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    Hair color and hair dye tips for dyeing your hair at home! Do u dare dye your own hair?

    At home hair dye is a fantastic way to save on salon beauty costs, yet you need to find the perfect hair color to get home hair color right. Learning to dye your own hair at home to save money takes time and patience! Here are some hair dye how to tips

    Hair color can be tricky if you dye your hair with a permanent color at home. If you have already read some of my beauty tips on home hair color, hopefully you know the top two beauty tips which is to first of all try non permanent dyes first, and second of all do a test streak prior to any permanent dye procedure to avoid a hair color disaster. That being said, here are a few general observations I have made, having tried dozens of both non-permanent and permanent colors across the standard hair color products sold at drug stores. I’ve also dyed my own hair all the colors including blond, auburn, light brown, chestnut brown and black.

    Mid Range Colors are Safest

    If you are trying to take your hair from dark brown to white blond, then home hair dye really is not going to work. You would have to lift the color up from dark brown to a lighter color with a stronger bleach to make that happen. Unless you have experience with bleach you shouldn’t try it because you could fry your hair. On the flip side, if you want to dye your hair to a very dark chestnut brown from a lighter color, be careful. You’ll most likely get the color right going darker, but be sure it is what you want. Dark dye can end up looking harsh on an older woman and it is harder to get rid of. If you plan to go dark, you need to be sure about it and should try it with non-permanent first.

    I have found that the mid range hair colors give the best results. You want something with a bright vibrant hue but not too shiny or synthetic looking. Dark Strawberry blond, Golden dark blond, Light Golden Brown, and similar colors in this middle range are the safest colors to try when it comes to at home hair dye.

    Bright shiny hair colors turn out 2-3 times as bright!

    I’ve found that really bright synthetic colors can come out looking really fake looking and that right there can age your face. Anything too bright shiny red or purplish is going to be too bright and synthetic on your hair. It’s better to choose a flatter color but one that is rich in hue. It should look like real hair on the box. If it looks too synthetic on the box, it is going to look even worse on your hair. If you get a bright red, it will come out probably two or three times as shiny as you expected once it is all over your head. Remember, the hair color pictures on the color box are really small and once you get that all over your head it always looks intensified. If it’s a bright color, it looks brighter. If it’s a dark color it looks darker. It’s going to be more of whatever it was trying to be because its all over your head now and not covering a square inch sample swatch picture that you see on the hair dye box.

    Dark brown hair colors turn out 2-3 times as dark!

    Dark hair color tends to really be dark once it is all over your whole head of hair. I have to warn that dark chestnut brown or darker jet black is really hard to get out of your hair. That dark color will stick in your hair for quite a while. Right now the whole Megan Fox. Demi Moore, Marie Osmond hair color look is popular so many women are trying to go dark.

    Dark color can look really synthetic and harsh on an older women. It brings out skin flaws for sure, and you need nice skin in order to look good. Try non-permanent dark dyes first before you commit to permanently dyeing your hair dark. Be sure you want and love the dark color because you don’t want to damage your hair lifting the color out of it. Dark brown colors on the box look very dark on hair. In general expect a dark hair color to look 2-3 times darker than what the hair dye picture on the box shows. Once it is all over your head a deep hued hair color always appear darker.

    Light blond hair colors turn out 2-3 times LESS light

    One of the most common problems women have with at home hair dye is that their hair turns orange instead of the expected blond. This is often because the original color of their natural hair is too dark and the dye is not strong enough to lift the color all the way up. To go up more than 3 shades you normally need stronger dye than what you can get at the drug store. Don’t attempt to lift your hair up too many colors with drugstore hair dye because it won’t work. As a rule I have noticed that if you are trying to get hair lighter, expect it not to make it up as far as what the hair dye box picture is showing you. If you have light brown hair, for example, you might be better off going for golden dark blond than a pale blond.

    Shades of pale blond are really tricky and work best if you already have hair that is light in color. The blond shades like ash blonde or champagne blonde for example can come out looking really dull and drab. Deeper golden blonde colors with some deeper tones are easier to get right if you have brown hair.

    If you look at the picture of me at the top of this web site, it looks like I have auburn hair color on my hair. In fact, it is a strawberry blond color by Revlon ColorSilk. Obviously my hair is not strawberry blond, it is more of an auburn in that picture. Which is to say that on my brown hair, a strawberry blond home hair dye is not going to lift my hair all the way up to strawberry blonde. It comes out a few shades darker. For me, it had the desired effect. I wanted a pure vibrant auburn color and used strawberry blonde hair dye to get it. It’s really hard to judge just based on swatches and the color charts on the hair dye product. Do the test streaks on your own hair to see if it gives you the shade of hair color you really desire. I would try test streaking several different colors before you commit to one. You’ll see the difference between them on your hair and you will know which hair color is going to look best on you.

    Hair Color Mistakes

    If your at home permanent dye hair project turns to disaster, try not to panic. Permanent hair dye implies permanent, yet even the permanent hair dyes fade and wash out. The hair color lifts substantially after even just a few weeks. Never go really dark unless you’ve tried the look with non-permanent and also test streaks since dark hair dye is the slowest and hardest to lift out of hair. If an at home hair dye experiment leaves your hair dull and drab try using a non-permanent wash in a nice hue over it. That will conceal the drabness and give the color time to fade out.

    At home hair dye saves you the substantial costs of beauty salon hair appointments, yet there is little point if your attempt leads to a hair color disaster!

    I hope these hair color tips help you choose the best home hair color for your hair. Most experts recommend doing the all over color at home over doing hair streaks such as the one where you pull hairs out of a cap to streak them. I’ll talk about home hair streaking in a different article. At home hair color can be really, really tricky. But, if you are lucky enough to be able to choose a great hair color for yourself that you can apply at home, your financial saving on the beauty salon appointments will be huge. Remember, plan it out carefully and test streak the hair color methodically first so you don’t blow it!

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