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    Makeup Up Bronzer

    Bronzer Makeup tutorial anti-age yourself by applying bronzer makeup for a natural sun kissed glow result. Try bare minerals!

    A simple easy why you need bronzer makeup tutorial for women. I’ll show you a fundamental makeup mistake that is more common than you think and we will talk about how you can easily avoid it by using makeup bronzer. A too pale look is what we discuss here. Overly pale makeup is a big ager and can be caused by white concealer not covered with makeup foundation, wearing too ivory or pale of a liquid foundation for your skin tone, forgetting to blend your makeup, and skipping the use of a bronzer makeup which helps add a natural sun kissed glow to pasty aging skin.

    Bronzer Makeup Tutorial – Identify and avoid too pale makeup. Use a good makeup bronzer to be a perfect 10 natural beauty

    I’d have to say many women don’t know the first thing about how to choose and apply makeup. The bookstore books on makeup can quickly get too complicated with different quadrants of the face and eyes and all the tools and instructions on how to apply makeup. My makeup tips are meant to teach any women about the simple elemental basics of looking younger with makeup. It helps tremendously to see some common facial makeup mistakes that can be easily made and just as easily avoided once you understand what they are. I learned these makeup application tips and tricks the hard way and made many of these mistakes on myself for years. Until you know what is going on, you are bound to make every makeup mistake in the book just like I did.

    In this example I am showing some celebrities who are actually very beautiful women. The celebs get shot in so many photographs that they are bound to be seen in ones that are unflattering. Some of the tabloids make fun of the looks. Trust me that the celebrities often learn from seeing their own photos and get better with their style and makeup over time. But old photographs or one bad photograph can easily go viral on the internet and show the celebrity looking not so fabulous. In the example below totally pretty actresses such as Drew Berrymore, Teri Hatcher and Joan Van Ark are shown in some not so flattering face makeup. Their makeup is just too white.

    Too pale makeup is a really common mistake. On an older woman, the result of such bad makeup is a pasty, chalky look. If they are over sixty and pulled tight from a bit of plastic surgery, and then they are overly pale on top of having a plastic surgery look, they are really going to get ridiculed in the media, like Joan Rivers for example (I like Joan Rivers though she is funny!). On a woman with aging skin, the white is going to completely draw attention to the aging!

    So how does the white get there? Often times it is from a pale concealer application not being properly covered. A lighter concealer can actually hide flaws such as dark bags or discoloration from aging very effectively. The only rub is that sometimes it is inadvertently left uncovered. You can see this phenomenon with the woman who has white concealer around her eyes still showing through, and also with the photo of the lost lips on Joan Van Ark. In the makeup photos at left, the whitish concealer is not covered by foundation or bronzer powder. Can you see it? What can be learned from this is that one should be very careful to cover any concealer application with a skin toned foundation that is dark enough.

    Sometime the chalky look comes from the fact that the woman is pale and then as applied a liquid foundation that is really too pale for her skin tone. She bought the wrong shade of foundation and can’t really tell when she applies it. You only see the mistake after you are caught in a photograph. I like my liquid concealer to be one small shade darker then my natural skin tone. Just that teensy bit darker tone helps me look sun kissed. If you have pale skin, and you’ve used concealer and a pale Ivory color foundation, then you would be in danger of the too pale mistake. Making sure your foundation color is a perfect match to your skin is key. Err to a darker shade than a pale shade if you tend to look pale. Try to apply your foundation in a well lit place too.

    I often see a too pale base covered over by a red or pink blush (see example below) which only adds insult to injury! Red blush over pale skin is a makeup don’t. Adding obvious red blush over a too pale of a makeup foundation base is going to make your cheeks look ridiculous and you are going to look way older than your age. You need to dump this look and get a more all over glow with a slightly sun kissed skin tone color.

    Assuming you’ve got your concealer and foundation perfect with no ghostly white seeping through, now you need to go to the next step which is to add a natural looking sun kissed glow to your skin. If you look at the photographs to the right, some of the same celebrity actresses look spectacular with the right color foundation finished with a bronzer tone to their skin. They look at least a decade younger than they do in the left hand photos!

    Makeup Bronzer – Pay for the right shade to get it right

    I like bronzers that come in pressed powder form quite a bit. I guess I am a bit unusual since most women like bronzers in powder form applied with a large makeup brush. I prefer the pressed powder bronzers and I apply it with a large round sponge. I find it makes less of a mess and blends in easier for me. I don’t like to tap the bronzer brush and get that powder everywhere. I do keep a powder bronzer on hand and if the pressed bronzer step needs a bit more finishing for a final touch of color I will sometimes use a tiny bit of the powder bronzer after the pressed bronzer.

    Bronzers can range drastically in price. If you are unfamiliar with bronzers, your best bet is to buy your first one after trying several good quality samples at the makeup counters to identify the perfect shade for your skin tone. Lancome Star Bronzer Poudre Soleil Sun-Kissed Bronzing Powder will run you an expensive $36.50 for a small compact. The color has excellent reviews and stores such as Macy’s sell this Lancome Bronzer which is advertised as “Get a touch of sun anytime! This sheer, silky-light powder delivers a healthy looking bronzed glow in any season. It glides on evenly for a velvety soft powder finish”.

    The Lancome bronzer gets nearly a five out of five star review as a beauty product because it is an overall good color shade. It is natural and does not apply heavily. It won’t make you look too orange, too brown, too shimmery or too pigmented. That’s the problem with bronzer, is that it can look really obvious. If you get the wrong color it looks orange like an oompa loompa. And if you don’t blend it in well, that’s a problem too. I apply bronzer in a circle around the face blending carefully into the hair line and neck line. Avoid heavy application of the bronzer on your checks and around your nose and eyes, go lighter in those spots. If you are a lazy makeup blender, get a lighter shade bronzer that is closer to your foundation color but more sun kissed. Avoid the darkest color bronzers.

    It’s best to buy a more expensive bronzer the first time around and take advantage of the makeup counter expertise, then look for a cheaper replacement subsequently. Try Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, or Bare Minerals Makeup which has a nice sun kissed tone to it, Laura Mercier bronzer since her makeup caters to mature skin, benefit cosmetics makeup, chistian dior, urban decay, clarins, or guerlain makeup bronzer. If you can’t even afford one expensive bronzer, then go for discount makeup brands like revlon bronzer or maybelline bronzer. Bronzer is really a tricky makeup item and that’s why it does pay to get the right bronze shade. Too light does little good, and too dark will look horrible and obvious. The color tones also vary widely and you don’t want a dark colored bronzer that looks harsh or unblended. If it doesn’t look sunkissed and perfect on you, don’t buy it.

    The beauty secret for a sun kissed natural skin glow is that you need to get the perfect shade makeup bronzer. After you’ve gotten your hands on a quality color bronzer that works magically well with your particular skin tone, then you can convert down to a cheaper alternative. Just take the expensive compact with you to Target or CVS before it runs out and search for a close match alternative. If you are lucky, you can match your bronzer color closely to a discount makeup bronzer clone that works equally well for you at a discount makeup price. If not, then put bronzer atop your list of makeup items that you are willing to spend more money on. Every woman has two or three must have cosmetics products that she needs to spend more on. Save money on cosmetics whenever you can, thereby saving pennies so you can spend money when you have to. I hope you enjoyed this simple makeup tip for women.

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    Makeup Bronzer is a key makeup element for mature skin. See how too pale a face looks awful on a beautiful celebrity. Try Bare Minerals or other bronzers for a perfect natural glow

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