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    Too bright Makeup is when you do your makeup all wrong with too many bright colors

    Common makeup mistakes that women make is to wear the wrong makeup colors. Natural makeup colors are most anti-aging

    Have you ever noticed that some old ladies gravitate towards garish colors?  I do that.  I try to call it Las Vegas, instead of garish to try and rationalize it.  Though, maybe they are one in the same.  Well, in the makeup realm, I often see people doing the kaleidoscope look.  Well, if it goes overboard then it really does not look good.  It is a look that only young women can pull off (that means not us).  All you start to see is the bright makeup on an old face.  Yuck.  You see makeup not a woman. 

    Natural Makeup on Women. Bright glittery make up is a mature No No

    Read those poles in Glamour that men like natural looking makeup.   I actually did some soul searching (aka web searching) on men and what they think of makeup.  Across the board, you read the fact that men generally prefer natural looking makeup.  Don’t get me wrong, men do like makeup.  When a woman puts on at least some makeup, it shows that she is putting some effort and care into her appearance and that she takes care of herself.  This is attractive to men.  They always like a woman who puts some pride into how she looks and particularly one who wants to look their best for him.  But men like the natural look.  They like the makeup to be somewhat invisible, with natural colors, that accent and enhance her look.  They don’t like looking at war paint makeup, much less having the war paint smeared onto their clothes.

    Anti-Aging Makeup. Top makeup tip: Go for a strong but natural look for the biggest anti-aging effect

    Your makeup should be on the subtle side, and it should enhance your beauty.  It should not make a statement of it’s own.  Even men who like the totally natural look would like a bit of makeup ocasionally on their woman.  The makeup should actually be serving a purpose which is to make your skintone look more youthful and showcase your features while downplaying flaws that stem from the natural aging process. As long as it is somewhat subtle, it’s  really going to look great to wear it.


    When you are younger you can get away with very little makeup or even no makeup.  However, even many younger women have things to conceal, primarily acne.  Our concealing of aging flaws in our skin is akin to a younger woman wanting to conceal some acne that she has.  But at our age, rather than acne per se, we have other flaws in our face and skin.  Wrinkles, aging spots, gray areas like bags under the eyes, and uneven splotchy skin tone are the primary flaws we want to minimize.   Eyes tend to recess more with age and get surrounded with loose skin.  Eyebrow hair becomes more sparse and needs filling in.  Lips become thinner and need gloss or light color to best accent them.  As you age your eyes need makeup to bring them out more.  Natural makeup can make these essential enhancements and corrections to your overall skintone appearance as well as help showcase your best features.


    In terms of antiaging, your main goal should be to even out your skin tone, create the most flawless overall skin coloring and skin tone that you can, and enhance your features of your eyes, eyebrows and lips.  Features should be enhanced, and wrinkles and flaws should be minimized.  It’s an individual preference as to exactly how much you want to wear. Try taking some photos of yourself with and without makeup to see the difference.

    The occasional Pop of Makeup Color. Don’t overdo it or you will look awful.

    Now, I don’t want to knock colors because I do unfortunately like them.  But I recommend if you have a garish fetish, go for just one color punch and play subtle on all the other features.  Like, if you insist on blue on your eyes, at the very least you should get rid of the pink and do a plain lip.  You want the color to give a little pop, not sock you in the face.  Even black can create a pop.  For example, an evening look that is hot can include a bit of black eyeliner at the outer corners of the eyes and more mascara to make the eyes really pop. 


    The more photographs I take, the more I like strong neutral colors.   I saw Carmen Electra modeling really garish eye colors in a magazine makeup ad recently.  I didn’t really like it.  But sometimes you get bored of the neutrals and need a change. Bright colors and pastel colors though, are high risk. Done badly, they have the potential of making you look truly awful.  The look on the left is just too overboard.  The look on the right is slightly better as there is purple eye shadow but everything else is pretty neutralized.  The lavender does not overwhelm the face.

    Makeup and First Impressions

    I would say that men could make generalizations about a woman, just based on her makeup.  If you wear no makeup, it looks as though you haven’t put an effort in at all.  If you wear too much makeup, it looks as though you are a clown or at the very least high maintenance.  First impressions also do matter.   If you want a safe bet, make sure your makeup is enhancing what you already have, making you look at bit more polished, and that it makes you look well groomed.  Those are the three criteria.  It’s good to show that you care about your appearance.  The most important thing of all, is that whatever you wear makes you feel good.  The prettier you feel and better you feel about yourself, the more sex appeal you are going to naturally convey.  That is attractive!


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    Too many garish colors will make you look like a peacock. Retired Vegas showgirl makeup can look a decade older, not ten years younger. These are common makeup mistakes

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