sample too much stuff (even if it’s healthy stuff) at a party my stomach feels like crud after. I always feel better if I stick to a few selections only. Believe it or not, the way I handle temptations is to try something that looks really tempting! I’ll have a decent size serving but I won’t over do it. I find that my stomach sits better with fewer dishes. Keep it simple. The calories you consume, as long as you eat fairly normal portions, really won’t over whelm. After the party is over, go back to the healthier side of things in your daily diet.

    I hope this diet tip helps you. Stay healthy foods focused on a day to day basis. Switch to more a calorie perspective at parties and try the temptations without going overboard. The ability to switch between the two modes is really a key diet tip. If you think of it as two modes, you also will be less likely to let a party slip disintegrate into a series of diet slip ups that culminate in going off diet completely. Think of it as two different diet modes that you switch in and out of. What I like about this is that I can eat some junk every now and then and not get upset about it. I think, well I didn’t eat all that much of it, it tasted really great I got my cravings satisfied, and tomorrow is a new day and I’m back to my healthy lifestyle!

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