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    How to get gorgeous naturally – top three all natural beauty tips to become gorgeous

    As the tell tale signs of aging take over, many women lose hope that they can ever be gorgeous again. When you combine an aging face with a body that is out of shape together, it is hard to wonder how you can ever become gorgeous as you age. Can you ever be gorgeous at fifty years old? While it is true that we can never turn back the clock, there are certain things that a woman can do at any point in life that will make her more gorgeous. Of course women our age dream of getting plastic surgery to change themselves into a more youthful version. Cosmetic surgery is definately an option, yet it requires consideration and saving money. In the mean time, there are three 100% free avenues to becoming more gorgeous: eating yourself gorgeous, exercising yourself gorgeous, and styling yourself more gorgeous.

    Three tips to get naturally gorgeous! Eat yourself gorgeous, exercise yourself gorgeous, and style yourself gorgeous. Free!

    1. Eat yourself gorgeous to become more gorgeous

    Vitamins, minerals, nurtients, and drinking fluids are all vital for giving you a natural healthy glow and enhancing natural cell renewal for gorgeous hydrated skin. Small dietary changes can lead to big health gains. Simple measures such as cutting back somewhat on fried and fatty foods will do wonders. Also focus on eating a diet with substantial vegetarian food in it. Vegetables are critical as they are packed with essential vitamins A, vitamins E and vitamins C. A, C and E vitamins will definitely help your skin and complexion stay radiant and beautiful.

    Vegetarian proteins such as tofu, soy, and beans are great yet it certainly makes it easier to get your protein in with a bit of lean meat here and there, most notably skinless chicken. Fish is also a good source of protein and is also rich in the omega 3 fatty acids which will keep your skin smooth, soft and supple. Protein and oils are essential to your diet, just as much as fruits and vegetables. By including fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet you should get all the vitamins you need. If your immunity is down and you find yourself getting sick often you may want to take an inexpensive multi vitamin or (if you don’t enjoy swallowing pills) look into vitamin powder supplements or all natural organic shakes that can further enhance (but not replace) your diet.

    2. Exercise yourself gorgeous to become more gorgeous

    Any form of exercise does a mature woman good, as long as it is done safely and consistently. I personally enjoy walking and light workouts at the gym using the cardio machines or nautilus equipment. Some women like to do aerobics, jog or run, although I believe that more strenuous pounding can have negative side effects on your joints and lead to strains and injuries. I prefer low impact exercise, gentle stretching, and basic resistance training to tone your body (which you can get with nautilus). For low impact cardio exercsie you could try swimming, riding a bike or doing the cardo bike or stair climbing machine at the gym.

    Even simple walking will keep your body young and healthy. Walking can help you maintain a stable weight, it is easy to do, and it will keep your circulation going. Being sendentary can lead to bad circulation and even the development of varicose veins and splotchy skin. Keep your blood flowing by keeping moving. My step father is nearing ninety and doctors always recommend that the elderly like him stay moving as long as possible. An older person can become more and more frail. They dread the day they have to use a walker to get around, and using a wheel chair when the body starts to buckle is another adjustment. Prolong your healthy days by getting consistent safe exercise and avoid injury by staying in your comfort zone.

    Walking is great but if want to really stay in good physical condition look into incorportating moderate resistance training where your pit the different parts of your body against a weight. This is the single most thing that will keep your body toned up (as opposed to just slender). Nautilus machines at the gym using even very light weights can be a great way to get your body toned and gorgeous. Toning (via resistance training) and developing some lean muscle under the skin helps your skin stay tight and smooth giving it a good underlying support structure. Muscle tone can really minimize both the appearance and development of sagging skin and unsightly cellulite.

    3. Style yourself gorgeous to become more gorgeous

    You can style yourself gorgeous naturally using just the clothes in your closet and generic makeup from the 99 cent store. You do not have to be a rich and famous celebrity to enhance your personal style. The biggest enhancement you can make is to choose clothing, makeup, hair color and length that complement your natural beauty. If you already have makeup at home, try to single out the colors that are natural and earthy and use them. A little bit of makeup in neutral colors that smooth the appearance of your facial skin and draw attention to your eyes can do wonders in playing up your natural beauty.

    Concealer is the most important makeup step. If you abhore makeup you could look into organic makeup products and things like mineral makeups. Even a concealer, organic mineral foundation, mascara and burt’s bees lip gloss can enhance your natural features and play them up. If you’ve got it, you should flaunt it. Keep skin moisterized with a lotion or cream that agrees with your skin and causes no irritation. Consider hypoallergenic cosmetics and organic all natural creams if you have super sensitive skin. Whole foods market has a big aisle with organic beauty products if you are looking for what is available to enhance your hair makeup using all natural ingredients (or check out your local health food store).

    Wearing hair a little bit longer and leaving some strategic natural wave and volume in your hair will make you look years younger. If you have gray, white, platinum or blond hair consider how it complements your skin tone and complexion. Some times a little bit of home hair color can make your hair and face contrast better. If you do not like the chemicals in hair dyes you could look into organic alternatives that will add gentle tone to your hair including henna. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair soft and avoid sticky hair products that make your hair crunchy.

    The clothes in your closet is the first place to look for no cost natural beauty. Classy neutral colors that bring out your eye and hair color and create a good contrast will make you look more gorgeous. Avoid loud pattern prints and things like t-shirts with big letters or pictures on them. Keep it simple. Women can get rather frumpy with their clothes wearing boxy sweatshirts and baggy pants that do little for their figures. Choose simple clothes that fit well. Pick items that have a nice neckline. I like stretch material as it fits loosely yet accentuates your curves and natural shape.

    Find a medium between wearing all black or severe plain colors, and all florals and noisy patterns. Solid colors in earthy and jewel tones are really attractive. Try a mix of blacks, browns, tans, whites, burgandy, blues, deep green, turquise, etc. Avoid pinks and mauves and washed out beiges as they tend to look matronly. In every outfit try to have overall simplicity with one feature item. For example, accent an outfit with a cool necklace or accessory. Or wear a bright top with a neutral pant. Only wear at most one busy item at a time. Look at yourself in the mirror. You should look classy and clean with one item creating a feature that enhances the look and makes it more dazzling. Don’t have multiple busy clashing pieces at once (e.g., prints, mismatched belt, shoes, sock, purse coat).

    Learning to enhance natural beauty not only will make you gorgeous, it will also improve your health and sense of well being

    Women can be attractive at any age. Perhaps you won’t be whistled at while strolling down the road (would you even want to be?) yet feeling better about yourself is a great feeling. Getting on a roll where you exercise and eat more nutriciously can do wonders for your self esteem. Any improvement in your appearance gained through healthy eating and exercise makes shopping for clothes and using cosmetics even more enjoyable and fun. Your peers will definitely take note of a new and improved you as well. Best of all, you may just feel better!

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    How to get gorgeous naturally? Three ways to get gorgeous: Eat yourself gorgeous, Exercise yourself gorgeous, Style yourself gorgeous. Dream to become more gorgeous at fifty!

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