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    get Sexy Full Lips. Juvederm Lip Injections price and the Lip Plumping Money Pit

    Juvederm Lips. Lip and wrinkle fillers like Juvederm are the new beauty trend. Millions of women are paying for the filler injections. Expect to pay around $300 for lip filling with Juvederm injections and up to $400 more for facial injections of Juvederm to fill wrinkles, nose grooves and facial lines which lasts a few months. It’s expensive, some women love it

    Lip Augmentation with temporary fillers are here to stay, and it’s a matter of whether you want to put your beauty dollars into your big pout or not. Juvederm is a hyaluronic facial filler that is used to to augment the face and lips and competes as one of the top three facial fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, and Collagen). The goal of these temporary fillers is to enhance fullness in the face and mouth area, filling in deep grooves and lines in the face to create a softer more youthful look. Lip and facial fillers are extremely popular amongst women now and over the years have become a regular part of many women’s beauty routines.

    How long does Juvederm last?

    The doctors generally state that Juvederm can last up to a year but more typically lasts anywhere from 6-9 months depending on the location of the injections. In the marionette laugh lines and nasolabial fold it seems seems to last longer than in the lips, which only last around four to six months. Like with Botox, I think the length of time the Juvederm product lasts is a bit shorter than what they claim. I estimate only a few months at best before you would be thinking of getting more, but it does obviously vary from person to person. The more movement you have, the faster it will tend to dissipate. The longevity also depends on it being injected properly and, obviously, exactly how much of it is injected.

    How long does swelling last?

    The hyaluronic acid initially absorbs water and it my appear swollen in the first 48 hours post injection. I have heard complaints from women saying that their lips were uneven in the first one or two days after injection. One side can swell more than the other. Women are generally happiest with the result after 3-4 days when the initial swelling has gone down. As with all lip injections you can get bruising where the needle is placed into your lip which can last up to a week but can be covered with concealer. I personally do not like these injections. Some doctors’ say don’t look at your lips for the first 2 days and don’t massage them during that time (as it can aggravate them and cause more swelling). I don’t recommend getting injected the night before you hit the Academy Awards red carpet and risk being called Duck Lips by the parparazzi (hehe). If there are still irregularities after several days you can get them touched up to smooth out any irregularities. The doctor can also use Widase or Vitrase to help dissolve the Juvederm fast in cases where it is overdone or done incorrectly.

    How to avoid the bruising after getting Juvederm

    I personally think the bruising has to do with how the doctor angles the needle into you when making the injection and whether it irritates as it goes into the skin. I think it is the doctor’s technique that dictates the bruising the most – staying in the appropriate plane of skin and handling the needle as it goes in. They say you should avoid aspirin and other products like ibuprofen, motrin, aleve, vitamin e products and ginko (basically any product that could thin your blood, is a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory or is known to have properties that increase bruising) to reduce the possibility of bruising. Many doctors will give you a wedge of ice in a small plastic baggie or a frozen little balloon filled with ice water to place gently on the site right after the injection. You can also try icing beforehand which can constrict the blood vessels a bit and may help reduce bruising too. Ice can definitely help minimize the possibility of swelling and bruising. I have also read that herbal remedies such as arnica montana can reduce swelling, although you would have to make sure that you are not allergic or sensitive to such herbal vitamins. Some women like to get numbing cream on their skin for a few minutes prior to the injections to cut the pain while others tolerate the injections with no numbing cream at all. It depends on your sensitivity.

    Which is more popular Restylane or Juvederm?

    From what I read, Restylane is associated with more bulk and substance than Juvederm, along with a little less swelling. Juvederm is associated with a very soft appearance that settles into the lips quite nicely, but lacks the ability to substantially fill in deep areas like substantial nasolabial folds (the groove lines going from the nose to the mouth). They now have something called Juvderm Ultra which is designed to be thicker and more dense than the regular Juvederm. I think Restylane is a little more popular with many of the doctors than Juvederm is. Both products are non-animal derived hyaluronic acid based fillers. A lot also depends on what good prices the doctors can get on the raw product and if the manufacturers are offering any kind of specials or rebates. In general, it comes down to preference and price, much like “Pepsi” verses “Coke”.

    How much does Juvederm cost?

    The cost of Juvederm is roughly $550/syringe. Juvederm is manufactured and marketed by Allergan, the same company behind Botox Cosmetic and Latisse. I have read that Juvederm cost for filling in both lips and facial grooves can average $700 per treatment. Getting just your lips filled only will likely cost you around $300. The cost of one syringe of Juvederm (0.8cc) is typically $500 to $600 dollars depending on where you live. Doctors really vary the price and it is definitely worth shopping around, however anyone you go to should be experienced, highly recommended, and have a good reputation. For you to be willing to spend this insane amount of money, you should really know exactly how much product you are getting. Don’t be naive about it when this kind of money is involved. If you don’t know exactly how many cc’s you are getting, you are making a financial mistake.

    Would you recommend Juvederm?

    The biggest complaints that I have heard about Juvederm have to do with unwanted swelling, and irregular results particularly when it is injected under the eye area. I have seen polls that estimate just over 50% (I saw 56% in one poll) of people who get juvederm injections feel that it was worth it. Many doctors say that you should avoid permanent fillers in your lips and they try to sell you Juvederm and Restylane. It’s no wonder …Do you know how much passive income they make off women getting repeat injections? I personally despise non permanent fillers as they are a money pit and do not last. It’s true that they are low risk in the sense that results dissipate and permanent damage is unlikely, however the fact that you have to keep paying for renewed injections make it just not worth it in my opinion. The fact that this stuff dissipates into your system is actually sort of scary to me, especially when you think about repeating the injections over and over for years. I believe you can save money substantially by foregoing these nonsense injections and focusing on other aspects of your beauty (like health, fitness, stacking up your money and maybe getting a facelift or other desired procedures later in life, etc).

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