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    Be Photogenic. Be Gorgeous for Linked In or an Online Internet Dating Profile Photo

    In this article I give three simple tricks to be photogenic when taking a picture of your face. You want your true beauty to show in any picture that you take. You might need an attractive picture of your face for things like your facebook profile, an internet online dating profile picture, a linked in profile, a meetup group, or a professional organization that you belong to. I am going to give you 3 simple beauty tips for how to be more photogenic when having a picture taken of your face for such purposes.

    You know that supermodels are always described as photogenic. And, whether or not you are photogenic may or may not necessarily even be related to one’s physical appearance. Models have skin, hair and facial features that photograph well. But beyond that, the super models also learn skills to maximize the outcome of a photograph. They learn how to photograph their best and look the most beautiful that they possibly can.

    As we age, we can become more sensitive to our older faces and not keen on having pictures taken. Do you dislike having your photograph taken now that you are more mature? Many mature women do not like to take pictures because they do not feel beautiful in them much less photogenic. Of course some women are naturally beautiful and will photograph as such, and some women have a knack for looking stellar in photographs. When it comes down to taking a picture of your face, I have a few pointers that any woman can do to look better in photos. You can try out these three tricks for capturing your best facial photo and maybe you won’t have to run for cover when the camera says cheese.

    Now, obviously the lighting, camera quality, photographer’s skills, your makeup and clothes, all play a role in whether a photograph turns out well. Sometimes, the most candid shots ever of a person can yield a great pic. But what I am talking about here are three simple things that you personally can do with your face and head to maximize your beauty in the shot. This is for women who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for professional studio photographs, but still want a good picture. This will also help you look your best in any picture you take with friends, family etc.


    Especially for mature women, it is important to smile and exude happiness in the picture. Even if this displays your smile lines, crow’s feet, or need for some Botox haha, smiling is worth it. Smile Crinkles or not, smile. The reason that smiling is important for an older woman is that it exudes youthful exuberance and happiness. I will say that younger fashion models can do the sexy and sultry come hither look. They have no smile, and are looking like they are mad or serious or looking off into some direction while striking a sexy pose. Now, that is all well and good. However, when you are older, the sexy and sultry look can very quickly look sullen and shrew like. I am sorry to say it but it is true. Sultry can look harsh on a mature woman. The best possible beauty asset you can project is a happy exuberant smile. Of course it can’t be faked. But if you are happy and you know it then smile big and natural. I promise this will increase the appeal of the photograph. I love photography and have taken photographs for some of my friends for their dating and facebook profiles so I do know what I am talking about!

    Keep your head level and vertical

    I have noticed that when your head is tipped over – forward, backward or over to the left or right side, the picture does not really come out the best. I mean yes you could get a good photograph like that, but imagine if you will, every cosmopolitan magazine cover that ever was. I am sure you know that the models heads are close to upright and even square to the camera. In order to try and maximize your photogenic potential, I think you should keep your head up for a picture and not tip it way over to a side. If you want to understand what this means, imagine a drop line from each ear to the corresponding shoulder. The distance between your ear lobe and your shoulder should be close to equal on both sides. Without the tipped over head you have a way better chance of getting a good photograph taken. That’s not to say that you can’t turn your body slightly to the side or turn your head to the left or right. Some women photograph really good head on, while others photograph better with the head and/or body turned slightly to the left or the right. Different angles look more attractive on different women, depending on their facial features. Even if you turn your body slightly, or turn your head slightly, your head should still be close to straight up and down.

    As long as you keep the distance from ear lobe to shoulder almost the same on both sides, you can experiment with turning your head and your body slightly to find your best camera angle. Another way to think of this beauty tip, in case you are confused, is that you want your eyes to stay level. Don’t let one eye tip much lower than the other, as that means your head is tipping too far over. Think of a line going down the middle of your face – you want that line to remain straight up and down. Okay, you should have the basic concept down now.

    Look at the camera

    Yes models can be looking off into different directions as they contemplate whatever while looking spectacular and sexy. But if you think of magazine covers and even posters in most cases the beautiful woman is looking right into the camera. I think if you look right at the camera and exude a little sex appeal and a twinkle of the eye so to speak, that the photograph of your face will turn out to be more attractive. So remember these three beauty tips next time you find yourself in front of the camera lens: Smile, Keep a somewhat level head, and Look right into the camera.

    Nikon Camera did a poll of 4000 British women when they were promoting their new D300 camera and a few of the top photogenic winners were Cheryl Cole, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Megan Fox. Cheryl Cole (shown in the picture at right) was voted the most photogenic of all in the Nikon poll. I actually had never heard of Cheryl Cole until I researched and wrote the article for this blog post – she is a British singer. I show a picture of her for fun. She is completely beautiful and exudes happiness for the photos. I can see why Cheryl Cole was voted most photogenic in Nikon’s camera poll. You can practice my three free simple Be Photogenic tips with your cell phone and let me know how it goes!

    Be Photogenic.  Be Gorgeous.  Online Internet dating Profile Photo.

    Show your true beauty! Smile, Keep your head relatively level and look directly at the camera with your eyes for a gorgeous internet dating profile photo. Look happy and beautiful!

    Mature Beauty 3 Tips to be Photogenic for Internet Dating Profile Pics

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