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    Liposuction Los Angeles

    Liposuction Los Angeles women get liposuction surgery because they want the quintessential Hollywood star bikini body. Is liposuction cost effective for us older women though? If you’re over fifty, you may just opt for that face lift instead of that lipo!

    Why do women get Liposuction, especially Los Angeles woman?

    In the land of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills at least, liposuction is no longer a taboo. Hundreds of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area women get body contouring with liposuction surgery on a daily basis. The motto seems to be that if you can’t get rid of fat with your diet and exercise, then simply lipo it away.

    While traditionally plastic surgery procedures were only affordable to famous celebrities, this is no longer true. The cost of plastic surgery procedures as well as available plastic surgery financing makes a surgery such as liposuction more affordable to the every day women from LA to NYC and in between. Aging baby boomers care about what they look like more than ever and are regularly bombarded by famous aging celebs with still perfect bikini bodies. Women want that perfect hourglass figure and they are willing to leverage themselves financially and assume the surgery risks in order to try and get it.

    Is getting liposuction surgery safe for women?

    You would think that getting liposuction surgery in a major city like Los Angeles would be completely safe. But the more I am reading about liposuction LA, the more outlandish the reading material I find myself stumbling onto. Getting liposuction surgery in a major city such as Los Angeles, Chicago or New York implies safety but most certainly does not guarantee it. You’ll find all sorts of doctors in the major cities, and not all of them are going to be top notch board certified cosmetic surgeons. If I look up Los Angeles plastic surgeons on google search there are hundreds listed in the yellow pages! Among those, only a select handful of them are the best surgeons in town.

    Some of the liposuction procedures that you hear of are more peripheral and uncommon than others. If I were a woman looking to have liposuction I would tend stick to the most common body areas that this procedure addresses which is around the stomach, hips, inner and outer thighs. I would also go to a top notch plastic surgeon that performs such liposuction procedures on women with regularity. In this series of articles we will talk about liposuction, liposuction FAQ and also have a little bit of fun with the topic of lipo. To keep reading my ongoing series about the trials and tribulations of liposuction, press the liposuction tag at the bottom of this article.

    Gravitationally prone areas of the body

    A woman’s thighs, flanks, hips, abdomen, back, arms, calves, ankles, buttocks, neck and chest can all start to gravitate right down to the ground as she ages. It all heads downward. Each of these areas can be potentially addressed with liposuction surgery. But just because something can get liposuction, doesn’t mean it should get liposuction! There are certain parts of a woman’s body that can theoretically be addressed with liposuction, but are not as commonly performed by the surgeons.

    The anterior thighs (the front of the thighs), chest, calves and ankles for example, are places on a woman’s body that are not as common for liposuction. The buttocks themselves are rare for liposuction also, because liposuction to the buttock is likely to just flatten and drop them more instead of lifting them. I personally know of one woman who was overweight, and she got liposuction around her knees and was happy with the results. Some overweight women acquire excess pockets of fat around their bra strap line, requiring liposuction of their back. Generally speaking though, I would be very wary of getting liposuction on a less common area such as buttock, chest, front of thighs, or calves.

    I would be wary of getting liposuction on less common areas of the body

    I don’t think I would venture into liposuction of any of the less common areas! Cankles is that term referred to when a woman has heavy lower legs, calves and ankles. One plastic surgeon that I spoke to said he would not do any liposuction on lower calves because the pain and healing involved for the lower leg is so much more involved. It’s also a less common surgery so his preference is not to perform it because of potential complications. There is also liposuction of the chin area, though this is most commonly done in conjunction with a neck lift or face-lift surgery. I’ve also heard of liposuction of the arms to reduce those so called bat wings or under arm fat. All of these less common areas can be linked to women who either were, or are substantially overweight. The associated surgeries tend to be large volume, more specialized and potentially higher risk. That summarizes the less common areas for liposuction.

    Common areas for liposuction in Los Angeles – waistline, tummy, and saddle bags

    The most common areas for liposuction are a woman’s hips, stomach and upper inner and outer thighs. Liposuction of the hip/waist area can give a woman back her hourglass waistline since women tend to thicken through the waist as they age and after childbirth. The stomach is a common area where fat can accumulate on certain women, and then of course the most common place of all which is inner and outer thighs. Women get so called saddle bags, or pockets of fat around the upper inner and outer thighs, that are near impossible to get rid of from exercise alone.

    What do I think of liposuction

    I know that liposuction is incredibly popular now among woman, which is why I am writing about it. In fact, liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures (breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid and tummy tuck surgery are the top five most popular plastic surgery operations right now, according to the survey statistics collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Liposuction is in third place. It doesn’t really matter what I think, women want this plastic surgery like never before!

    My personal opinion, not that it matters, is that liposuction is best for pesky pockets of fact that aren’t going away through conventional means of regular exercise and a healthy diet. For smaller problem areas, I don’t have any major objections to liposuction. I’ve ready over and over that plastic surgeons believe the best candidate for safe and effective liposuction surgery is a healthy women of normal weight, with stubborn pockets of fat. I tend to agree. If liposuction is done as liposculpture where in they smooth the appearance of stubborn areas on an otherwise relatively in shape women so that those areas aesthetically blend with the rest of her body better then it can be a really good plastic surgery. But after a certain age of say sixty or so, I think elderly women get more interested in facelifts than liposuction. If you aren’t going to be running around in a two piece bikini swimsuit then liposuction may not be worth the costs and risks.

    The danger of losing all your curves in the quest for a perfect body

    My only concern about body contouring is that I think older women really look attractive with a little bit of jiggle and curves. Some of the oldest looking women are the super x-ray skinny ones with absolutely no body curves left to their figure! The pressure to be thin is so high that in a quest to become beautiful and retain youth, a mature woman can end up looking too thin and she winds up looking older than her real age! When men are interviewed as to what makes a woman attractive, they always mention how they like some curves and they also do not notice little flaws in the same way we women scrutinize ourselves. They like soft curves.

    Curves are also a sign of youth. Having some meat on your bones is a sign of healthy youth! Mature women have a real potential to get too flat, thin and shapeless as they age. Liposuction could potentially make a woman overly flat and skinny, and since mature women have this potential to get shapeless as they age, I get concerned! Curves are a sign of youth, and as a mature woman you don’t want to take away all your curviness with liposuction. A flat figure with no femininity is going to make a woman look much older than her years.

    Loose skin that doesn’t bounce back after lipo

    Older women tend to have increasingly sagging inelastic skin that has a hard time bouncing back. If you liposuction too much underlying fat away, my theory is that you could literally change the way your skin drapes over your body. Thus, unless you are going to have some skin tightening procedure along with the liposuction you are getting, I would be extra careful! That is why under chin liposuction is typically accompanied by a skin tightening procedure like a neck lift, and abdominal liposuction is often accompanied by a skin tightening procedure like a tummy tuck. If you are over forty and merely removing fat, I would not want a whole lot of fat removed. You don’t want your skin to drape differently giving you the appearance of new skin dimples. You could look like you have wrinkly cellulite-ish looser skin than you before the lipo since there is less fat there to help fill the skin out with. Older women for sure have more considerations to think of in terms of skin elasticity than do the younger babes. If your skin is not going to bounce back after liposuction you could run into complications including dimpling, indentations and sagging skin. Depending on the woman, she may need tightening of the skin once once fat is removed, such as in tummy tucks. They get rid of the loose skin but you are left with a telltale surgery scar.

    Where I do have a concern is when liposuction is used as a short cut means of general weight loss. Instant weight loss via massive surgery to me personally, is scary. I think large volume liposuction is major surgery that is sometimes unnecessary since diet and exercise would be a much safer alternative way to address issues of excess weight. I also think that large volume liposuction can leave a woman with excess skin similar to that found in people who have had rapid weight loss. That being said, I have never been excessively over weight so I can’t personally speak for the attitudes and opinions of women who experience substantial weight issues. Such women might see large volume liposuction as a solution to their problem and a means to jumpstart a new lifestyle.

    Follow the liposuction tag for all my articles about liposuction. Stay tuned for newer articles and information on the types of liposuction techniques available to Los Angeles women!

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