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    Lip Plumper Make Up: How to best enhance your “Audrina Patridge” lips with makeup

    Lip Plumper

    Free Lip enhancer! Lip plumping trick using lip liner to give you natural looking plumper bee stung lips. This enhancement trick will also minimize lip wrinkles.

    Lip Plumper and enhancement using my Lip Liner illusion trick

    The best way to get plump lips like Angelina Jolie is to be born with them. The next best way to get plumper lips like Angelina Jolie is to see a plastic surgeon about getting a lip lift, lip implants or silicon injections into the lips. Since all of those three options are pretty drastic, the next best way to get bigger lips like Angeline Jolie is to get them injected with fillers like restylane, collagen, perlane or radiesse (even though it won’t last). You can also get a permanent lip liner tattoo just outside your natural lip line to give an illusion of a slightly larger lip (but you had better like that tattoo because it won’t come off anytime soon).

    If none of those choices sounds desirable to you, let’s talk about some simple things you can do for free to make your lips look bigger and more luscious. I did some research on the web on “how to get Angelina Jolie lips at home” advice, and I am going to iterate through some of those tips that that I deem NOT tip worthy in my opinion. Then, I am going to walk you through what I think actually works to make your lips look bigger for just a few dollars. I am using lips like Audrina Patridge from the MTV show The Hills for this example. Audrina Patridge is totally gorgeous and has lips like many women where the upper lip is much thinner than the bottom lip. If you love, love, love this look that I suggest, but need more, more, more volume and can’t get enough of it, then yes you may want to look into some more drastic measures of lip enhancement and consider if cosmetic lip injections or permanent lip enhancement plastic surgery is really the thing that you deem worthy of spending precious beauty dollars on.

    Lets start with the at home lip plumping tips that I say generally: don’t work.

    Exfoliate Lips – Exfoliating your lips cannot physically make them any bigger.

    Rubbing lips vigorously with a towel or washcloth and exfoliating them is not going to give you Angeline Jolie lips (in my opinion). The fact of the matter is that rubbing your lips is really not going to make your lips turn bigger. Duh. I’ve even seen tips to blow dry your lips and I think that is rather silly. If exfoliating isen’t bad enough advice, I even found tips claiming that cinnamon and cayenne pepper paste plump the lips (I claim pure quakery on those silly tips). I don’t think cayenne pepper will plump your lips and it certainly won’t make your lips more kissable.

    Use Lip Plumper – sorry lip plumper products won’t augment your lips either

    Lip plumping products (such as lip plumping gloss) that you buy from the beauty shop or drugstore are useless in my opinion and will acheive pretty much nothing towards getting you Angelina Jolie lips. I think they are a waste of your money. Anything that is a retail beauty product that purports to plump your lips be it a gloss cream or mechanical device or machine is not going to create any long lasting effect and is in my opinion a complete waste of your beauty money. I would not bother with store bought lip enhancers, cosmetics or mechanical lip plumpers.

    Use bright or very dark Lipstick – this will only serve to accentuate the thin lip problem!

    I would be wary of lipstick in very bright colors. I have seen many “how to” suggestions on the web about wearing dark or bright lipstick and neither of those are going to look good. I also see tips to put white shadow on the lips. I do not think that lips are going to look any substantially amount bigger from putting white shimmer or frosty sparkly shadows on them. Bright color lipstick can actually make your lips look smaller, not bigger.

    Prepping/erasing the lips with light beige pressed powder

    Some women find that they like to “prep” the lips somewhat with light beige pressed powder or simply by letting their concealer/liquid makeup steps cover their lips up somewhat making them more of a beige nude matte color. This can sometimes help women because it creates a clean slate for creating a new lip outline with a lip liner pencil and blotted lipstick (explained below) that is going to shape in your lips ever so slightly bigger than they are naturally. Whether you want to “prep” the lips by lightening them with powder or foundation is really a preference, some women like it. I personally don’t suggest you go overboard on erasing your lips on purpose because your final makeup is going to look too drawn in, fake and geisha like. I do think that concealer, foundation and liquid makeup can go around the entire mouth area in the case of women who have serious lip wrinkles and lip lines around the lips that run vertically. A light concealer with liquid foundation followed by pressed powder in a light beige shade around the mouth can minimize the appearance of these vertical (vertical lip wrinkles contribute to lipstick bleeding and feathering) type of lip wrinkles. Try to avoid dark foundation colors and bronzers around lips that have verticals lip wrinkles as the dark shade draws attention to the problem. Lighter shades of powder deflect attention away from such lines and lip wrinkles.

    These are at home lip plumping tips that I say generally do work. If you follow my steps on how to make lips look better I promise you that your lips will look larger and kissable.

    Line Lips with Nude Lip Pencil – this works and will help make your lips look bigger

    Line lips with Nude Lip Pencil that is just a hair darker than your natural lips. Go outside (yes, I mean outside, just outside) the lips and make sure to outline them in very strongly all the way around the lips. Gothic dark liner all around the lips is hideous so you don’t want to use a dark maroon color – however you do want to line your lips in that manner, you just need to choose the right color lip liner pencil. Choosing the right lip liner pencil in the right color is key. It can’t be too light of a pink/mauve tone otherwise it won’t be visible and it won’t make your lips look visibly bigger. It can’t be a dark maroon color or you are going to look weird and strange. It has to be close to the color of a well worn out brick. Many cosmetic brands call this nude yet strong lip liner color “Spice”.

    Here is a key piece of information. The lip liner pencil should not be one of those twist up crème type pencils. These pencils are generally too round tipped and blunt and if you try to use them to outline outside your lip line the creamy lip liner is going to bleed and smear into your skin and mouth wrinkles if you have them, and it won’t look good. For this trick you actually need a pointy pencil, the kind you sharpen with one of those little makeup sharpeners. Spend like five dollars getting a decent makeup pencil sharpener like a Revlon sharpener which you can find at the local Rite Aid or drugstore with makeup. Sharpen the pencil up and then go around your lips just ever so slightly outside the lip line. The end result should look a little bit darker than your natural lip color and be clean precise and visible.

    Apply lipstick (1-2 shades darker at most than lips) with finger then blot to set it

    Get a lipstick that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. Take your finger and get color on it then tap it all over your lips so that you lips now look like they are completely filled and your lip pencil outline should look like that is part of your real lips now. Use a tissue or paper towel to blot your lips slightly to tone it down so that it looks more like real lips than lipstick covered lips.

    Apply lip balm (not gloss) to lips to set the effect. Lip balm helps set the result.

    The final step is to apply a light coat of lip balm to the lips. Now, I am recommending lip balm as opposed to lip gloss. Lip balm is a little bit stickier than lip gloss and so if you use lip balm you aren’t going to be sliming off either the lip liner or the blotted lipstick. Instead you will be sealing it in and it will stay on for longer. Lip gloss is a little more slippery and you don’t want to use it for this because it’s going to cause the liner and lipstick to fade out quickly instead of staying set into place. A good lip balm to try would be Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm which you can get for a few dollars at the drug store and it lasts forever. Your slightly bigger lips should cheer you up and with practice you can wear this look every day and it will stay on. If you have a thin upper lip but like your lower lip you can apply the lip liner pencil trick only around the outside edge of the top lip to make the top lip look bigger. If you have a top lip that is too thin and your bottom lip too fat (as shown in the example), you can apply the lip liner around the outer edge of the top lip, but on the inner edge/rim of the bottom lip. This will enhance the top lip and shrink the bottom lip making them more equal sized and balanced. You can carry the lip liner pencil, sharpener, lipstick, a tissue and the lip balm in your purse if you love the look and need to touch it up while out for a long days excursion.

    If you fall in love with this look yet truly believe that you need more volume still, then consider visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss fillers and other more substantive lip augmentation options that might make sense for you. If on the other hand, you are happy with the liner and feel that it gives you the effect you desire, you can just add this to your makeup routine!

    If you get tired of applying lip liner after six or more months, you can even look into getting the liner permanently tattooed on, which eliminates one step of the process (as the lip liner would be permanent). I would not consider getting a permanent makeup tattoo unless you wear that look daily for at least six months and are 100% certain you love it. Remember that tattoos are considered permanent so you don’t want to get a tattoo that you don’t like! If you consider getting a permanent lip liner tattoo be sure to stick very close to your natural lip color so that it looks totally natural! You can always go darker but you can’t go lighter. Only go to a reputable permanent makeup artist that has done many, many permanent lip liners and look at their book of examples judiciously before even thinking about getting permanent lip liner tattoed on your lips.

    Illusion beauty trick for bigger lips using lip liner

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