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    Flattering swimsuits for every size woman – Sexy swimsuits, bikinis and one pieces

    Swimsuit buying advice for every size woman. Tips for buying that swimsuit to conceal and minimizes common figure flaws

    Buying a swimsuit

    Are you getting ready to buy the dreaded swimsuit for this summer? Every woman knows that buying a swimsuit can be a nightmare. Whether you are plus sized or flat chested, every lady has issues with their body and nothing brings out the insecurity more than having to don that swimsuit. Weight, sun and age spots, wrinkles and dimples, saggy skin, not to mention cellulite, add misery to the swimsuit buying nightmare once you are well into your forties. One solution is to simply stop wearing the swimsuit, yet all of us have to put one on for one reason or another. You can only avoid that pool or vacation for so long, especially if you have children.

    Focus on swimsuit brands, patterns, and flattering styles for your size

    If you have a larger framed body, I doubt you will be able to shop at the itsy bitsy bikini shops. For women with curves, the upscale department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s tend to have the best selections of suits. When trying on suits do focus on sturdy brands. If you have bulges and curves, you are going to want to spend that little bit of extra money to get a quality material that stretches and supports your body well.

    Loud busy patterns all over the suit are really touristy and undesirable. Suits with geometric patterns all over them or loud Hawaiian tropical prints all over are ugly and obnoxious. At the same time, if you have a large figure, an all black suit isen’t flattering either. While the black bikini or mallot can look sexy on the slender woman, a plus size woman can look like a whale in a solid black swim-suit. There is just too much material and it is too dark. Don’t go for all black if you are plus sized. Black with some color accents or details to the suit is going to break up the expanse and look more flattering on you. Go for solid color swimsuit styles with some accents or details in the areas you want to play up, such as your cleavage for example.

    Below are some quick tips for how to choose swimwear to best flatter common figure flaws.

    Swimsuits for a thick waist

    Well positioned color accents can detract from a thick waist. The best way to conceal the waist is to wear a style of one piece suit with a darker base color. Then, look for accents that can detract the eye from the waist to other body parts. The idea is to mute out the waist with a solid slenderizing color while doing a bait and switch on the swimsuit details to draw eyes elsewhere. If you have nice legs this can mean a high cut leg to draw attention to your legs, or a style detail at the legs such as a string tie or ribbing.

    More often than not, if you have a thick waist you may not have thin legs to divert focus too. So, your goal should really be to draw the eye upward towards the cleavage. A deep cut V-neck can help with this. Colored borders along the Vneck of the swimsuit and also around the bottom of the breast cup at the midriff can really help detract from a fat waist. Look for details such as color and borders that frame the breasts thus drawing attention away from the thick waist.

    Swimsuits for large breasts

    If you are big on top, go for a halter neck style top that shows your cleavage yet lifts and supports with sturdy straps and a solid supportive underwire build into the swim suit. Thicker straps are going to keep your assets together as you don’t want a flimsy, floppy appearance if you are stacked on top.

    Swimsuits for a big tummy and the tankini

    While popular, this style tends to be the most unflattering. The tankini can sometimes work for women of size 12 and up, however, the versions of this swimsuit that show the tummy tend to be rather unattractive. If you are going for the tankini, I’d buy one where the top covers all the way over the top of the bottom. No midriffs please. Look for well structures solid support such as built in bras, control panels and strong stretch fabric. Avoid busy patterns and when exploring colors try to keep the bottoms in the darker color range for a slimming effect. Tankini’s can work well for pregnant women as a long peasant tankini top can hide the tummy effectively.

    Swimsuit styles for bottom heavy

    Again, with the bottom heavy woman you are going to want to execute a bait and switch and draw attention upward. Details and shapely bra tops are going to even out the wider hips and thunder thighs. Ruffles and patterning to enlarge the breasts work great for this, as do tops with padded tops. The bigger your chest looks the better the counter balancing act on the bottom part of the bathing suit. To slenderize a heavy bottom in a swimsuit, stack your top.

    Focus carefully on the fit around the legs too. A darker color yet not necessarily black should help. Do not get the swimsuit too tight to where you create a bulge around the legs. Go for a slightly higher cut leg to lengthen the leg if you can. You don’t want the bathing suit bottom to be going around the fattest part of your legs since this will make you look the widest.

    Best bathing suit to conceal a long torso

    If you have a long torso you are going to want to create a shorter torso effect by going for tops that have a deep vee, and bottoms that have a higher cut on the legs. To reduce the shoulder to torso length try a plunging neck line or bathing suits that have two tones to them. A different color on top and on the bottom bottom will break up the length, as will a two piece swimsuit. For the two piece swimsuit, go for a scoop bottom style that sits higher at the sides of the waist. A scoop bottom is preferred over a bottom where the waist goes straight across the body.

    Bathing suit for flat chested women

    Some action on the top in terms of patterna, or gatheried material should help the flat chested woman. Padded cups are a must. A bright color will also add action. A bandeau style top can look good if you are slender. You can try padded cups or if those get too lumpy, get gel filled inserts. Flat chested women should think lingerie with they choose their swimsuit top. Tops that have demi-cups, sexy detailed straps, and lift/squish demicups are really great for this purpose. You are going to want to buy a bathing-suit top that looks like a really sexy lingerie miracle bra.

    Go for corset inspired lace up numbers for a seductive touch to the swimsuit. If you are slender use it to your advantage and try a two piece. Sometimes women with small chests do really well when they buy a separate top from the bottom. While this involves buying separates or two entire swimsuits for the mix n match, it can be well worth the expense. This will increase your breast size as well as make it look dainty and sexy.

    Need to look thinner in a swimsuit

    If you need to look a lot thinner than you are, try a one piece mallot with a single hot detail. For example, a one shoulder suit with a buckle detail at the shoulder. Or, a one piece with a plunging neckline that shows off cleavage. Don’t go too plain and too dark as you don’t want to look like a completely boring block. Heavy women in all black with no details to the suit can look like a beached whale so do not make this mistake. Go for a darker slenderizing color, but not necessarily all black. There is too much real estate on a heavier woman and a solid black color can make you look like a tank. Don’t forget one sexy detail to the suit that provides the distraction and breaks up the material.

    Get in shape for summer now in order to boost your own self image

    Now that it is spring time, consider taking action and starting on the road to get in shape. If you lose a bit of weight and tone up, no matter what your figure is or what swimsuit you purchase, your self confidence will skyrocket. Spring is the best time to do this so don’t wait until it’s too late. If you procrastinate until summer vacation is already upon you, you’ll go into swimsuit shock.

    Just say no and skip the swimsuit altogether (or cover it) if it really bugs you

    If you refuse to wear a suit, don’t despair. Get an airy tunic, skimpy sundress or swimsuit cover up and keep it on, stay in the shade. If it makes you more comfortable, just don’t don the suit at all. Just say no. The sun is so bad for you that you will not look like a freak if you have pool side clothes and stay in the shade or under an umbrella. Wear sunglass, a pedicure, a fake tan and a little breezy loose sundress or cover up. You don’t have to wear the swimsuit to fit in at pool side if you really don’t want to.

    Opting for the swimsuit coverup instead

    If you have children that means getting them the proper swim lessons so that you don’t have to go into the pool with them. A breezy tunic or open buttoned shirt, not to mention a wrap skirt or loose cotton shorts can all conceal that body and make you feel more comfortable while still being pool appropriate. Keep yourself shaded and under an umbrella in a breezy getup that looks pool appropriate. Instead of swimming, put your French tipped feet in. Sip a cool ice tea. I hate to say this but sometimes the way to avoid the swimsuit problem is just not to wear one or wear something light weight over it.

    The biggest swimsuit advice for women is to implement the basic bait and switch concept when choosing swimwear. If you have a specific figure flaw, you are going to want to go for solid slimming colors near those fat n flabby areas. Then, the trick is to draw attention away by focusing on your other positive assets and playing them up instead. This draws attention away from the undesirable zones and towards the desirable zones. This approach will go a long way to making you look hot in the one or two piece suit. Read more of my swimsuit buying tips for women.

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