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    Vary your hair washing and brushing routine to get more sexy tousled frizz free hair!

    Do you really need women’s hair products? Your hair washing and hair brushing routine can make a huge difference in your hair’s texture, health and condition. Dry, frizzy hair may need the right texturizing and softening hair conditioners or maybe … just changing your daily hair care routine may be all you need for that tousled sexy hair! Free tips for soft touchable tresses.

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    Tousled hair is ultimate sexy and flattering hairstyle where as frizzy hair is aging. Tips to get the look without products: switch up your brush and shampoo routine, pony tail at night!

    Sexy natural looking hair looks incredible on women of any age.  The problem is getting this look without the kink and the frizz that comes with the territory.  You want the hair to look thick and piecey, the so called “bed-head” look … but in reality it is a little tricky to get the look just right.

    Textured Hair Products

    There is a very subtle and fine line between hair that is tousled and hair that is just frizzy.  It has to do mainly with the texture.  Now, I know for a fact that texture enhancing hair products are marketed for the purpose of giving you the tousled look.  Most have to do with enhancing texture and volume.


    The problem that I have with products is that they tend to look good for the moment in that they may achieve the desired result.  However, after that moment is over, hair products like hair gel, texture enhancing lotion, or hair spray, tend to leave your hair a gummy sticky mess.  You don’t want your hair to crunch when you touch it (neither does your man) because of hair product. By the next day, you have to wash the stuff out.  Not only that, texture enhancing hair products can leave a gummy residue on your hair that only a harsh clarifying shampoo can strip away!  I just don’t like the products and I don’t want to spend money on them either. Hair should feel soft and natural.

    Naturally Tousled Hair

    Here are three tips on how to try various simple effects in order to get the tousled look without using hair products.  The first is to experiment with when you wash your hair,  the second is experiment with when you brush your hair, and the third is to experiment with how you sleep with your hair.  By altering these three things you can get the tousled look without having to deal with the residue of texture product build up.

    Washing and Brushing your Hair

    Two simple variables (when you wash and how often) and (when you brush) can lead you to tousled instead of frizzy. For example, everyone talks about “bed head” – there is even a hair care product named after it (tigi). The look is also sometimes called “beach hair”.  It is that sexy natural look of someone who, just got out of bed looking beautiful.  Think Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on the beach.   Sometimes next day hair can look better. To achieve a different hair texture, you can actually experiment with washing your hair in the evening verses the morning. 


    Another thing that causes the unwanted frizz is brushing.  Try brushing before you wash not after, or simply not brushing as often.  When you brush curly hair it tends to turn it to pure frizz.  Leave it un-brushed after you wash it.  Try just fluffing it with your fingers which will separate and retain the textured pieces better.  Most women figure out what type of brush works best on their hair.  For thick wavy, curly or long hair I highly recommend the paddle brush.  Those are the ones with the jumbo rectangular brush area.  I don’t mind the synthetic bristles as long as they are sturdy yet somewhat flexible.  A Con Air paddle brush works fine for me.   Con Air brushes are inexpensive and work wonders.

    From Straight to Voluminous Hair

    If you are willing to do a little more work, here are some more strategies for getting supermodel bed head. If your hair is straight as a pin and you want to get the tousled look you can also experiment with braiding your hair while either wet or dry, using hot curlers on it, or trying out a ceramic barrel curling iron.  Obviously a few braids left in for a while would be the most time effective one of these plans.  Again, experiment with your brush timing too.  After you get your hair looking somewhat wavy you don’t want to brush it and turn it into frizz again.  Another trick for those with naturally thin or pin straight hair is to vary how you sleep in your hair.  Try sleeping with it up in a twisted bun instead verses sleeping with it down.  Sleeping with hair up in a twist bun can help infuse more volume into the roots giving your hair more volume the next morning when you take it down.


    After you experiment hopefully you can time your washing and brushing such that you get a more textured look than frizzy.  As you can see by the photographs above, the textured hair adds a depth and intensity to the photograph.  The frizzy hair takes away from the beauty.  The photographs don’t lie.  Textured hair with some volume is the most youth enhancing hair style there is.  Trust me I have looked back over two decades of Cosmopolitan Magazine covers and I assure that the vast majority of the fashion models and celebrities on those covers had big sexy hair with texture (not frizz).  If you can find a routine that gives you this effect without having to purchase expensive products you will both look better and save money at the same time!

    Mature Beauty how to get tousled verses frizzy hair

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