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    Apocalips: Awful trout pout (lips plumped with collagen) resulting in freakish lips

    Given that celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are all over media with their youthful plush kissable lips, it is no surprise that lip plumping procedures using collagen, juvederm and restalyne are so popular.  The unfortunate thing is that so many older women follow suit and are now getting the lip injections too.  The result of such cosmetic injections are in fact not always pleasing, particularly on older ladies.  But more disturbing than the unflattering visual result of the overly inflated lips is the fact that these fillers don’t last and so once the lips deflate down again more money is spent on new injections (months later) and a vicious cycle ensues.

    Trout Pout

    I personally have tried these injections and at the time that I got it, I thought it looked really good on me because it filled out my lips and diminished lines around my mouth.  I thought I looked more youthful and was initially pleased.  It wasn’t until I started taking some photographs that I noticed it caused an imbalance in my face.  My lips looked so overly big that my eyes and other features looked small in comparison.  I did not look prettier I just looked different.  And that is the problem.  When over done (or newly done), the over plumped lips actually shift everything off in terms of the aesthetic balance of your face.  The lips take over the face and it is not pretty on a mature face.  One solution is to not get as much injected into your lips however that latches you even more into having to constantly go back and pay for more moderate lip injections. 

    It is only because I do take photos study and inspect this beauty stuff that I could see it.  I did not look prettier.  I looked uglier.  I looked like a lady that had gotten collagen injections. I also saw it was a never ending expense cycle that really would make me look phony not younger.   I quickly and happily put and end to that money pit.  I simply don’t have the money to spend on never ending injections so it is just as well.  Some women don’t see the light and they continue to over inject, waste their money, and look absurd.  I don’t think men are all that lip obsessed that they would even notice or care about this stuff. I guess the bottom line is that unless your lips really bother you that much, there might be better ways to beautify yourself that are going to cost you less money than lip injections. You have to really think about whether the injections are making you look substantially better, or whether you just think they are making you look better but they really aren’t.

    Fat Lips verses thin Lips

    I should add that it is easier to have the injections look plausible when you are younger (and don’t really need them anyways).   It seriously does not suit a mature face and looks phony and out of place.  Meg Ryan is an example as she looked great with the thinner lips and she looks fake with the fat lips.  I like Meg Ryan I just think she’s pretty without the trout lips.  Lisa Rinna of the old show Melrose Place is a celebrity largely known for her over inflated lips. Nicole Kidman recently did something to enlarge her lips and she is slammed on many of the gossip sites for looking weird with the new lips. She had thinner lips when she was younger and was quite beautiful. On the other end of the lip size spectrum, Farah Fawcett was a sex symbol with thin lips.  Heidi Klum, the gorgeous older supermodel and host of Project Runway, has thin lips.  Heather Locklear has thin lips.  Christie Brinkley has thin lips. Sports illustrated model Alessandra Ambrosio has thin lips.  There are hordes of gorgeous women around with thin lips!

    Permanent Lip Enhancement

    Most plastic surgeons will happily let you buy Restylane or Collagen injections because they know it probably won’t kill you, it may please you, and most certainly it will enrich them when they get you permanently hooked on the stuff and coming back to their office paying them for ever more.  You’re lips are like a retirement investment to them.  The price point for these injections is just insane – to the tune of hundreds of dollars each and every time you get injected!

    If your lips are that horrible and you hate them that much, I would suggest looking into more permanent alternatives.  You could consult a plastic surgeon that specializes in permanent lip procedures like lip implants or lip lifts. Yes that may be extreme but in some sense it is far more practical to consider than plowing money into your lips over and over and over. Lip implants are rather risky however it is possible to get a small increase. I personally would rather get my lips 10% larger for life, than pay for injections and inflate up and down constantly. If you really have a problem with your lips, it is worth investigating all of your options at the very least.

    There are several inexpensive alternatives to enhance the appearance of your lips that don’t involve plastic surgery. You can also get a lip liner tattoo just slightly outside your lips border by a teeny miniscule amount. If the tattoo matches your lip color it can create an illusion of slightly larger lips. Learning to do the right makeup can help as well, as you can minimize attention to the lips and wear light color and gloss and bring attention to other features of your face that are more attractive. Some women get the lip injections not because they want to fatten their lips but because they want to diminish wrinkles around their lips that are caused by aging or smoking. You can get dermabrasion around your mouth which can smooth out fine wrinkles around your lips as an alternative to filling them.

    As you can see from my discussion, I am not a fan of addictive temporary lip injections as they have a tendency to entrap the person getting them into a false sense of beauty while continuously emptying their wallet at the same time.  The result is awful and looks like awful plastic surgery to me.  If it looks completely obvious that you are inflating your lips then I don’t think that looks beautiful. It is trout pout to the extreme, and I like to call it Apocalips.

    If you repeatedly get lip injections of collagen, juvederm or restylane you may become lip dysmorphic, poor from the cost of the injections, and ugly!

    If you repeatedly get lip injections of collagen, juvederm or restylane you may just become lip dysmorphic, poor from the cost of the injections, and ugly! Too pricey and looks weird

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