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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Look 10 years younger with the right haircut and hairstyle. Anti-aging hair style ideas

    Hair styles that make you look 10 years younger. Good hair is a very powerful anti-ager! See youthful haircuts shown below

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    Look ten years younger by adopting youthful inspired hair. Three universally flattering looks are shown here including full hair with body, blunt bangs with hair length to the collarbone, and edgy short cuts with long pieces of hair incorporated, all flatter and compliment women of any age.

    Age defy hair styles

    There are certain hairstyles that can literally make you look 10 years younger. Sure there are face-lifts, night-creams, and cosmetic-surgeries that can take years off your appearance, but so can the right hairstyle. Believe it or not hair is a very powerful anti-ager and without a lot of time or money you can really look like a celebrity with good hair.

    First of all nothing looks more beautiful and vital than healthy shiny hair. The best way to achieve gorgeous hair is to reject the harshest hair chemicals. This may mean embracing your natural hair texture as well as staying away for colors and dyes that lift your hair many shades with bleaching agents. Styling, and bleach damage are the enemies. The good news is that if you embrace a more natural texture and stop trying to fight your natural hair and the way it wants to be, you will actually look younger!

    Big hair visually slims down the body and draws focus away from facial flaws such as wrinkles or splotchy skin

    Big hair is actually an anti-ager. For one thing, hair around the face creates interest and texture. It draws the eye, which helps to minimize wrinkles and flaws around the face. Big hair also helps to create a free body lift. With volume on top of your body you correspondingly make the rest of your body look slimmed down in comparison. This is why if you can grow a bit of length and get some body going with your hair, you are actually going to look slimmer in the body.

    A more natural hair color keeps you hair healthy and compliments the skin tone

    There are certain celebrities that can go from a lighter color hair to a darker color hair color and look incredible. For this though you need alabaster looking skin. Stars like Megan Fox and Kirsten Stewart believe it or not are naturally dirty blond/light brown and they dye their hair darker for a more striking look.

    Going darker is always less damaging than going lighter but on an older women the dark, dark colors can look harsh around the face. For this reason, I think it best to stay within a few shades of your natural color. But still, you can go a couple of shades darker and on an older woman this can sometimes create a mini-dramatic effect. The darker, richer tones really compliment an older face. So if have a mousy blonde look for example, you could try for a richer medium brown that is still within a few shades of your own. Richer, deeper colors can soften the look of your skin and minimize wrinkles.

    The key is to find a color that is rich in hue, totally natural looking, and within a couple shades of your natural color. This is going to damage your hair the least and add a rich coat of color which will make your hair look shinier, healthier, and softer alongside you face. The effect will be a much younger face. The classic Cindy look with the big hair stays in style no matter what. Celebrities with thicker hair can look years younger by playing up the texture and volume of their hair ala Cindy. Eva and Amber are examples of celebs who swear by the classic Cindy look, and you can see they look amazing. If you have thicker hair then take advantage of that fabulous asset. Don’t be afraid to pump up the volume.

    Avoid bleaching all-over to high levels as this is the single thing that makes you look older when you start to bleach out your hair to the point of breakage. If you get highlights minimize damage by only getting partial weaves that put a few highlights in. An all-over highlight weave looks great when you first get it done but over time you will wind up bleaching out the entire base of your hair. All of a sudden you don’t have highlights and your hair is pretty much total blond. Then when you go re-highlight, you blond, blond, and blond it even more. Bad idea.

    A brown base gives that contrast soft, natural tone to your hair and you do not want to lose that. Therefore, get a minimum number of highlights around the crown and just retouch up with a few more highlights every time you go. Yes you will have a few roots showing through however your hair will have more contrast and look less faded out. The lower tones make you look younger. This is why salons often suggest you get lowlights, which are darker streaks woven in. It’s because they can see you’ve lifted up your entire base shade too light and they want you to soften down the look.

    Just remember when you get highlights you want to save the darker base. Therefore, get only a few strands done at each visit. You can usually get quite a discount, even half price, for getting a partial weave instead of a full weave. This will save you money and hair damage and keep your hair looking flattering and complimentary to your skin tone rather than brassy and fried out.

    Blunt bangs and shoulder skimming hair will never do you wrong

    Bangs look absolutely great on older women. They cover eyebrow furrows, scowl and a drooping or wrinkled forehead better than any Botox. Wispy bangs are a bit flimsy on an older woman and tend to just look like thinning hair. When you get bangs get a decent amount of them and go for a blunter, chunkier, and blunter look. This really creates the illusion of thick healthy hair.

    Remember that show Mork & Mindy? Well Mindy had the classic haircut of blunt bangs and blunt hair right under the shoulders at the collarbone. Mindy looked incredible and so young with this cut. The simply gorgeous hair model above has the classic Mindy haircut. Her bangs are thick and chunky, and her hair is blunt cut right below the shoulders. Can you see how very young she looks? This is a very youthful looking hair cut that can look fabulous on older women. Leeza and Cindy are examples of older celebs that pull off this blunt cut bang look so well.

    Another point to make is that it has been researched that hair that goes just below the shoulder is the most flattering and youthful looking hair length. When you are older having your hair too, too long can start to drag it down and cousin-ittify the look. Having it a little shorter lightens you up. But length looks great. Therefore, mid-length hair is always the best visual effect. This is why so many models you see have hair that is this length. It is a versatile length that can look like long hair, and short hair, all at the same time.

    If you are unsure of your length try the classic supermodel hair length. It goes right below the shoulders to the collarbone. Hair rests at the collarbone so even though it is not that long, it has a long hair effect. Look at pictures of hairstyles online and also of celebrities hairstyles. You will see that mid-length hair length is hand down the most popular hair length because it looks universally flattering on women.

    If you go short, go long by having edgy long pieces of hair as part of your cut

    I am not a fan of short hair as on older women it leaves too much reliance on the face which at our age won’t be perfect. Sure these young models can do a pixie cut and with gorgeous skin, eyes and lips they pull it off. But not everyone over 40, 50, 60 has the beauty to pull off a chop cut. Sure, celebs like Sharon stone do that spiky sassy thing but I just don’t like it.

    That is not to say that short hair can’t look sexy though. Some women have thinner hair and they simply can’t wear a long hair style as they age because they don’t have the hair volume, length, or growth ability to do it. At this point short hair is a necessity. I am not a fan because men tend to love long hair on women. Short hair also does nothing to balance out a heavy figure and hair really cut close to the head can actually make a women look like she weighs more than she does because her head has no volume around it to balance against the body.

    That being said, there are certain magic tricks with short hair cuts that can turn them into something quite spectacular. The most important being, that the haircut should look a bit edgy, playful and have some longer pieces of hair left integrated into the haircut. If you wear long hair you can get away with a random Supercuts trim to keep it neat and healthy. If however, you wear a short hairstyle, you must find the best stylist around.  The key to making a short cut look good is to really get a trendy styling that has an edge to it.  For that you need an expert.

    This incredible photograph of a short haircut gives the exact illusion of youth in a short cut that you would want. Notice that her hair is choppy and quit short all throughout the back but she definitely has longer bangs and longer pieces in front. Can you see how her short cut has the look of long hair because of the long bangs? This is the look you would want when going short. It is so flattering, sexy, and hot looking! For that short cut remember you are going to want to go trendier with some cool angles, chop, highlights, or longer pieces integrated into the cut. Also, plan to go for trims more often because you want to keep the edgy perfection going and this type of cut is high, high maintenance.

    I absolutely love that hair style photograph shown above. Victoria Beckham comes to mind when I think of a cut like this. It’s a very stylish, edge and fashion forward hair style that you would see a super sleek celebrity wearing. Mandy shows a more toned down version of a short cut that has a longer look to it. Just remember that short cuts can look very sexy on older women but you are going to want to go for three goals when going short. First, you want an edgy cut that has some piecey choppiness to it which requires frequent trims. Second, you are going to want some longer pieces in the cut and you do this by having longer side-swept bangs or by having an angle bob that goes longer in front. Lastly, some edgy cool highlights can add pop to the cut giving is some more visual allure to compensate for the lack of length.

    Hopefully these flattering haircuts will give you some ideas for how to cut and style your hair for a younger look. Though haircuts and hairstyles are cheap compared to cosmetic surgery, they also take some time to reverse if you mess them up. Therefore research the look you want and start a file of pictures of haircuts that you crave. Develop an exact idea of the look you want and take it to a good stylist.

    Do not hesitate to show them the pictures so you don’t wind up with a haircut you never wanted. The more you know exactly what you want done when you walk into that salon, the more likely you will be to walk out of that salon with the look you intended. Try to pick a stylist with a great reputation that is close enough in proximity to where you live that getting there to maintain the style will not be a logistical nightmare.

    It pays to research what hairstyle you want and what hair stylist you hire

    Try to pick a stylist that specializes in the type of style and color that you want, if they have pictures of their cuts then all the better. You might be able to find salon photos online and go to the same person that did the cut, that way you know they can cut that particular style. I’m picky about hair and if you’ve had any experience with getting a hair cut or style you didn’t ask for, you would understand. I cut and color my own hair but that’s really only possible for long hair. For a vogue short hair style, foil highlights, or anything complicated, you have to rely on the pros and go in to a salon.

    One of the best ways to find a stylist is to run across a lady who has the exact haircut you want and just ask her where she gets her hair done and who does it. Then get her name and go to that person, let them know you want the get that so and so has and that you got a reference.

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