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    Got loose skin? Keep a consistent weight, do resistance training, get plastic surgery

    3 Tips for Loose Skin: Maintain a steady weight, do resistance training to stay toned, and get Plastic Surgery as a last resort

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    Excess skin and fat can be avoided by maintaining a steady weight, resistance training with nautilus, and getting plastic surgery as a last resort to remove the excess fat and skin.

    Maintain a Stable Weight

    I have a theory that your skin is substantially able to handle changes in weight if you are exercising and toning yourself up while the loss is occurring. And I also believe that the slower the loss, the more your body is able to reshape its own skin. Consider what happens in pregnancy. You have a massive weight gain in your stomach and when you give birth you experience a pretty fast loss of that area too. The skin had to stretch out so fast and then bounce back so fast. The speed of it is why many woman wind up with the excess skin. There is no baby or fat in the stomach anymore, so the skin is left hanging. Woman who gain a lot of fat during pregnancy are worse off then the more fit women who only gain a reasonable amount of weight but very little fat on top of that.

    The same exact thing happens if you crash diet and lose a massive amount of weight quickly. If you crash diet and rapidly gain or lose weight your skin just does not have enough time to adapt and it gets “left behind”, unable to keep up with the drastic changes in your body. Imagine the damage if you go through years of gaining and losing weight. Your skin can’t handle it. I really believe that if you lose weight too quickly without exercising along the way, your skin is going to get left over. If you are totally out of physical shape and don’t have any muscle to support the skin either, you are a goner. This whole nightmare could be even worse when you are aging since as you age your skin looses some of it’s natural elasticity and cannot recover from physical changes as quickly.

    It is therefore best for your skin to maintain a steady weight over time. Even if you have to weigh slightly above average in order to maintain your physical weight, you are safer than going up and down and up and down. Some women set unrealistic goals, which lead them to crash diets and unreasonable expectations. If you tend to be this kind of woman, it is best to get into a very moderate yet consistent exercise routine. Try to get into shape slowly and stick with the program. Change your diet slightly over time towards a healthier one. You’ll see that the regular exercise (even if it’s just something easy) combined with slightly healthy eating (even if you just cut back on some starches, fried foods, and junk food) will give you the consistent results you want while keeping your skin in tact.

    Remember to take things slow and steady and strive to find a balance to where you are able to keep up your moderate exercise and improved eating over time. You will end up with a more stable weight long term and less loose skin. Avoid gimmick diets, rapid weight loss schemes, diet pills and drugs, hardcore boot camps, and any overnight solution as these lead to fast weight fluctuations now and loose skin later. Keep it healthy and keep it stable instead.

    Resistance Training

    Some fitness trainers claim that loose skin left over when all the fat is gone is a myth. They say that the fat is still lurking in the flaps of loose skin, essentially still causing the looseness. And they say that having all this fat and very little muscle causes the skin folds. Then they talk about how when you crash diet you lose not just fat you lose muscle also. Since you lose muscle along with fat during rapid weight loss, your body after you lose the weight has less muscle than ever. Since toned muscles fill up area under the skin and helps support it, less muscle means more loose skin too.

    All these theories, myths and arguments can get rather confusing. I just try to look at it from a simpler perspective. Toning up your body really helps support your skin. And when you tone up you tend to lose fat and gain muscle. These are all good for your skin. Thus, you definitely want to lose fat with a healthier diet while simultaneously building muscle tone at the same time. You’re losing the fat and gaining the muscle tone back at the same time which is the double win, win situation. Keeping toned really helps your body support itself and the skin and you will find that toning up will help avert the flabby skin look. In reality your skin is very, very elastic. And if you support it with muscles and slow changes, it should be able to bounce back with you rather well.

    So how do you get that toned muscle? You get it with resistance training. Resistance training mains that you are increasing muscle strength while pitting your muscles against some sort of dumbbell, barbell or other type of resistance. I go for the other type of resistance since I am not a fan of free weights. I go for the nautilus machines. The nautilus machines at your local gym are easy to learn how to use and they involve pushing against moderate weights in a safe environment helping you to tone up and build muscle in every specific part of your body. This is the best thing to do for creating a toned body that can support your skin best.

    If you decide to lose weight, or are looking to maintain a steady weight, moderate resistance training can keep your body toned, fit and able to support your skin. Try nautilus machines at your local gym to get the toning. Most gyms will give you a free lesson on how to use the machines. Doing even a few of the machines a couple days a week will help you tone up and build muscle while you lose fat with healthy eating. Do both for the best result and I promise your skin will stay tighter.

    Plastic Surgery

    If you happen to be reading this beauty tip article after it’s too late, and you already have an abundant amount of loose skin, then you could consider plastic surgery to remove it. Plastic surgery is really best if you have the excess skin and fat localized in a specific area of your body. For example, you might have an abdomen pooch from pregnancy that you can no longer tolerate so you would get a tummy tuck. Some women get a breast lift to correct sagging breasts. There are also plastic surgery operations that you can get to remove excess underarm skin, when women look like they have wings under their arms from all the loose skin. Breast lifts, tummy tuck operations and surgery to remove excess under arm skin are major surgeries. And, they leave a long scar behind where the skin was excised.

    If you have been really obese and then lost a massive amount of weight rapidly, you could have a more severe problem with excess skin involving more areas of the body. There is a plastic surgery procedure called a body lift where they remove excess skin not only from the abdomen but all the way around the back of the body. Essentially an incision is made clear around your waist and then excess skin is removed and the person sutured back up again. This is such major, major surgery. You would have to consult a specialist plastic surgeon for this and it is a huge big deal of a surgery.

    If you find yourself amidst crash dieting and rapid weight gain and loss then maybe it is not too late to stop and get control of the fluctuations. Try to convert to a slow and steady way of eating healthier and get regular exercise while dieting so as to keep toned and strong muscles which will help your skin to adapt better to slow changes in your body’s weight. It’s preferable to address targeted areas with plastic surgery (as opposed to loose skin all over your body) and minimize your surgical needs and risks. Many women have breast lifts and tummy tucks after gaining or losing weight or multiple pregnancies. It is not uncommon. Nonetheless these plastic surgeries carry risks and they do leave telltale scars so your objective should be to avoid needing them in the first place. While they are major surgeries that leave scars, women tend to be happy with the results since there was literally no other way to banish the skin.

    I hope you enjoyed my tips on avoiding a big cosmetic problem with loose skin. Remember to maintain a steady weight by eating healthy rather than crash dieting. Do resistance training to keep a toned body and build some muscle. Use cosmetic plastic surgery as a last resort to remove localized excess skin and fat or lift specific areas that remain problematic.

    P.S. I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day. Stay beautiful even if you are a mom … or as they say … cougar … milf … I think you get the idea ladies … become gorgeous!

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