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    Going green! Organic makeup, natural cosmetics, natural shampoos and pure skincare

    Organic food, natural makeup, green cosmetics, organic skin care and all natural bath and beauty products are trendy right now. So I decided to look into the whole organic, green, natural beauty hype. I like natural and organic beauty products, but only if the price is comparable to conventional cosmetics. A more vegan diet and walking for fitness are my eco-friendly beauty tips. I’ve got the ultimate anti-aging food for you and trust me it’s not wheatgrass and its way healthier than tofu hehe!

    Have you heard of the health and beauty terminology eating green or going green? Organic food and all natural makeup, organic cosmetics and green beauty products are in style! What does Going Green even mean and will a green diet or eco-friendly cosmetics anti-age and beautify you? I decided to look into what green really means, and I’m looking for answers as to whether organic foods and organic all natural beauty products will help make women look younger and more beautiful

    Eating organic. They are selling us every thing from organic food bars to free range chicken to lipstick made from corn!

    Eating organic seems to be a loose synonym for eating green. Both eating organic and eating green imply that you should conserve the environment and eat more plant based foods. Eating organic is looser, because it includes eating organic meats (like free range chicken free of pesticides and hormones). Eating green promotes going totally vegan or vegetarian altogether. If you are into organic foods and eating green, then not only do you consider how healthy the food is that you are putting into your body. You also consider the entire ecosystem that produced the food. Everything from the workers, who would be safer away from chemicals, to the protection of the water, land, and air of our planet, all of which are an environmental concern for organic food eaters. Organic food is processed in ways (supposedly) that promotes both healthy people and a healthy earth.

    One of the biggest meanings of organic is that foods are not treated with pesticides. Foods that include organic veggies, fruits, grains, juice, dairy, eggs and meat are being sold at stores like Whole Foods and consumers are paying lots of money for the so called organic version of health food. But alas, I can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods! Though eating green is a meaningful environmental choice, buying organic beauty products and health foods for more money is a financial hardship for many consumers like me. If you want to go more green or organic, keep reading for a few inexpensive going green tips that are affordable to all.

    Here are some affordable going green ideas. Consume food that is certified as Fair Trade which ensures good working conditions for the people who harvest and handle the food. You can also buy food that comes in minimal or bio-based packaging. Recycle the packaging too. Manage your food purchases better so that you don’t have a lot of uneaten leftovers and waste. If you have leftover food, consider composting the food into the soil in your yard. The compost will probably bring lots and lots of worms to your home. When it rains they will crawl up your walls for cover (just checking if you are reading this). Grow your own food in your garden. You could plant your own food like Michelle Obama who started an herb, fruit and vegetable garden on the white house lawn. Or, buy local food and support the local farmers market. I like the farmers market idea – the fruit is always fresh and wonderful! Eating raw claims to have health benefits and not only that it saves on energy costs not to cook up the food.

    Going green also encourages people to ease up on the meat consumption in their diets. It is said that producing meat requires huge amounts of water, grains, land and other resources including antibiotics and hormones fed to the animals. It’s a waste of water and leads to pollution of the water, air and soil. One of the biggest things about going green is eliminating or reducing meat consumption. If you are into the whole PETA thing, you probably don’t eat meat much if at all.

    Natural makeup, organic skin care and hair products, green cosmetics and organic beauty and bath products are everywhere now. Are the natural beauty products worth it your money and should you pay a premium price for organic products?

    Are you going to green your beauty routine with organic makeup? Some cosmetics companies are broadening their appeal and joining the bandwagon of friendly to the environment cosmetics. Stella McCartney’s Care line for example, features skincare products that have pure organic ingredients and recyclable makeup containers. There is also Cargo lipstick which has a biodegradable lipstick line called PlantLove. I think the organic lipstick is made out of corn, believe it or not. Mineral makeup lines such as Jane Iredale boasts more natural non-synthetic ingredients than conventional make-up, which is loaded with synthetic ingredients.

    If you really want go green you might have to stop dying your hair because hair dye has chemicals. You could look into organic hair products like shampoos and hair dyes like henna. Some beauty products I just can’t give up for the sake green beauty, and hair dye just happens to be one of them. Then there is also a plethora of all natural and organic beauty products that boast eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. Organic beauty and all natural cosmetics are incredibly popular right now.

    There are plenty of organic shampoos, organic soaps, body-wash, natural cosmetics and make-up brushes that are made out of organic products. If you can afford to pay for them, green bath, beauty and personal care products will definitely help you feel as though you are contributing to saving the planet. I’ve even heard of organic talc powder! Almost all beauty products are chemical based, but now that some of them have gone organic, you can groom yourself without having to fear for any negative effects on the environment. There are organic all natural and biodegradable hand soaps. There are even eco friendly toothpastes made up of organic ingredients such as Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste!

    Are organic makeup and beauty products with the money?

    I love the idea or organic beauty products, but honestly I don’t know that I would spend excessively more for an organic beauty product over a regular one. I like natural ingredients for sure. If I am able to find something with great all natural ingredients, I can afford it, and I like the way it works, then I might get it. However there are certain things that I won’t give up, such as dying my hair with chemicals. If a beauty product or procedure works for me, I am not going to turn it down just because it has preservatives in it. I am also not sure I would try organic products like fluoride and preservative free toothpaste, as I would be concerned that they would be less effective than regular cavity prevention versions. I would say that organic products are worth the money if the price is comparable to the conventional equivalents, and if I loved the way the product worked. I’m always tempted most by organic skin care creams and body butters, and all natural soaps. Ooohhh I love the soaps and body butter with fruity chunks in them.

    If you are looking to browse organic bath and beauty products a good selection can actually be found at the Whole Foods market. Inside the Whole Foods, they usually have quite a large bath and body store for women believe it or not, and the products are at least half way affordable. Health food stores always have some really cool organic products that they carry too. And of course you can look for organic products on line and read online reviews on them too. I’ve noticed that some of the drug stores also have organic beauty products that are reasonably priced.

    Sustainable Fashion

    Sustainable fashion has also reached the main stream. The idea of sustainable fashion (also known as eco fashion) is part of a growing philosophy that products should be created taking environmental and social impacts into consideration. Environmentally friendly materials and socially responsible methods of production is the basic goal of eco fashion. Bio friendly clothes aren’t just for the hemp lovers and hippie shoppers anymore. Our kids know more about eco-friendly fashion than we do. After all, our teenage children are all wearing Tom’s shoes (a modern day reinvention of the espadrille) which for every pair of shoes that is bought Tom’s will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. Our younger children are taught to recycle plastic and bottles early on as well. I’ll have to do a whole separate beauty post on green bio friendly fashion!

    The 2 Best Go Green beauty tips that will directly affect your beauty! I may not spend more money for an organic beauty product just for the sake of being organic, but I honestly do follow those two eco-friendly beauty tips religiously!

    Now that we know more about the trend of organic cosmetics and green eating, is it going to make us look decades younger and prettier and make us more beautiful as a side benefit? While it may be good for the environment, it is not clear to me that using organic cosmetics will make you more beautiful per se. I would go for organic products only if they compete in price and quality with the conventional ones. I’ve done my homework and I will suggest two major go green tactics that will make you more beautiful for sure (while being eco-friendly)! Out of all the ways to go green, I have universally chosen the two top going green steps you could take that will give you the biggest beauty return for yourself.

    Eco-friendly beauty tip: Walk for fitness! You will conserve gas and help fight pollution while getting into hot bikini shape

    The number one beautifying green fitness commitment is to walk or bike instead of drive! Save the environment while improving your swimsuit figure by choosing to bike or walk as opposed to driving. That’s a surefire way to decrease pollution and be kind to the environment while simultaneously getting into fantastic shape and looking good. Save the environment while getting yourself a Hollywood body that is ready to go into a swimsuit and enjoy the very environment that you are saving!

    Eco-friendly beauty tip: Go more vegan – Eat more vegetarian foods and less fatty meats. The environment and your body will love you for it

    The number two beautifying green commitment is to eat more plant based vegan and vegetarian food. Cutting back on fatty meat is a surefire way to become healthier. If you consume more whole grains, fruits and vegetables it is directly good for your health. Cutting some fatty meat out of the diet is good for your health, and good for the environment too. If you do eat meat, cut back on it, and only eat the lean versions. Eating fruits and veggies raw also saves on cooking energy costs. You’ll become healthier and you’ll become a friend of Pamela Anderson to boot!

    The ultimate all natural beauty tip is to eat this certain organic food called ___ (a bit of health humor for those of us old enough remember)

    I hope you enjoyed this post on fitness and organic beauty, going green and looking good. If you recall a certain movie from decades ago (if you are 50 or older, you’ll remember this one ha), you should get a little organic laugh out of my green friendly photograph! Let us all take a break from being beautiful and go eat some green mystery food spread with whole grain crackers! I warn you don’t read the ingredient list on this organic health food, but I will give you a hint … it’s not wheatgrass or tofu! Can you guess the ultimate beauty secret?

    organic food, organic products, going green, natural makeup, organic clothing, green organic, natural cosmetics, mineral make up, eco beauty products

    Organic food is in! If you're going green and buying organic products such as natural makeup, cosmetics, and green organic food, join the club! If priced right eco-friendly green is in

    organic food, green cosmetics, natural makeup

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