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    Lisa Rinna silicone lips, before and after photograph of her silicone lip aug revision

    Lisa Rinna over plumped her lips, an oh so common beauty mistake. Since she had permanent silicone lip augmentation she needed a corrective surgery to remove silicone lumps. The results look much better. She really is a pretty lady at nearly fifty!

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    Lisa Rinna was ridiculed for her over plumped Angelina Jolie lips. She recently had corrective surgery to correct silicone injection complications since her lips had lumps. Sexy lady!

    Silicone lip injections and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to the stars Frank Ryan

    You may have recently read about the death of plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan in a Malibu car accident. Frank Ryan was a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who worked on many Hollywood celebrity women. He had a reputation for creating a heavily plastic look on his patients, who included Heidi Montag and Janice Dickenson to name a few.

    Lisa Rinna and her silicone lips

    One of Ryan’s clients may have been Lisa Rinna. Rinna, who if you may remember was on that show Melrose place and is also married to Harry Hamlin, established a reputation among plastic surgery gossip sites for having over inflated silicone lips. Apparently she had silicon injected into her upper lip back in the 80’s to enlarge it into a pout. She was ridiculed for years for her upper lip, which if you look at the photographs, show a perfect example of a lip injection complication. If you notice the lower part of the upper lip became lumpy and hung down way too far over her teeth and bottom lip.

    Awful plastic surgery

    I think Rinna’s lips look a lot like Angelina Jolie’s lips! So it’s a little amazing to me that Rinna gets blasted as being a plastic freak, and Angelina gets away with having an enviable pout! Older pictures of Angelina Jolie’s lips clearly show that Jolie had a big pout from birth whereas Rinna had a big pout from the silicone injections. The biggest mistake women make with these fillers is that they think big lips will automatically make them look younger. They do not. Big lips that are obviously enhanced can make a woman look years older in fact. Don’t confuse big lips, with natural looking lips because they aren’t the same.

    Silicone permanent lip filler

    The sheer beauty of silicone lip injections is that the injections are permanent. Silicon is permanent and it won’t dissolve away. This is completely unlike temporary fillers such as Juvederm, Prevelle or Perlane which last only a few months. Even the longer lasting fillers like Restylane and Radiesse are totally temporary and have to be redone about every six months. With silicon, it stays.

    The rub is that the silicon can react randomly once injected and healed inside the lip. It’s a crap shoot. The silicone can heal into hardened little lumps and balls. The complication is called Vendemia. Supposedly all the mouth movements can massage the silicone into the lumpy balls yet I have also seen this complication of lumps or hardening on more stationary parts of the face such as cheeks and nose. Movement or not, silicone can heal into rock hard balls on some women. In the case of silicone injected into areas with constant facial movements such as lips, the silicone can migrate. With Lisa’s lips it looks like some of the silicone migrated down to the bottom of her upper lip and then lumped up there creating a weird droopy lip effect. Once it happens, the little silicone lumps are not so easy to get rid off.

    To undo silicon lumps, the surgeon can inject steroids (they try things like saline, corticosteroid injections, or anything to break up the scar tissue) into them that are meant to break them up. However, the lumps are hard to hit perfectly under the skin and over time the lumps can become really hard little rocks that are virtually un-dissolvable which is exactly what happened in the case of Lisa Rinna’s lips. She recently had a repair operation to fix her upper lip. Once they’ve hardened, the silicon lumps may have to be excised aka surgically removed. If there is a lot of lumps, you’re talking about a plastic surgery nightmare.

    Silicone has a bad reputation

    Silicone injections have a really bad reputation due to the potential for complications. Surgeons are concerned about migration of the silicon, injecting too much creating adverse lumps much later, and fear of the healing unknown. Once the silicone is injected the body reacts around the silicone. So you combine the silicone, with how healing happens around it, and you really can’t see the final result at the moment your lips are injected.

    Stars and their lips

    I was looking at some older pictures of Angelina Jolie, her upper lip looked recessed, thinner and flatter when she was young. Maybe Jolie did fill her upper lip to match closer in proportion to her large lower lip. I would not be surprised. Lip plumping is commonplace these days and many of the stars indulge. It only looks good if done in moderation, and some women who get it done don’t even need it.

    Silicone facial injections and leaking breast implant gel horror stories

    You certainly hear the horror stories. Remember when silicone breast implants were trashed due to some women getting systemic reactions, leaking silicone implants and everything from lupus to cancer to mono was blamed on the silicone. Now, silicone implants are right back in style and everybody is going for silicone breast implants again!

    In the case of silicone lips, lots of people have had nice results from silicone in the lips. The problem is that it’s permanent, so any complication there is, is likely going to be a nightmare for the unlucky woman that gets bad silicone. I’d guess that a reasonable number of the problems with silicone lip injections stem from the surgeon injecting too much of the stuff into a woman at one time. Improper injections might be to blame just as much as the silicone, if not a combination of the silicone material and getting too much of it injected to where it migrates or heals into lumps.

    Had Rinna gone for silicone lips that were say 10% or 15% plumper than her original ones (rather than catapulting them into humongous ones with clearly way too much silicone) maybe the silicone wouldn’t have balled up like it did. That being said, the bottom line is that both women and dermatologic surgeons fear complications and aren’t often willing to risk it. Plastic surgeons for the most part shun the silicone lip injections.

    Tucked away in every city from Los Angeles to Chicage to New York and London though, is a maverick doctor who is willing to inject his cosmetic patients with silicone. With judicious injections by an experienced doctor, some risk taking women do get permanent silicon lips. The lucky lump-less silicone recipients are probably laughing all the way to the bank because they don’t ever have to pay for refills again. Only time will tell if initially smooth filled out lips morph over years into an old grandmother with lumpy lip complications.

    Dermatologists and plastic surgeons prefer Restylane and Juvederm

    Think about this. If a dermatologist gives you hyaluronic acid based filler (like Juvederm or Restylane) lip injections he is almost guaranteed a safe result for his patient. That’s not to say that Juvederm and Restylane don’t have the potential for complications and side effects. Anything you inject is a risk when you think about it. But generally speaking since the filler dissolves over time it is less likely to cause a permanent disfigurement.

    Let’s not forget to mention how temporary fillers and Botox are ongoing bread and butter money makers for the doctors. In the case of temporary fillers, the doctor is guaranteed a return visit from that patient within six months time if she is happy and likes the result. That’s equivalent to a small mortgage, which adds up to a hefty retirement for the surgeon. It’s a win/win situation for him. If lumps occur with the hyaluronic fillers they can be softened out with hyaluronidase injections which dissolve the filler away quickly and easily if a woman is unhappy with the look.

    Lisa Rinna before and after silicone lips photo gallery

    The picture gallery show photographs of Lisa Rinna’s lips over the years and her result after having corrective surgery on them. Her lips look way better, yet still the top lip is rather unusual, maybe it is still swollen. I do think Rinna looks way prettier now and so much younger with the smaller corrected lips. Aside from the too big lips, she looks really incredibly hot for a woman in her upper forties. It’s amazing how significantly lip size can alter a woman’s face and appearance. For women getting lip injections, my advice is to be very careful not to go overboard with the fillers. Lips that are out of place and too enlarged are going to make you look older, and as though you are a woman that simply paid for lip injections.

    Stick to a natural and realistic lip size for an anti aging effect. If you only need a judicious plumping, try to find a reputable doctor who will charge you by the amount of filler injected. That way you will get a discount for keeping your lips to a natural size, save money, and avoid temptation to over plump because of a flat rate injection cost. If a doctor says it costs $400 to inflate your lips you may be tempted to ask for them to be huge in order to get the most for your money. Better to pay $200 and get less filler injected. Save money and look natural, that’s the goal. If you have relatively nice lips in the first place, I say skip the lip injections altogether since they are a bonafide money pit.

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