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    Ionized and Alkaline Water (aka H2O dot CON) Will designer water make you beautiful?

    Ionizer water is the latest in designer water filter systems. Drinking water is great for your skin. I like the idea of a water system that gives you pure, fresh, clean water! But I don’t believe that expensive water and water systems will make you beautiful, stronger and younger as some water companies claim. I tend to think that water is water. I’ve been seeing expensive water purifying water and water machines and decided to read up on the fountain of youth anti-ageing water claims. I do believe that tap water can be polluted. I do believe that some areas have proven contaminated water – like areas near nuclear power plants or where there is known carcinogenic waste in the ground near water sources. In these cases, I think avoiding unsanitized drinking water that is known to be polluted is prudent. But safety can be enhanced using simple precautions like running the water through a inexpensive water filter or skipping it altogether and drinking water purchased at the super market.

    I think outrageously expensive water and so called oxygen water machines are scammy overkill
    and generally preying on the publics fears of drinking water for the purpose of making money off you the innocent consumer (but that’s just my personal opinion). Let’s just say that water products in general are a bit grandiose there in their claims – they have everything from making you smart water to making you happy water. But then again, what do I know? Water systems are really popular these days, as are specialty bottled waters. I’m just being the devils advocate here because obviously there are people buying these machines and designer water and loving them.

    Having seen several ads for ionized water machines that reduce the acidity of water, I decided to read up on ionized water. Supposedly these waters are the “fountain of youth” but I say bah humbug. I personally think anti-ageing special water is hype. That’s not to say that drinking water is not good for you because it is. But I don’t think you need to buy special expensive water and water machines to reap the benefits of staying well hydrated.

    I recently read something about a water called “Kangen Water”. I guess you can buy this expensive water and once hooked on it, you then get sold a kangen miracle water machine from the Enagic company. I’ve heard the water machines cost 4000.00 plus, and that they are sold through a commission scheme where in up to eight people can make commission selling you this heavily marked up machine. The sales of these machines are done through this pyramid sales scheme. Competitors to Kangen like the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer try to call Kangen a scam and then they proceed to try to sell you their own water machine to the tune of around $1695. Hmmm sounds like competing ionizer water system companies to me.

    Water Cluster Quakery

    Well supposedly these miracle water machines produced ionized alkaline water wherein the water is grouped together in 5-6 water molecules instead of the 10-13 found in tap water. The claim is that these smaller micro clusters are able to be more quickly and easily absorbed by the body, therein hydrating the tissues more effectively. I didn’t see any information on the web proving research that these clusters hydrate tissues more effectively, but I did see many articles on the web claiming that the water cluster theory is quakery.

    Alkaline Water

    The claim is that alkaline water is a miracle drug. It supposedly does everything under the sun, including – increasing energy, reversing the aging process, lowering blood pressure, flushing acidic waste from the body, making calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium minerals into a better form that the body can assimilate, warding off cancer. Wow. I don’t really buy into these claims and there aren’t any water research sites that I saw that prove this, however there are sites that sell water and water machines that claim this type of stuff. I’m skeptical. Call this a wild guess, but if you really needed to reduce acidity maybe you can take some Alka-Seltzer or Milk of Magnesia (don’t try it).

    Oxygen Water

    Water that has oxygen pumped into it. I think advertising water that is oxygenated and somehow going to increase your physical athletic performance is total gimmick bordering on pure myth. I’m assuming (and maybe I’m dumb), that you can probably get more oxygen by taking an extra breath. If you did a web search on oxygen water you would certainly see that there have been actual kinesiology studies at some really reputable universities that show that oxygenated water does not improve athletic performance over regular water.

    Most of the water related sites on the internet that claim that oxygenated water is good are actually trying to sell you something … like oxygenated water! Some of the oxygenized water companies have done studies and they claim that oxygenized water improves performance, energy levels and recovery. And they have athletes that vouch for the claims. But the problem is that most of these studies never get peer reviewed by outside researchers and it’s pretty impossible to tell if their claims are even reliable much less true.

    Ionized Water

    I’ve read claims that ionized water can act as an anti-oxidant and fight off free radicals and that it can even reverse or halt the aging process! I personally don’t really believe that oxygen pumped water is a real anti-oxidant of any significant consequence. Our own bodies are probably designed to anti-oxidize naturally and more effectively than an electrolysis water machine would.

    Acidic Water

    The usual claim is that acidic water is bad for you and should never be consumed. So they try to sell you water machines that create more alkaline water. The counter claims are that the stomach has built in corrosion protection against it’s own gastric juices that are way more toxic than any acid in mountain water you might be drinking. Most claims are that acidic water is bad and you need alkaline water. But some hucksters claim the exact opposite, that acidic water is actually good for you! There are some claims that acidic water is a great astringent, hair conditioner, antiseptic for cuts, and improves skin infections. My unsubstantiated counter claim is to go drink some diluted vinegar or orange juice, which are both acidic and would most likely give you the same so called health benefits.

    The Placebo Effect

    Have you ever heard of the Skeptic society? On the issue of designer water, that skeptic society would include me. I’m not really buying into any of these miracle water claims. What do I know, but I think some bottled Ralph’s brand water or Arrowhead water is good enough for me to consume. I know if I consume water, it helps keep me hydrated. Bottled water or top water that is run through a filter, or Arrowhead water for that matter, are reasonable sane options as far as I am concerned.  If you buy an expensive water machine, that might convince you to drink more water at the very least, and we know that drinking water is good for you.

    As for the acid thing, cranberry juice is pretty acidic from what I understand. If you want to clean up the urinary tract and help prevent adhesion of bacteria to surfaces in the urinary tract you can just drink some cranberry juice (But if you have a urinary tract infection I don’t even think cranberry can do squat to cure it, you would likely need antibiotics). It sounds like all these machines and special waters are basically disinfected water. They probably are no better than putting a miniscule drop of house bleach in your water (but don’t you dare try this at home!). 

    Remember what the Placebo effect is? That’s where they give you a bunch of pills (or in this case water), that do pretty much nothing, but since you believe in your silly heart of hearts that they do something, you actually feel better. I’m not sure about this, but maybe these people running around high on the benefits of expensive water are having some sort of placebo effect. Just a guess.

    Aqua Scams

    I would be concerned about dirty tap water, however these concerns can most likely be addressed in more practical manners than buying expensive machines that seem to want to capitalize off the polluted water fears. I would probably look into drinking bottled water or simple water filter systems before buying into the high priced aqua machines. My totally unscientific conclusion is that you should not pay huge money for special water, but you should drink lots of good old regular water. If you are concerned about dirty tap water (and that can be a concern as studies do show a lot of contaminants in tap water especially near certain locations), you can try bottled water from the market, running the tap water through an effective filter, or getting some good old arrowhead water. I don’t doubt that the expensive water filtration systems output cleaner water, I just think their claims about how it’s the fountain of youth are a little bit over the top! PS If you’re rich get an expensive water ionizer machine like Kangen and comment blow as to whether you like it!

    Kagen Water

    I’ve been seeing expensive water purifying machines and decided to read up on the fountain of youth anti-ageing water claims. I'd get one if I had $$$ to spend on water (but I don't)

    Would you spend thousands of dollars on an anti-aging pure water system?

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